Hello friend! My name is Katie, and I am SO glad you stopped by The Pink Chickadee. Creating this blog has been something that I have aspired to do for a while now, and I am SO happy to be able to showcase it with you. For someone who spends the majority of her days doing all-things STEM-related, it’s really nice to have an outlet where I can present my positively pink persona. If you’re someone who enjoys all things fashion, travel, cooking (especially recipes on the go), and of course pink, then The Pink Chickadee is your place to be! Now, let’s throw some confetti in the air as I share a bit about myself!

  • I am definitely a Yankee at heart! I was born in New Jersey and then moved to the Washington, DC suburbs of Northern Virginia where I have lived since. I also lived in Arkansas for three years as a kid; however, I barely remember anything about my time there. My family primarily lives in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania/New Jersey which always makes visiting family a fun time, as I typically get to visit old and current hometowns.
  • Currently, I am a Junior at an all-women’s college, Meredith College, in Raleigh, North Carolina where I am studying Mathematics with minors in Web Development and Statistics. I have loved attending Meredith, as it is basically its own massive sisterhood with its own sweet and unique traditions, such as Ring Dinner where we get our class rings and our annual Homecoming known as Cornhuskin’, and weekly t-shirt and sticker fundraisers/sales that makes my college experience all that more special.
  • I LOVE traveling! As of right now, I have traveled to 13 countries and 25 states and have studied abroad in Italy, England, and Belize. My bucket list is consistently growing, as there are SO many places both in and out of the United States that I would love to visit.
  • I start each of my mornings with a cup of tea; it’s the only way I can get out of bed in the morning’s! My favorite flavors of tea are definitely Chamomile and Blueberry. I also have a massive collection of mugs from places I’ve traveled to as well as mugs that reflect my college experiences and my pink personality. I try to use a different mug each day of the week!
  • I have a (major) obsession with the Yorkie dog breed! My family has a 14 year-old Yorkie named Butters that has become an important part of our family over the years. I love the breed SO MUCH that I hope to become a Yorkie Mama to my own little fur baby in the next few years!

Thank you SO much for stopping by! I am ecstatic to start this journey with y’all! I cannot wait to leave even more confetti in your trails very soon.

XOXO – Katie

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