73 Women Share Why They Chose Their College Major

Growing up, I always thought that being a career-driven woman would be an empowering life decision. Shows like Sex In The City and movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and 13 Going On 30 showcase how being a woman in the workforce can be extremely empowering and even glamorous. However, before any woman can enter the career world, she must typically complete a college degree in the major(s) and/or minor(s) of her choice. For most of us, that means choosing a major at the ripe age of 18-20, which can be a difficult thing to do. While picking a major can be daunting and even a years-long process for some, every woman’s journey towards picking the major that will land her in the job that she aspires to have in the future is uniquely hers. Luckily, many colleges and universities across the nation offer several different degrees, so that you can begin the process of entering into your dream career. In order to shed light on some strong career-driven women, I am sharing 73 women’s stories on why they chose their college major.

Amanda – Psychology with Art & Marketing Minors

I chose to be a psychology major because I knew deep down from a very young age that I always wanted to become a therapist. However, I went into college as a graphic design major because I knew therapists do not make a lot of money plus I would have to go to grad school and I wanted to avoid that as much as I possibly could. I figured I would like graphic design enough to do it for the rest of my life, but as time went on, I found that that simply just wasn’t the case. So I then switched my major to psychology because I knew that in the end even if I didn’t make a lot of money and/or had to do extra school, that it was worth it and I would still be happy because I would be doing what I loved. I chose to be art and marketing minors because I basically already had an art minor when I switched my major to psychology, so I figured I wouldn’t let that education go to waste and just finished out that minor, and I chose a marketing minor because I want to be able to work a semi-decent job while doing grad school and I had started it already to accompany my graphic design major.

Divine – Public Health & Economics Double Major

When I started Meredith, I thought I was going to go into engineering, but during my first semester it became clear that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was taking microeconomics with Dr. York, and I fell in love with the subject. I was fascinated with how markets worked and what influenced people’s economic decisions. The only problem was, I had no idea what I wanted to do with that. But during the end of my sophomore year, I took Dr. York’s Health Economics and Policy class, and I learned about how health care markets function, and how pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of people who rely on medications, and I became angry, and I found another thing I was passionate about. So my junior year I started taking Public Health classes and added it as my second major. I have no idea how you’d like to condense that. But basically the gist is that I was fascinated by economics and infuriated by health care policies.

Macy – Dance Studies

Well five years ago my major was technically chosen for me, so I majored in graphic design until I was a junior and I took charge of my own life which obviously came with its repercussions; eventually I finally got support and approval to proceed with my current major. in choosing my major I wanted to do both what God was calling me to do and what made me the happiest version of myself, graphic design was neither of those things; dance has always been both. I chose my dream over practicality because I wanted to chase my dreams while I still could!

Gabi – Theatre & Minor in Psychology

I began theatre in high school because I was painfully shy, and I just wanted something that would help me come out of my shell. I was already in dance and singing lessons, but I didn’t really feel a sense of community in that and most of my friends at my studio didn’t go to my high school. The first show I did was Les Miserables, which was the first show I saw that made me fall in love with watching theatre. From my small role in the ensemble, I was enamored by the experience and decided right then and there that theatre was what I wanted to do. Being in theatre has forced my introverted self out of its shell, and although it is exhausting, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences. I still believe in the power of introverts. There is something special about taking time to be alone with your thoughts, but theatre, like much of life, is collaborative so it is helpful to possess those skills too. Surprisingly, being in college for theatre has not changed how much I love the artform, but it has changed how I love it. If you were to ask me now what my most rewarding moments in the theatre have been, it would probably be a solitary moment in a practice room when I finally achieved a difficult vocal styling or a moment in an acting class where I broke through an emotional barrier I didn’t know I had. In short, I have learned to fall in love with the process of theatre more than its result which has opened up a different world of passions that I didn’t know I had. My program is very good at encouraging its students to explore other aspects of the theatre industry, despite being a very intensive, focused conservatory training program. Because of this, I have begun to branch out and teach voice lessons, and I have fallen in love with it. I think teachers can be some of the most influential people in someone’s life, and it is an artist’s duty to give back to the young community of artists. 

I decided to minor in Psychology because I had a lot of credits from AP classes and I wanted to focus my extra time into something else I loved. I’ve been fascinated by psychology ever since I read the Sam Kean book “The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons,” and in a hypothetical world where I hadn’t discovered theatre, I would probably be a therapist. I found that learning about psychology has helped me to understand human nature a bit more which is always beneficial for theatre. I am also under the belief that the best teachers have an understanding of psychology because it helps you to understand how a student’s brain might work. So much of learning to sing, dance, and act is learning to overcome the mental barriers that most of us don’t even realize we have, and when a teacher is able to understand and point out those barriers, they have been the most helpful to my growth as an artist. 

At this point, I don’t know where my place in the theatre world will be, nor do I know what the theatre world will be like in a post-COVID19 world. That said, my major and minor have taught me how to advocate for myself and others and taught me to be a better adjusted, compassionate human. I am hoping to make a career out of performing and teaching, so I can continue to do what I love and inspire others to do the same.

Kelsey – Psychology & Minors in Spanish, Social Work, Criminology, & Forensic Studies

On Mother’s Day, in 2018, I was sitting across from my mom discussing the struggles that I had encountered in the biology department. During this conservation, I distinctly remember her asking me the question of what I was going to do with my biology major. I honestly couldn’t answer her question because I knew I didn’t want to work in the lab nor did I find going to school for seven-plus years attractive as it once was in high school. I dreamt of becoming a pediatrician ever since ninth grade; however, that soon crumbled after taking a course about the medical profession. In retrospect, I was doing myself a huge favor as COVID-19 has highlighted the mistreatment and overworked conditions of healthcare providers. After realizing that I was paying almost $50,000 a year for a department whose main goal was to weed out students rather than uplift them I sought out other options. In deciding on my next steps I did some serious self – reflection. I came to the realization that I felt the most alive when I was in my “Introduction to Psychology,” course. It was the most welcoming that I felt in a class and a department for the first time in two years at my college. After that, it took a year of me discovering my interests and passions and digging in and learning more about myself and that psychology was the best fit for me. I was apprehensive initially about choosing psychology as my major because I have always been told that you could not do anything with psychology as a major unless you were playing on going to graduate school. This definitely is not true because having a broad major like psychology gives you more flexibility especially when you are looking at various graduate programs and during my undergraduate experience I have been exposed to various courses and opportunities since switching my major. I do plan to pursue a master’s degree in the field of human factors psychology. My future dreams and endeavors at this point would not be possible without my love and ability.

