At-Home Wine Night Essentials

Just because social distancing may be the new and temporary normal does not mean that we cannot recreate as much as what we used to enjoy in our pre-pandemic lives. I know that I really looked forward to having wine nights with some of my friends at school and at home, especially once I turned 21. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have had to find more creative ways to create new memories. I recently created a blog post titled 11 Social Distancing-Approved Gatherings, which listed ways that we can still gather with our friends and family while maintaining our social distance. Although group wine nights may not be done the way we are used to having them such as in-person with The Bachelor and a big bowl of popcorn, but it does not mean that we cannot recreate what we love about wine nights at home! In today’s blog post, I will be sharing how to create your own at-home wine night.

First Things First: The Wine!

Y’all are going to laugh at me – it is kind of embarrassing – but I am not well-versed in the world of wine. However, my very favorite so far out of them all of Cupcake Vineyards’ Chardonnay (as pictured). I also really love Prosecco. So, I have asked three of my good friends who have pretty good taste in wine (if I say so myself!) to share their recommendations on the wine’s that they LOVE!

Alanna’s Suggestions

  • Menage Trois Moscato
  • Woodbridge Moscato
  • Jacobs Creek Moscato
  • Barefoot Moscato is pretty good I’ve tried the watermelon and strawberry Fruitscoto and the Apple Barefoot Spritzer is really good!

Lexie’s Suggestions

Wegman’s literally has the best wine selection that I have seen so that’s where I always get my wine now. They literally have one in every county and region of North Carolina now (as well as Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and many other East Coast states).

Then I really like the Dark Horse wine too!

Jasmine’s Suggestions

The two wine brands that I know a bit about are 19 Crimes (they have good red wine/Cabernet) and Cupcake (the Moscato is literally fire). Also, I’m a big fan of Lamarca Prosecco. All of these are super market finds and are reasonably priced.

Second is Snacks!!

Now that you have determined what bottle of wine you are going to have at home, it’s now time to grab some snacks! My friends and I are definitely fans of a popcorn and wine night, but that is not the only option. A cheese board is such a fun way to spice up a wine night as well as a homemade dinner dish such as pasta, pizza, or risotto. Additionally, a baguette/toast and olive oil is also another simple way to enjoy some wine. Nevertheless, the options are ENDLESS!

Recruit Your Crew and Get on Zoom!

Once you’ve decided on the perfect bottle of wine and something to nibble on, it’s now time to recruit your crew! Get your best buds together and set up a time on Zoom or FaceTime to catch up with your favorite wines in tow. One fun thing that y’all can do is each share what wine you’re drinking and/or recently loving. You can also choose to watch a movie or TV show together, such as old episodes of The Bachelor or 90 Day Fiance or play an online card game like Cards Against Humanity. There are in fact several things to choose to make it fun. Whatever y’all choose to do, make it fun and uniquely y’all’s!


XOXO – Katie <3

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