The Northern Virginia Winery that I Love

Whether for a girl’s, family, friend group, or mother-daughter outing, a vineyard is an excellent place to catch up with some of the people that you care about. One of the things that I have looked forward to the most was the many outings that I would have at vineyards. Luckily for me, I got to have my first friend outing with one of my best friends: my Big Sis Stephanie at Meredith. Since I know I will be planning many more vineyard gatherings in the future, I thought that I would start to share some of my experiences at the vineyards that I visit. So, I am going to share my experience at Bull Run Winery, which is located right next to the Manassas National Battlefield Park in Centreville, Virginia.

Since I turned 21 in a temporarily social distanced world, I knew that my 21-related outings with friends would be postponed. Although the majority of my first two months being 21 were spent at my house, I have luckily been able to get out a bit and even see a friend for a social-distanced vineyard outing! Even before quarantine began, Stephanie and I have been wanting to check out The Winery at Bull Run due to its historical significance. Fortunately for the both of us, we were successfully able to execute a social-distanced Big/Lil vineyard outing just a sheer two months later. For the both of us, simply getting outside and sharing a bottle of wine was good for our souls!

Historical Significance

The Winery at Bull Run is located in Fairfax County, Virginia – a county located just south of Washington, DC in Northern Virginia. The 2012-established winery stands on 225 acres and is located right next to the Manassas National Battlefield Park and an equestrian farm. To represent the historical significance of Northern Virginia, the winery was construct to symbolize two types barns in the area. Today, the Winery at Bull Run is the largest working farm in Fairfax County, Virginia – a primarily suburban county. It also serves as a venue for many events, such as weddings. Check out more information on the history of The Winery at Bull Run here.

My Visit

Upon pulling into the winery, I was in awe at how gorgeous it was! With its luscious acres and acres of grapevines to barns galore and a few murals, I knew that Stephanie and I made a good choice of a vineyard to meet up at. Excitedly enough, the drive in was only just the beginning of a spectacular afternoon out!

Due to Covid-19, only the outdoor tables were open to visitors – everything else, including the barns and murals was closed off. Visitors could only go inside to order a bottle of wine while taking the precautions of standing 6 feet apart and wearing a mask. Stephanie and I decided to meet up and each bring a family member with us – Stephanie brought her dad and I brought my Papa. Typically, visitors have to reserve a table at the winery. However, since my group and I showed up on a Wednesday afternoon and it was not crowded, we were luckily able to get a nice table in the shade with a view.

When it came to food, to save money, we each grabbed out picnic baskets and coolers and brought in our own food. The Winery at Bull Run lets their guests bring their own food but not drinks. Stephanie and I both brought nuts, while she brought some cheese and crackers and I brought some prosciutto and salami. For drinks, we all decided to split a bottle of The Winery at Bull Run’s 2018 Chardonnay. The best part was that Stephanie and I unintentionally both wanted the Chardonnay! The Chardonnay was definitely a great choice, and I LOVED getting to enjoy it on a hot summer’s day with some cheese, prosciutto, and crackers. Cuisine-wise, I have to say we definitely had typical vineyard experience at a fraction of the price!

Along with amazing wine and gorgeous barns, The Winery at Bull Run also offers historical tours and tastings. The tours and tastings were not available when we went due to the coronavirus, but Stephanie and I are definitely putting a tour and tasting when it’s safe to do so. In addition to tours and tastings, I am pretty sure that the winery also offers concerts and other lively events, which I hope to attend when it is safe as well.

Ever since I rode through the main entrance of the winery, I knew that I was in for a treat. The wine was delicious and the opportunity to bring your own food to go with it at a fraction of the cost was such a plus. Besides the food and wine, there were breathtaking views everywhere that I turned. I definitely would like to come back with Stephanie as well as with some of my family members and friends. Knowing that I visited The Winery at Bull Run while social distancing was such a great experience, I know that coming back when social distancing measures have been lifted a bit more will be another experience for the books!

XOXO – Katie <3


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