Julia – Mathematics & Minor in Applied Math

I chose my major because when I was in high school, I saw my classmates struggling in math class while I continued to excel. I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t fall behind, so I patiently sat with them explaining the concept until they understood it. I chose to major in math because I believe that no one should be scared to solve a math problem. Math has always been a fun second language that requires a different way of thinking, but that makes it even more fun!

Hannah – Child Development & Birth-K Teaching Licensure

Reason why I chose my major: Going into college I knew I wanted to work with young children but I didn’t know what that meant until I learned about the Child Development department at Meredith and the opportunities you get with being able to go into schools to get first hand field experiences early on working with children. My very first field experience I had was spring semester of my freshman year at The Raleigh School and I was placed in a 3/4 year old classroom. I loved my first experience and knew from then that I wanted to work with preschoolers because I loved the experience I had in that classroom. Since then I’ve had many other experiences and fell in love with working with young children and knew it was the right path for me!

Callie – Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management & Minor in Marketing

Hi! I’m Callie, SHRM-CP. I graduated from Meredith in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management and a minor in Marketing. Coming to Meredith I knew that I enjoyed business but I wasn’t sure what aspect of business I wanted to focus on. My biggest advice is to try everything that interests you! Meredith has a credit requirement for graduation and this allows you to explore a variety of things. Yes, even the general education classes help with this! As a freshman there were different options I was thinking about; economics, accounting, and Spanish to name a few. After taking courses and looking at my strengths, I realized HR was the best fit for me. While in my core business classes, I found that I really enjoyed marketing. It fit in my schedule to pick up the minor, so I was able to not only use my strengths for my concentration but also able to have fun with my minor. I also encourage you to speak with your advisors and people in the field. Clubs and organizations are always bringing people from the community in to speak. Talk to them and even identify someone who you’d like to be like after you graduate. It’s okay to not know what career path you want after you graduate. Meredith has tools and opportunities for you to explore different options while on campus. I did this and I feel like it made me feel confident in my decision about my major. A year after graduation, I am working in HR and recently passed my SHRM-CP certification. In my job I use my marketing minor to create flyers and guidebooks for employees. I am very happy with my decision on my major. I hope my journey encourages and helps you decide which path to take!

Miranda – Biology

I’m majoring in Biology with no minors.  I chose to major in Biology because it most aligned with my interests and my future career, optometry.  I have known I wanted to be an optometrist since I got my first pair of glasses in the third grade, so I declared my major in the Spring of my Freshman year.  I’ve always liked studying how different parts of the human body interact with and impact others.  It feels like I’m putting together a puzzle, and it is so interesting to me when I am able to trace how one thing, such as a mutation in a single gene, can impact many other, larger systems of the body.  Biology has allowed me to follow my passions through college, and I’m looking forward to completing my thesis this coming year.

Karli – Poltical Science

I am majoring in Political Science! I chose this major after binging The West Wing…I’m kidding (well, sort of ). It’s actually because I want to use political and legal knowledge to help as many people as I can!

Alex – Business Administration & Minor in Human Resources

I chose Business Administration with minor Human Resources because I wanted to work with people and move into an area involving information technology.

Sarah – Mathematics & Minors in Statistics & Accounting

Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m a junior here at Meredith College! I’m majoring in Mathematics with minors in Statistics & Accounting. I was really drawn to math because of how there is one answer and it’s definitive. It’s cool though because there are multiple ways to get the answer! I also think the STEM field is growing and our Math and Computer Science department here is absolutely amazing with the best faculty who really care about us not only as students but as people too. I’m super thankful that Meredith has brought me to a field and subject that I am so passionate about!!

Hannah – Child Development & K-6 Teaching Licensure

Hi! I’m Hannah and I’m a rising junior majoring in Child Development along with pursuing a K-6 teaching licensure are Meredith College. My ultimate career goal is to teach elementary school students upon graduation, and I am also interested in graduate school opportunities. A lot of students at my school who are interested in teaching typically major in psychology or another subject of their interest, and so I often get the question of why I chose my major. I chose Child Development because I love the broad age range encompassed in the major. With my degree, I could potentially educate preschoolers up until 6th grade if I had to, and I really like the flexibility it offers. The Child Development program at Meredith also requires many placements in varying school settings, and this combined with the education department placements means that I’m going to have a ton of experience when I prepare to go into the field. I firmly believe that this major is the best fit for me and will help me be the best educator I can be.

Abi – Computer Science & Spanish

I have two majors computer science and Spanish. There are numerous reasons for my majors, but the ones that stand out are from defining moments of my life. While I was in my senior year of high school, my school decided to offer AP computer science for the first time. While my teacher wasn’t the most organized or prepared to teach the course something clicked for me during that class like it never had before. Programming made me think in a way that no other class had been able to get me to. The way you have to look at all the possible angles for a problem while programming made me feel truly accomplished while doing it. I have been in love with coding ever since. Spanish is a different story for me though, I took Spanish all throughout high school, though there was never a moment during class that I realized that I loved it. If anything I really disliked Spanish by my senior year, I really struggled during my AP Spanish Language class, but I pushed through and managed to pass the exam. After I graduated I decided to take a year off and travel, I come from a family of adventures, and we have always loved to travel. My best friend from high school was from the Netherlands and we decided to take a year off and travel Europe together. The moment I realized how important Spanish really was, was when my friend and I were visiting the historic town of Toledo in Spain and I had to explain my friend’s diet(vegan) in Spanish. I had never been in a situation where the only option was for me to use my Spanish abilities to communicate. There had always been another, and usually more fluent,  bilingual person around whenever I was able to practice/use my Spanish. Now I wasn’t fluent, but the waitress was super nice and we eventually came up with some options for my friend, and it made me realize how important communication is and that even when you make mistakes as long as you are trying you can make connections and communicate with people. This only got further solidified for me while I was working that winter at my local food bank. I was the only employee that could speak any amount of Spanish and the amount of relief and hope I saw in Hispanic family’s eyes when they were finally able to understand what the other employees were saying and they could ask for the help they needed was truly life-changing and inspiring. It made me decide that I would do my very best to make sure not to lose my Spanish abilities and work to improve them.

