Valentine’s Day Looks Straight from your Closet

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that several V-Day-themed celebrations are in store in the next few weeks. Being the indecisive person that I am when it comes to choosing what to wear, it can definitely be a struggle to decide which outfit to sport for each event. Valentine’s Day outings can also make this decision much more challenging, as we can be constrained to a theme. Although it may just seem easier in the spur of the moment to decide to hit the closest Target or TJ Maxx in search of a cute V-Day find, is it really worth it when your closet may already have some finds hanging right in it?! Below are some tips and tricks for how you can shop YOUR CLOSET instead this Valentine’s Day season!


When most people think of colors related to Valentine’s Day, they immediately envision pink, red, and purple. I know for myself, I usually gravitate especially towards pink’s and red’s when picking out my Valentine’s looks. I, mean, each piece in Lilly Pultizer’s Valentine’s Day collection has the color pink in it somehow. Pink, red, and purple are definitely great colors to go with for the season, however, they are not the only colors to choose from. I also find maroon’s and burgundy’s to make for a great romantic look as well. In fact, last year for Valentine’s Day, I opted for a maroon dress that had been hanging in my closet for a while! A piece of clothing in any of these colors will allow for an excellent V-Day look!

Pink, purple, maroon, and red, oh my! But, what about neutrals?! Neutrals should definitely not be left out of the V-Day game! In fact, either a white dress or a classic LBD (as well as any neutral-dominated look) can make for a super sweet look when paired with either the right accessories or makeup. For example, a pop of color with pink or red flats/pumps, scarf, or piece(s) of jewelry can add for an extra Valentine’s pizzazz. When it comes to makeup, a red, Burgundy, or pink lip can also have the same effect. That being said, definitely don’t discard your favorite pieces in neutral colors for your V-Day looks!


We all know that hearts on everything is Valentine’s Day anthem. This holiday does revolve around love! On the other hand, heart-printed clothing does not have to be the only print that you can acceptably wear throughout the season. Polka dots have always been a classic print that I think has a sweet element to it in itself, which makes it a great one to pull off. Have any animal printed clothing in your closet?! Well, animal prints are also another excellent print to look towards. Leopard and snakeskin prints are both super in-style right now and, if paired with either a pop of pink, red, or Burgundy, they would go perfectly into the season of love.

At the same time, there are several other prints that would work for your V-Day outings. Floral prints are always super fun (as long as they’re worn appropriately for the Winter season) as well as many others that may have a pop of pink, red, purple, Burgundy, or simply scream Valentine’s Day. For a Galentine’s Party last year, I chose to wear a pink top with flamingo printed leggings which made for a super sweet V-Day getup with my girls. The possibilities are definitely endless in your closet!


Now that you’ve picked out your outfit, it is time to select what accessories you plan to accompany it. In my opinion, I think that your choice of accessories should go depending on the color palette of your outfit. If your outfit is color-dominated, then it would be best to select more neutral-toned shoes and accessories, such as gold, silver, or white jewelry (diamonds and pearls are also super fun and romantic as well!). When I went to a Valentine’s Day semiformal last year, I wore a bright pink Lilly Pulitzer shift dress which I paired primarily with gold and bronze jewelry pieces and my platinum Jack Rogers sandals. On the contrary, if you chose a more neutral-dominated outfit, then you will probably want to add a pop of color somewhere in your look, whether that be with your shoes, jewelry/accessories, or makeup.

As someone who loves a great Valentine’s Day gathering, I know that it can sometimes be a struggle to find something to wear for the occasion. Like many going out occasions, you can easily find many ways just in your own closet to dress for a Valentine’s Day outfit success. Indeed, the possibilities are endless!

XOXO – Katie

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