5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Single Lady

Ahhh, the coveted February 14 is approaching us. Valentine’s Day is such a fun, love-filled day; however, it can be hard to embrace this special holiday when you do not have a significant other to spend it with. While having a significant other may make Valentine’s Day more exciting, it should not put a damper on the day. That being said, I decided to put together a list of five different ways that you can live your best single life as a single lady on Valentine’s Day! *Cues Beyonce’s Single Ladies*

1 – Shopping Spree!

I mean, who doesn’t love a great shopping spree?! Like many others, shopping has always been one of those activities that can easily brighten my spirits. I have always seen Valentine’s Day as a great time to treat one’s self. Around mid-February is also when many retail stores begin to carry their Spring merchandise. This means that not only will you get first dibs on some super cute Spring finds, but you’ll also be celebrating Valentine’s Day by giving yourself some love.

2 – Order Some Great Takeout

I don’t know about you, but if I’m not feeling 22, then I’m feeling some food! One thing that has remained a constant in my life is some great food, especially takeout. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show yourself some self love and treat yourself to some Postmates or UberEats from one of your favorite places. Food is ALWAYS a favorite, am I right?!

3 – Host a Girl’s Night!

One of the best ways to forget about being single on Valentine’s Day is to spend it with some of your favorite single ladies. Being with others who are in the same boat as you only helps relive what could have been a damper night. Another great thing about hosting a girl’s night is that there are literally ENDLESS possibilities for how you and your girls could spend it. From making fondue (check out this super easy non-fondue maker-friendly recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron) or brownies and ice cream sundaes, to watching a classic RomCom and testing out some new face masks from Target, or doing everything in between, a girl’s night is always an excellent way to spend V-Day!

4 – Get Out and Explore!

Travel has consistently been a favorite thing of mine! I have always been a firm believer that one can find something new in their own backyards. Have a museum or a park/trail in mind that you’ve always wanted to explore?! Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to check it out, while getting some me time in as well. One can also check out their city/town favorites again as well, as having a new set of eyes on a previously-seen place will only enrich your perspective of it. By seeing something old or new, you will be providing yourself with the opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do (and maybe even allowing yourself to feel less blue)!

5 – Take a Trip to the Animal Shelter!

Being on single on Valentine’s Day may make some people feel lonely. There are also many sweet dogs and cats that unfortunately may feel lonely daily in animal shelters. Visiting animals will not only cheer up your spirits, but you’ll make many animals’ days SO MUCH BETTER!!! Like ourselves, animals just want love too and showing it to them will only show yourself the beauty of animal love on a holiday founded upon love.

Being a single lady on Valentine’s Day can feel a bit drab to some, but it does not have to be. Although being single may be hard for us all single chickas out there at times, it is important to remember to strive to love yourself first before putting yourself in any kind of relationship. At the end of the day, it is about what you want both for yourself and in a potential significant other, and you will not truly know that until you fall in love with your one and only self. Be kind to yourself and show yourself love not only on Valentine’s Day, but today and everyday in between. Valentine’s Day is only one day. Go out there and have a Happy Valentine’s Day, you beautiful single lady <3

XOXO – Katie <3

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