Shivani – Public Health & Minors in Biology & Chemistry

The reason I chose public health is because my initial thought was I can help the masses. While it is my ambition to become a doctor I wanted to contribute to society in a large and major scale before I gave j individualized attention to one patient at a time. With public health there a many avenues like biostats, which is the data analysis portion of public health. I basically wanted to be free in my major and have room to explore different career paths within public health and not be limited. The best piece of advice I got my sophomore year is “put your servant heart out” meaning show people and companies you care about them and help and give endlessly for a better world. I am glad to be a public health major as I now have different paths to choose from and I know that what I will end up doing will always be helping someone at a small and large scale

Maggie – Criminal Justice & Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

Hi! My name is Maggie, and I am a senior at UNC-Charlotte majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. Before I get into that, let me start at the beginning. This might get a little complicated. I started my college journey at Meredith as a Child Development major and a Spanish minor. I had wanted to be a teacher since I was a kid. While at MC, I worked at the Meredith Autism Program three times a week, where I developed a passion for teaching children with special needs. After a year and a half at Meredith, I realized that it wasn’t the place for me and decided to move back to Charlotte where I grew up and go to UNC-Charlotte. Because of my experience at MAP, I decided to major in Special Education. I also declared a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, another passion of mine. After a year in the SPED program, I decided that teaching wasn’t a sustainable career for me and that I wouldn’t enjoy it due to the intensive planning aspect. Just recently, I decided to major in Criminal Justice because I have always had a passion for the justice system, law, forensics, and crime scene analysis. I am only a week into the program and am loving it already. With this degree, I hope to become either a Crime Scene Investigator or a Forensic Science Technician.

Jenna – Psychology

Hi! My name is Jenna, and I’m a junior psychology major here at Meredith. I declared my psychology major the summer before my freshman year while beginning an undergraduate research study within my department. At the time, I still wasn’t sure how I wanted to apply my major post-graduation, but I knew that I was dedicated to committing four years to the study of the human condition. Since then, I have continued to participate in undergraduate research within my lab, which I now co-manage with another wonderful student. The opportunity to do so has inspired and prepared me for a career in the psychiatry of addiction medicine to focus on maternal opioid use and infant bonding. 

Briana – Biology

Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a doctor, to help people like myself who were in and out of hospitals. When I got to college, that want to help people was still there, but I shifted my focus to Research!

Laurie – Art

My name is Laurie and during my time at Meredith College I chose to major in English with a minor in studio art and later changed to a studio art major with no minor. While I did not fully complete my degree, I am close to doing so and spent a lot of time at Meredith soul searching to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be creative in all aspects of my life, but I wasn’t quite sure how to express that until I was in high school. I took many creative writing classes and excelled in English, so I assumed writing was my calling. I believe a small part of me still wants to be a writer, but art weighs so much heavier in my life now that writing seems like more of an accessory to my artwork than anything else. Honestly, if I could go back and start all over again I would choose art from the beginning, because I chose English as a safety net. I knew I could teach English if all else failed, and I assumed an art degree didn’t offer much in the immediate job market within a year of graduation. Now, I am much more knowledgeable on the impact artists make in our every day lives, and I realize any artist can get a job so long as they are well-practiced, have a diverse stylistic range, and are willing to step out of their comfort zone for projects. Artists are needed everywhere, but it is extremely likely that amateur artists won’t get a job they fully enjoy until they have a few years under their belt. Once I’ve worked for a couple more years and paid off some student loans, I plan on going back to school, hopefully at the Savannah College of Art and Design. To anyone looking into colleges, anyone already in college, or perhaps someone who left and wants to go back, I want you to know none of you are alone. Choosing a major is scary and it feels like it determines your entire future, but I promise, there is no specific way to figure it out. You have to do what works for you. Everyone has a different college journey, and it’s important to follow the one that will aid you in becoming skillful and successful. Don’t be afraid to take risks and dip your feet in a new pool of opportunities. I was for so long, but now I’ve finally freed myself of worry and slowly started to get my creative spark back so that I can make my portfolio and hopefully apply to SCAD in the next year or so.

Stephanie – Psychology & Minor in Communication

During undergrad, I majored in Psychology with a minor in Communication! We, as kids bounce between different careers in our heads, but something that remained consistent for me were those  future careers being in the helpful profession. From different experiences and topics I’ve become passionate about, is what ultimately led me to chose psychology. Now, I’m on my way to becoming a future school counselor! For communication, it started as taking an intro class then I was hooked! I learned the different avenues a major in Communication could go, similar to psychology. I believe it was a natural pairing with psychology!

Hannah – Mass Communication and Communication with a focus in Public Relations

I’m a double major in Mass Communication and Communications with a focus in Public Relations.I really had no plan to go into College. I just beat cancer and graduated High school at that point I wasn’t really focused on the next steps just thinking more about getting through the day. I really love talking to others and I thought this career path would really highlight the social skills I have. 

Alexis – Accounting

I chose accounting because it had a lot of pathways and opportunities. That’s really the only reason. 

Lila – Fashion Design

When I first started thinking through what I wanted to major in, I struggled quite a bit because so many things sounded interesting to me. My interests (then and now) are pretty diverse, ranging from literature to dancing to various crafting hobbies, so I really had no clue at first what I should pursue. But then I thought about my interests with the view of narrowing them down to what I couldn’t live without. That is how I came to the conclusion of picking a Fashion Design major. I realized that my oldest, most persistent childhood dream was about making clothes (albeit doll clothes for the longest time), and so I decided to pursue that trail and see where it would lead me. Who knows? I may end up in a completely different destination than I thought I would, but then that’s life, isn’t it.

Allison – Business Marketing & Hospitality with Concentrations in Event Planning & Hotel/Resort Management Double Major

Most people usually have a big journey of how they came across their major but mine was a little different. I always have had a business mindset from an early age. Always been great with money, “bossing” others around, and thinking outside the box. I remember distinctly that my a close high school teacher of mine, looked at me one day my junior year and said that I would be great in business. So from there I picked it and have been loving it since. I’ve had picked up accounting as a minor my sophomore year because I was good at that as well but I quickly learned a lesson,that just because you are good at something does NOT mean you will have a passion for it. So I quickly dropped it. I came across the hospitality major after taking a filler class my sophmore year and fell in love with it completely. Advice I have for other people is to look for something you love, something you are good at, and also something you don’t mind waking up and doing everyday! <3 

Morgan – Psychology & Minor in Social Work

I am Morgan. At Meredith, I am gaining a major in Psychology and minor in Social Work. Next year I hope to also be admitted into the MAT program. Psychology was not my first major of choice, but really has been a match made. As a transfer student, I looked for a major that worked well with my transfer credits, as well as, fit with my future aspirations. In the future, I hope to either work as an Elementary teacher or open an organization that works hands on with children who have experienced abuse. I highly recommend Psychology and Social Work to any one who has a passion to work in a public service profession.

Maya – Music Education & Minors in English & Political Science

I am a music education major because I think music is such an important medium for kids and education needs some serious reform. I really want to change some lives and let some children know that they are cared for and loved even though the system does not see them as valuable. i chose an english and poli•sci double minor because for english i want to be more marketable for schools and poli sci because i love law and i really could do anything with the amazing mind that God gave me.

Lelia – Dance

Growing up as a dancer, I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a career in the dance field. When I was younger, I had dreams of becoming a principal ballerina with the New York City Ballet or American Ballet Theater. I did everything I could to ensure that one day I would become the dancer I had always wanted to be; I stretched every day, never missed classes or rehearsals, and always put 150% into every move I made. By the time I was 16, I had been offered a slot as a trainee and apprentice with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York, and I was met with a crossroads decision. Do I leave my entire life behind me to pursue my dream, or do I focus on my education and see where the future takes me? It was the toughest decision of my life, but I declined the offer. I knew I wasn’t prepared for the professional world at such a young age.

When college came around, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I wanted to be a dance major. Even if I couldn’t work as a professional dancer, I wanted to have opportunities to choreograph, teach, and perform as much as I could. The dance department at Meredith has given me a gateway for those opportunities, for which I am eternally grateful. One day I would love to be a professional choreographer or have my own dance studio. Whatever career path my major takes me, I know it will be one where I can share my love for dance with others.

Cassie – Criminology & Minors in Sociology & Pre-Law

I chose my major because I am intrigued by why people commit crimes. I feel if we can understand the root of the problem then we can begin to form concrete solutions to help repairing what’s broken in our system. I wanted to be a lawyer until I took my growth year. I re-evaluated what is important to me and I thought if I can get to those who are struggling before they commit the crime, then I feel that could be a better use of my power. I still aspire to be a lawyer, but I feel this will give me the upper edge to really dive into peoples’ minds and understand their behaviors.

Tasia – Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources & Minors in Spanish & Entrepreneurship

Why: I initially chose my major because I wanted to start my own non-profit for children with disabilities, but then I developed a love for the Human Resources aspect of Business. I love helping others whether that be in recruiting or training. I believe I have the skills set than will help me succeed in that field. I might start my non-profit later on in life, but right now my heart is in HR.

Maggie – Math & Computer Science Double Major & Spanish Minor

I choose to study computer science after I took a programming class at my high school. I found that I really loved the problem solving aspects of programming and that I really enjoyed being able to create things (as a not very artistic person). My second major, math, I chose because I really enjoy learning about math and wanted to keep doing that beyond just the classes that we’re required for Gen Ed. I minored in Spanish because I love the language and think it’s a really useful thing to know multiple languages.

Hattie – Health & PE & K-12 Teaching Licensure

I loved teaching swim lessons and coaching and exercise was always a passion. I went to Meredith to be a PT but I wanted to get my licensure in case I couldn’t get into PT school. Long story short, I was forced to pick one or the other (couldn’t do pre-requisite for PT school and education classes and graduate on time). I picked teaching since I wanted to help kids in schools and work with children through adapted physical education. Maybe one day I’ll work in schools or keep teaching swimming for kids who want to be active with less pain and more freedom or work towards being in the Special Olympics or maybe even the Paralympics. Overall, my parents helped with that decision. I always exercise with my dad and my mom pushes me to be healthy and her passion for teaching I guessed flowed into me! 

Jasmine – Psychology & Minor in Music

I began university as a music major because I loved singing. I was incredibly involved in choir in middle and high school, so I thought I would like to go into music education. Why the change to psychology? I knew early on that I wanted to help students and advocate for them. As a junior I decided that I wanted to be a school counsellor in order to best help students. I really enjoyed my last year of college where I got to take exclusively psychology courses (while still being in choir of course). I’m so thankful that I was able to keep singing while immersing myself in my psychology courses. 

Gabby – Mechanical Engineering & Minor in Mathematics

Hi, my name is Gabby and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in mathematics. The reason I chose Mechanical engineering is actually a funny story. I was sitting in my house with my mom for our monthly movie night, and we had decided that day to watch a dolphin tale. And in that movie, an engineer played by Morgan freedman designs and builds winter a new prosthetic tale. I remember saying, “ that is so cool I wanna do that when I grow up.” It just continued from there. I got to school and began my major and I never realized how much I could do being a mechanical engineer. The list is endless. With my mechanical engineering skills, I hope to bring joy to peoples faces through the objects I design and build. No one should be sad when there is so much out there to see and do. So I hope in the future to help those that lost something and give them something to look forward to through robotics and prosthetic design. For those going out into the world, I would say go out there and show them what you’ve got. No matter what anyone says, what you do is important and you will change this world one engineer at a time because we have the mind and power to do it.

Chandler – Food and Nutrition with a Dietetics Concentration

My name is Chandler and I am a senior at Meredith College. I am a Food and Nutrition Major with a Dietetics Concentration. My grandmother has diabetes and has had difficulty knowing what to eat to treat her diabetes. I became interested in Nutrition to help diabetic’s plan diets and manage their weight. I hope to make a difference in the field of dietetics and help improve the health of diabetic individuals.

Kayla – Psychology

I wanted to major in psychology (specially clinical) since I was in 6th grade – I always found mental disorders and the reasonings our brain cause them interesting. After experiencing with mental health issues myself later on, and learning to cope with them, I specially realized I wanted to help people who were once in my shoes, also teach as a professor about the field of psychology to shape future psychologists!

Mitxi – Exercise and Sports Sciences & Minor in Psychology

I’m currently majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Psychology. I chose ESS because I’m passionate about exercise, the human body, and learning how to help lead others into a healthy lifestyle. ESS is also helping me build a foundation towards my future career as a Physical Therapist.

Haley – Criminology

Hi my name is Haley I am majoring in Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. I am concentrating in Homeland Security and Justice and my minors are Forensic Psychology and Intelligence Analysis. I chose to major in Criminology because growing up I was obsessed with the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel, and knew I wanted to aid in tracking down criminals who have gone against the law. I am hoping to help bring closure to families and friends whose loved ones have been tragically taken away by homicide. My ultimate goal is to either work for the local investigations unit, or a federal agency like the FBI, ATF, or DEA. 

Lexie – Biology B.S. with 9-12 Science Teaching Licensure

I chose biology because I have always loved to do thing related to science. However figuring out I wanted to teach took a little time and an adventure of teaching English to Italian kids while studying abroad there. Switching from the pre-med track Junior year to teaching was a little difficult but it was totally worth it!

Meredith – Communications with a Concentration in Public Relations & Minor in Business Administration

My name is Meredith and I graduated with the class of 2020, where I majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. When I started at Meredith College, I was sure that I wanted to major in Interior Design, but quickly realized that wasn’t my passion and switched to Business my sophomore year. That summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and the U.K., which is what helped me find exactly what I was passionate about. In Italy, one of the courses we took was Nonverbal Communication. This course was challenging yet eye opening for me because I was introduced to the world of Communications and just how important the field is. I quickly fell in love with everything I had learned and declared my major as soon as I returned to Meredith that fall. During the rest of my time at Meredith, I took so many amazing courses with the best professors who taught us why the field is so important and how we can actively contribute. I definitely like to thank study abroad for helping me find my passions!

Caroline – Art Education & Studio Art Double Major

I am an art education and studio art double major at Meredith! I knew I wanted to do art the minute I started college. When I got a traumatic brain injury in high school playing soccer, art healed me and helped me come back to school after taking time off. I have always loved working with kids and never considered teaching. My sophomore year my professors in the art department and my big sis encouraged me to become an educator. I love art and I love teaching so why not do both?

Miranda – History & Minors in Criminology & Forensic Studies

With something as daunting as how to choosing your major, I wanted to choose something that I loved that would prepare me with real life skills that I can use in a professional setting. History was always one of those subjects that fascinated me, and though a History degree sounds like something that there’s very little to do with, you’d be surprised how far you can go with it. I always enjoyed learning about the chain of events that lead to a huge decisions, how societies came to be, and how different peoples interacted with each other. Through my major I’ve learned about all sorts of civilizations, world problems and solutions, and cultural backgrounds… but I’ve also acquired problem solving skills, critical thinking and analysis skills, argument construction skills, communication skills, the ability to write a paper longer than War and Peace, and so much more. This degree has also allowed me to discover other passions of mine such as Criminology and Forensic Studies, and I have also taken Political Science, Religion, Foreign Language, and Music courses throughout my time at Meredith. My degree has prepared me for a number of careers that go beyond an educator or a lawyer, such as museum curation, publishing, librarianship, various administration positions, public service work, etc. and countless of other post-grad Masters and PhD programs. I have been given the opportunity to work with people of various professions and make valuable connections for my career later on, as well as participate in events, clubs, and service opportunities around campus to add to a future resume. Obtaining my degree in History from a Liberal Arts Institution such as Meredith College has prepared me with real world skills to go forth and further my education and/or find a job perfectly suited for me.

Briana – Family and Consumer Sciences & Minors in Fashion Merchandising & Interior Design

My major was Family Consumer Science with minors in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design. I came to Meredith with a set plan of majoring in either fashion or interior design and minoring in the other. However once I started the coursework I found out that I didn’t love it. So I had to find something that I would love. Luckily the previous semester I took the intro course that all human environmental sciences ( Family Consumer Science, Fashion, Interior Design, Child Development, Nutrition) have to take, so I went to talk to that professor and she suggested switching over to Family Consumer Science. I thought about it and said why not, I started the coursework and fell in love with it. Since I was so close to the minors with fashion merchandising and interior design I decided to continue and finish those as well. With Family Consumer Science I am able to do anything within the Human Environmental Sciences, including my passion event planning.

Christina – Business Administration & Minors in Human Resources & Marketing

I fell in love with marketing classes in high school. My marketing teacher in high school became my mentor and showed me why I was “college material”. My family also made sure I know I could succeed and go far in life.

Nermina – Computer Science

Why I chose my major: When I started at Meredith College, I was not entirely sure of what I wanted to major in. I have always loved math and science, but I realized that I had never done anything in the computer science realm. After taking my first programming class, I fell in love with it. Computer science combined my love for problem-solving and critical thinking. Also, the challenge of computer science is very fulfilling. Computer science can be difficult, but when you are dedicated, it is evident through your work. I learn something new everyday being in this major, and I am so happy to have chosen it!

Kiley – Biology with 9-12 Teaching Licensure & Minor in Psychology

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My entire life growing up, I was always the kid who loved science.  It was my favorite subject in school, and  I was always so curious about anything remotely scientific!  My favorite place to go as a kid was the NC Museum of Natural Science (it still is one of my favorites!)  When it came time to narrow down my career options, I was certain I wanted to study something in a scientific field. Now for the “education” aspect of my career field…this choice didn’t come right away to me.  Throughout high school, I had jumped between *several* potential careers.  Microbiologist, pharmacist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, social worker….I felt as if I could never settle!  That was until my senior year, when I finally found my calling to become a teacher.  My senior English teacher inspired me to change the world, and I knew that I could do so by teaching — she definitely changed MY world.  She had such a positive influence on my life, and I want to do the same for future generations.  Teachers really are true superheroes. So, here we are.  A student at Meredith College, combining her two passions: science and teaching. What could be more perfect?

Hayley – Music & Psychology with a Music Therapy Concentration

I came into Meredith College wanting to be a high school choir teacher so as a music education major! I have always had a passion to serving children different from me! I for the longest time was also contemplating doing special education because of my experience working with children with diverse abilities and my love for these children. I also am a sister to a set of quadruplet siblings where two have disabilities and are my inspiration everyday! My voice teacher learned about my personal experience and passion about children and told me about the career of Music Therapy. I had never heard of this career before that point but through a little research I found that this would be the best fit! At Meredith we currently do not have a music therapy major but with my double major in Music and Psychology I got to take classes over my four years that are related to the career as well as open my career options! As I am heading off to graduate school in the fall for my masters in  school counseling at App, I know that I will utilize my creativity skills in my music classes and the knowledge and skills from my Psychology classes combined to become the best counselor and helper to children in the future!!

Zoë – Nursing

My name is Zoë, and I am going into my third year as a nursing student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I remember always being super fascinated with medical TV shows growing up, but it wasn’t until high school that I considered a medical profession as a possible career option. My junior year, I distinctly remember sitting in my Anatomy class, and realizing that I was interested in going into nursing. I chose nursing as my major, because I absolutely love being in clinical settings. I am definitely not the type of person that could ever have a 9-5 full time office job. Another reason I chose nursing was for the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s not often in other jobs, that you can come home from work and know that you improved someone’s quality of life or even may have saved it. Finally I love to learn, and I am going into a job that will require me to learn new things for the rest of my career as a nurse. Choosing this major is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Kaylee – English & Religious and Ethical Studies Double Major

So I’m a double major in English and Religious and Ethical Studies. I chose English because I love to read and write. I knew from my junior year of high school. I really get invested in the stories, the morals, and when and where they were written. English betters my all my skills in so many ways. It has forced me to plan better long term, as I have semester-long projects and have public presentations. My religious and ethics major actually chose me. My advisor has also been an English major and upon telling him all the things I was interested in he suggested I double major and add RES. My RES major is also reading and writing intensive and often overlaps in topics with my English major. Res makes me question why I think and believe what I do. It asks me to think abstractly and combines my love of people and learning. Religion and ethics allows me to listen with my ears, eyes, and challenges me to question everything, accept all what I believe to be right after defining my motives and act to make things right.

Sabrina – Civil Engineering

Why I chose my major: I actually applied to half of my colleges as a psychology major and half of them as a civil engineering major. I loved people and thinking about the hows and whys of human behavior, but I also really loved the environment, water in particular. In the end, I realized that I was a better fit for the environmental side of things, and I moved forward with my civil engineering degree. I liked the thought of having made a physical difference in the world. Civil engineering was something I could see myself content with doing for a good while. The thought of designing something on paper and seeing it come to life was awesome.

Kaylie – Psychology & Minor in Sociology

Hey y’all! My name is Kaylie and I graduated from Meredith College in May 2019 with a B.A. in Psychology and I also minored in sociology.  I currently am in an online masters program to get a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and working at my favorite job in the world, the Meredith Autism Program (MAP) as a part time staff Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) while getting the required supervision hours needed to pass a board exam after I get my masters! The reason I chose to go to Meredith is for MAP and my dream job is to become certified and work with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ASD is a developmental disability that affects how an individual communicates and how they can behave and restricted interests. The reason I am so passionate about ASD is because my little brother was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 (I was 12) and at the age of 19 (4 years ago), I was diagnosed with high functioning ASD after fighting for my diagnosis since I was 12. I believe that The reason God made me this way, is to help others with autism! On the side, I recently started as a online health and fitness coach as another way to help others and help myself get healthy!

Sara – Environmental Sustainability & Public Health Double Major & Minors in History, Forensics, & Biology

My name is Sara and my majors are environmental sustainability and public health my minors are history forensics and biology I chose my majors because I wanted to study about the environment and become a park ranger. I feel that my choices have really prepared me to be a scientist. Being a scientist was also a big part of the reason I chose my majors, I had always wanted to be a scientist and now I am.

Mary – Cognitive Science & Minor in Computer Science

I’m majoring in Cognitive Science and plan on minoring in Computer Science. I chose my major because it is interdisciplinary, so I had a wide array of class options. It’s a mixture of psychology, philosophy, and programming. I’m really interested in human thought and how things work. I hope to get a job in research or consulting after graduating.

Jancie – International Studies & Minor in Arabic and Middle East Studies

An International Studies Major covers history, politics, economy, and laws globally. This major allowed to expand my knowledge for some of the different cultures and languages in the world.

Alanna – Communications with a Focus in Public Relations

The reason I chose my major: I chose my major in Communications with a focus in Public Relations because I love social media and that’s part of Public Relations now as most companies have social media as it’s a main form of outreach to customers. Most of my Communication classes involved some aspect of social media, such as learning how to use Canva and create infographics, posters, or flyers as a way of displaying information. I virtually graduated as part of the Class of 2020 in May and was very lucky to land a job as a Media Manager for Absolute Stone Corporation in Cary. This is a new position, so I am able to transition the skills I have learned at Meredith into this role. I’m working with a Marketing company to create media content for our website and social media platforms. This is definitely the right fit for me and I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned at Meredith and the expertise of the faculty in the Communications Department. Spread your wings and fly, Go Angels <3

Addy – Medical Assisting

My name is Addy and I’m a medical assisting major! I am currently in my 6th term and I will graduate from my program in may of 2021. I chose medical assisting because it’s a great jumping off point to my eventual goal of nursing school, plus it provides me with some basic competency skills I will need in the future such as taking vitals, phlebotomy, EKG and so much more. My ultimate goal is to get my masters to become an NP or become a flight nurse.

Mary – Math & Mechanical Engineering

I chose my major because I have always been a science and math person. My dad and grandpa are also engineers so I’ve grew up surrounded by creativity and ingenuity. I always loved going to bring your kid to work days at the company my dad works for (Underwriters Laboratory) and seeing how an engineering company works. Everyone at UL calls me mini Arnie (my dads name)! I’m a very hands on person so it makes sense that I would enjoy working with my hands. Plus the engineering field is always growing so lots of potential.

Kiran – Business with a Concentration in Marketing & Minor in Fashion Merchandising

I wanted to major and minor in those specific fields because my dream job is to do social media marketing  the fashion industry! fashion is an expression of who we are and can create many powerful messages too! with everyone on social media nowadays, I feel like that is one of the best ways to reach a bigger audience! I also love creating visual content whether it’s for a club’s flyer or a small business instagram post!

Emily – Music for 2 years, 1 year of Travel Agency, & Psychology whenever back at college

I wanted to be in the music scene and to be able to read/analyze chords more. Also, because I felt like something in my heart was telling me to be open minded and learn more things about my favorite form of art in the world. Speaking of the world, I wanted to travel with bands/artists and help book shows in different states so I took a year of majoring in travel agency. I tried doing that after I dropped out of college, but I kept losing money so I went on to get a job as a server at a brunch restaurant. After doing that for awhile, I made a decision of going back to school for psychology to become a therapist and I’m not sure when I’ll be doing that but I want it to happen.

Kearra – Sociology

I chose to Major in sociology( after switching my major twice) at first so I could graduate on time but also because I really found sociology interesting. I took my first sociology class during freshman year and I loved that class and the teacher (shout out to Dr Macomber). Intro to sociology was one of the few classes I can say I really enjoyed freshman year,  I enjoyed every class discussion because they were always interesting and I usually learned something new. The books we were assigned to read were interesting and gave me a deeper understanding of sociological concepts. As a freshman I was confused about what I wanted to major in or if I wanted a minor. I considered a minor in sociology but since I was already on track to becoming a biology major with my goal of being a vet I didn’t think it would be useful. I eventually dropped my biology major because it wasn’t my passion and I perused a social work major. But after one really bad semester my advisor told me that I would have to complete an extra year at meredith before I could graduate. So I decided to take a chance and major in sociology so I could graduate on time. But, sociology became so much more then a way to graduate on time. I really connected with my professors and found every class I was in interesting. Majoring in sociology helped me put words to the unfair/ weird things I noticed in our society like the gender binary, the sexual market place and gender based violence. Ultimately, I kinda regret not majoring in sociology earlier but I think if I did that I wouldn’t have appreciated it as much.

Violet – Biology & Minors in Spanish & History

I am a biology major with minors in Spanish and history. I chose to become a biology major because I have always enjoyed the natural sciences, especially anything that has to do with the environment or anatomy/physiology. Because I wasn’t fully sure on my career path, I declared a biology major because it would give me many options. I am now very interested in physical therapy for graduate school, and have even started shadowing hours! Physical therapy is really interesting, but I would still love to pursue work with the environment as a hobby or even take more biology classes that focus on the environment. I chose Spanish as a minor because I want to become fluent in the language and it is a very useful skill to have in any profession. I would also love to travel more to Spanish speaking countries, and it would be great to be able to communicate well! My decision to also be a history minor was very recent. I had AP credits that transferred, and only need two classes to complete the minor. I thought that I might as well do it!

Grace – Toursim, Recreation and Event Management with Specializations in Tourism and Events

Why I chose my major: I chose this major because it encompasses a lot of who I am as a person! I love the hospitality industry because it gives such a clean path to helping people as well as getting to use my extroverted and organized personality. I am currently working on my Masters in Counseling and hope to be able to combine the two in the future!

Jane – Psychology and Spanish Double Major

I majored in Psychology and Spanish at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.  Psychology is a topic that has fascinated me for years because I love understanding how human beings’ perceptions impact the way that they think and feel.  I have wanted to pursue a career in mental health counseling or clinical social work for a while, and am excited to be able to continue to build on the skills gained in my Psych classes when I go back to school for my Master’s.  Foreign language is something that I have always had a knack for, and taking five Spanish classes in high school (and loving all of them!) inspired me to double major.  My Spanish major provided me with the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica during the summer of 2017, which was an amazing experience that I am thankful for to this day.  I conducted undergraduate research for my Honors Thesis on the effects of two cultural values held among Spanish speakers, familismo (the belief that the family is more important than the individual) and religiosity (the possession of strong religious beliefs) on their use of mental health services.  This was a great way to combine my majors, and I even translated my informed consent and questionnaire from English into Spanish for parent participants!  I also want to work with both English and Spanish speakers as a clinician.  My advice is, if you’re thinking about double majoring, go for it (as long as you can stay sane)! 😉

Rachel – Graphic Design

I choose Graphic Design as my major because I wanted to use art to help because showcase their business and talents. You get assigned to create for a purpose and I enjoy giving people a visual voice because imagery is so important. 🙂

Emily – Chemistry

I’m a chemistry major. I originally wanted to be a vet so I was going to do either chemistry or biology. I decided to go with chemistry because I thought that probably do better with chemistry than biology. I really good in the world and help people so I would like to use my chemistry degree to help people.

Allyson – Interior Design & Minors in Entrepreneurship & Environmental Sustainability

Growing up I always loved to be involved in helping my dad with different renovation projects around the house. When I went into high school I knew when it came to taking electives I wanted to take classes that focused more on architecture, Interior design, Drafting, and Engineering. I loved taking the classes and talked to various teachers asking about there experiences in the industry before they became teachers. I shadowed and worked closely with architects and engineers my senior year of high school. After this experience, I decided to explore more options for interior design and have not regretted one decision I have made with my choice in major. 

Dominique – History & Minors in Music & Political Science

One of the big influences on how I chose my major was knowing that I wanted to spend time studying something I loved and that would prepare me for something I loved. I knew that whatever I was choosing to study was going to take up a big chunk of my life, so I wanted to spend the time in a field that I actually wanted to learn about. That didn’t mean that I expected to love every class, topic, or project in college, but I still wanted to like my field of study. Admittedly, that had left me with a few top choices, and when I started college, I thought I would spend time studying history, music, and education. However, as I took classes in all three of those fields, I realized that while the classes in music and education were interesting, I wasn’t as passionate about those as I tended to be about my history classes, and looking more long-term, I realized I didn’t really want to go into the education field. I think the contrast between the way I reacted to my history classes and my music classes is really what helped decide my final degree choice. It didn’t really matter to me if I was studying an area of history I already knew and loved in greater detail or if I was getting to learn about a part of history that had been largely missing from my high school curriculum (Intro to Asian History, in this case); I still really loved getting to know all the nitty gritty of the discipline. Even the class or two that didn’t really end up being quite my cup of tea were really informative and actually helped me narrow down things I did NOT want to do as careers, even though the class was cool. However, in contrast, while I still loved music, and I am very glad that I took the classes to minor in it, I came to realize that trying to major in music was actually causing me to put too much pressure on myself in a field that was a really hobby that I loved. Because of that excess pressure, I decided to take a step back from pursing a full music major in addition to my history major, and I took the music minor instead. Doing that, I was still able to learn a lot and make myself a better musician, but I could take it at a pace that was more conducive to my continued enjoyment of the art.  The most surprising part of what my degree was actually in was my minor in political science, because I’ve never been particularly fond of politics itself. However, while I was pursuing that education path that I thought I wanted (see, nothing is really ever wasted when it comes to learning), I found out that I really enjoyed learning about political processes and how they work and what influences them, even if I’m not very fond of the political maneuvering that creates so much tension on TV. Between a class or two I had taken for the education pathway and a couple political science classes I took just because they sounded cool (like, World Politics Simulation), I found out I had already done a lot of the work towards a political science minor, and I decided that I wanted to finish it out. It was a bit of a process trying to figure out what to study in college, but when I let myself be open to change and to redefining what I expected my college degree to look like, I was able to pursue a course of study that I really loved and am really proud of accomplishing.

Bailey – Psychology & Minor in Spanish

I chose my major of psychology when I was 13. I was given an assignment to do a project on a job I would like to have in the future, I wanted to be a therapist. I learned what schooling I would need to be a therapist and I included everything in my project. I’ve always know who I am and who I want to be, I am someone who wants to help people. I have grown up around many people, friends and family, who have struggled with their mental heath. I want to be the person that they could have gone to in order to get help and get better. I chose my minor because I have always admired multilingualism. Since I was young I have wanted to know another language, it just so happened that my high school offered Spanish. Spanish is a beautiful language which many people speak in the United States and I believe that by learning this language I will be able to incorporate it into my future job. I believe that everyone should get help if they need it, this includes people who speak different languages. If I can make life easier for someone who needs help, I will be happy. And I will be able to reach and help more people with another language.

Claire – Communications

I’m a communications major and I chose my major because I want to make a positive impact on people by influencing the messages they get in a positive way. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I want to use my skills to shape the world to be and do better 

Mary Grace – Social Work

My major is social work, my whole life I have been looking for ways to help others. After going through a lot of personal growth these last few years I have Decided to make my life’s mission to help people and make them smile.

Maggie – Exercise and Sports Science & Minor in Dance

I chose my major for a couple of reasons. I have many interests and I felt this major along with my minor would really combine my studies and create a good skill set to create a unique career. I noticed along with my love for science, that I really loved exercise with dancing, performing, and marching. Specifically the importance of warming up  effectively and reducing injuries. I took anatomy senior year of high school and it further pushed my interest. In the performative arts field, these dance companies or drum corps are beginning to have a health staff just like in athletics. So as soon as I heard that, I was set. I wanted to work in some form enhancing these performers to be and train like athletes. 

Asiyah – Computer Science

 I picked computer science because I think programming is fundamental in today’s world! Everything revolves around technology so having a basic foundation of what programming is and why computer’s work the way they do is so vital. I also love puzzles and thinking in a problem-solving manner and I believe that’s why I picked computer science more than anything. It’s all about solving a problem, and that instant gratification is what keeps me going. I also had professors who believed in me and were that push when I needed a shove – I owe a lot of my accomplishments to them and my amazing friends!

Katie – Graphic Design with a focus in Interface Design & Minor in Psychology

After charting my life and career path to become a pathologist, I realized during the second semester of my freshman year that my true passion was design. Having to replan my entire trajectory was difficult as well as grappling with involved fears and anxieties. I am someone who likes to thoroughly plan out the future, so changing things entirely was difficult. However, I am very happy and excited to go down this new path.

Neali – BA in Communications with Concentrations in Interpersonal Communication & Public Relations & Minor in Event Planning

I chose my major (and minor) for a number of reasons. At first, I chose communications because 

  1. I didn’t want to go into college as “undecided”
  2. I heard Dr. Doug Spero speak about his amazing experiences during my first visit to campus
  3. After my visit and contemplating what I would choose, my mom and I got into an argument and said “you’re so good at arguing, maybe you should be a communication major” (don’t worry, we made up quickly after that comment LOL)

But once I arrived at Meredith, met my student advising group (and through that, my future roommate and BFF), and my faculty adviser, Prof. Alan Buck, I knew I had chosen correctly. 

However, choosing my concentrations took a little more thought. Luckily, because there are 3 concentrations to choose from, the Communications department always puts freshmen in a com class to get their feet wet. I was placed in Intro to Public Relations, and I was the only freshman in the entire class. I was so nervous to be around students who had actually experienced college before, but I slowly began to fall in love with PR and it no longer mattered. Now, I look for PR in everything I do and experience!

Choosing Interpersonal as another concentration happened because of Dr. Carla Ross. She taught me twice in one day, in my Intro to Interpersonal Communication and Nonverbal Communication class. Her teaching style and personality made class so entertaining while also being informative. I especially loved my nonverbal communication class. It is a facet of communication that is SO important! Interpersonal communication is the study of people and how they interact with others, and I use it every single day!

I ended up choosing my minor after planning the tradition, Stunt, during freshman year. My Stunt co-chair and I then decided to become Cornhuskin’ co-chairs AND Stunt co-chairs for sophomore year. To gain more experience while home for the summer, I became a banquet server at a resort — working galas, weddings, and more. That summer is when Meredith College announced the new hospitality management department, complete with an event planning minor. The planets must have aligned themselves at the perfect time; I couldn’t have asked for better timing! 

Although choosing a major/minor is FAR from easy, (trust me, I definitely had moments where I questioned EVERYTHING), I am so grateful for how my decision turned out; I have gained so much knowledge from my departments and professors. I can never thank them, or Meredith College, enough for helping me become the educated, STRONG woman I am now!

From reading each of these women’s amazing stories, I hope that you have discovered that every woman’s career journey is nothing but uniquely hers. Cheers!

XOXO – Katie <3

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