Let’s Talk About GOALS!

Have you ever thought, “oh wouldn’t it be cool to do …”?I know I have! For most of my life, I have consistently thought well, I’d love to do this, this, and this, yet I NEVER got down and in the dirt to actually make it happen until recently. The Covid-19 pandemic has left me with the opportunity to actually turn some of my dreams into a reality. One of the ways that I want to be able to achieve those dreams and live my best life while doing so is by creating my own goals!

My Goals!

Currently, I have quite a bit of things that I would like to achieve and make a reality for myself. I have started some of these goals listed this past year, while others I am just now striving to begin. Personally, it helps me to break down my goals into time frames for things I would like to accomplish within the next few weeks, months, the end of 2020, and into the next year. Below I have listed some of these goals for you to see, as well as some goals I have created in the past and am still working to keep a reality in my daily weekly routine.

Recurring Goals:

  • To cook and try a brand-new recipe each week (being that I am in my apartment or am able to cook for others a recipe of my choice)
  • Post regularly and keep up with posting and sharing content on The Pink Chickadee‘s social media platforms as well as on the blog and to engage with y’all who follow along and support this amazing platform of mine
  • To be able to write my own to-do lists and cross off most if not all of which I have set myself out to achieve in that given day
  • Maintain a physical regime, by walking or running each day in order to stay active, fit, and healthy
  • To travel to new places both near and far
  • Eat breakfast each morning (even if it is small), as I used to really struggle with this simple yet so keen to our health meal
  • To continue to advocate and speak out for the inclusion and wellbeing of others as well as myself
  • Make connections with other influencers and like-minded Lilly lovers and bloggers on my platform
  • To grow more in my Christian faith through praying each day for others and starting a daily devotional
  • Be the best classmate, friend, sister, daughter, blogger, and leader that I know that I am and am capable of doing
  • To be the best student in the classroom and in my leadership positions that I can be and strive to put as much as I can into all that I do
  • Adulting and doing big girl things on my own
  • Know my own capability and self-worth, even if I do not see it everyday within my own self and to encourage others to see their own
  • For the time being, to wear a mask and practice social distancing, in order to not only prevent to spread of Covid-19, but to help keep my friends, family, and the community around me safe and healthy
  • Consistently work on being my best self in all that I do

End of 2020 Goals:

  • Start running and be able to work my way up to run on hilly trails for 20+ minutes without taking a break
  • To expand my platform here on The Pink Chickadee even more than I already have in the past almost 6 months
  • Try some new crafts, such as creating handmade signs among other exciting things
  • Host a giveaway (or a few) on The Pink Chickadee in collaboration with other small businesses or influencers and bloggers
  • To continue to share new and exciting content on this platform
  • Make memories with my friends at college, even if it is in a social distanced manner for the time being, and get creative with how to make them
  • Be able to successfully finish out my final Fall semester as an undergrad (!!!) and most likely one of my most academically intensive one’s
  • Start searching for summer internships and networking with others in my industry, in order to broaden my search as well as potential opportunities
  • Get matching masks and shirts with my Meredith friends
  • Apply to graduate school for Fall 2021
  • Explore new hiking trails and parks in the Raleigh area as well as in North Carolina along with in the Northern Virginia-Washington, DC tristate area
  • Begin scrapbooking memories from past family trips, such as those that we took to Maine
  • *Finally* get my driver’s license
  • Begin a brand-new and super exciting endeavor (more to come on that in the next few weeks!!!)

2021 Goals:

  • Get an internship for Summer 2021
  • Be able to go on a graduation trip hopefully with some college friends
  • Get accepted and commit to attending graduate school in Fall 2021
  • Sign the lease on my first-ever post-grad apartment
  • Host a girl’s weekend at one of my family’s places as well as go on a little trip with my Big and Lil’s
  • Finish up my Honors Thesis and present it at my school and maybe at a research conference as well
  • Take a road trip with one of my best friends to Maine (we were trying to go there this Summer but due to Covid-19 we postponed)
  • Be able to successfully run at least a 5k and maybe even do a local race and/or fundraiser race
  • Visit new places in North Carolina such as Asheville, Charlotte, Boone, Winston Salem, Greenville, Emerald Isle, and Wilmington along with Charlottesville in Virginia
  • Graduate from college with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics and minors in Data Science, Statistics, and Web Development
  • Attend the Lilly Pulitzer Pink Retreat in Palm Beach, Florida *if not in 2021 then in the next few years*
  • Participate in one of Disney World’s runDisney events at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida
  • Go parasailing or on a hot air balloon ride
  • Wherever I go after graduation, continue to maintain connections with each of my friends and family and make time to see them
  • Begin another exciting and brand-new endeavor (hopefully to come in Summer 2021!!)

Tips for Creating Your Own Goals

When it comes to crafting your own goals, it can definitely take some time for them to become a full reality, but little by little it can happen. For example, one of my goals for 2021 is to participate in a runDisney event at Walt Disney World, which would require me to be in shape to run at least a 5k. That being said, I am going to work my endurance up to be able to run at least a mile without taking breaks, two miles, and then three miles. I will start with running on flat streets and then working my way up to running up and down hills. Slowly but surely, I will make it across the finish line at Walt Disney World. Here, I have listed some tips on how you can strive to create and achieve your own goals moving forward!

  • When something comes to mind that you have always wanted to do, then WRITE IT DOWN!!! Whether it be on your phone or in a journal, if you have it in writing saved somewhere, then there is a better chance that you will remember it moving forward.
  • Have a bucket list?! Turn those list items into your own reality. Make that dream trip of yours to Europe a reality or finally go skydiving. While hopping on a plane is clearly not a reality at this moment, use this time to save up for that dream trip or activity of yours while keeping in mind a budget that you would aim to have.
  • Make an effort to try something new every week – whether that be a brand-new recipe or a new restaurant or trail in your city or even a craft. Trying new things is always good for the soul, and having those new things be apart of a goal however big or small it may be!
  • Dedicate some time to spend doing things for yourself. Beyond our goals within our academic and career lives which we should strive to put our time and effort into, we should also make time for our own personal goals. While our academic and career goals may be tied to some of our personal goals, it does not mean that we still cannot take time for ourselves such as to try a new craft, recipe, or a workout regime.
  • Make a to-do list and include aspects of your goals on it. Each and every day, I have my to-do list set on my laptop for what I hop to accomplish for the day. I typically map it out for a given day a few weeks in advance for it to alter a bunch and have many additions and even subtractions until the day arrives. Having items on your list related to your goals, such as taking a walk or reading part of a book you want to finish by the end of the month can help you to get even closer to achieving your goals. My to-do lists helps me check off what I need to do for the day as it pertains to academics and career-wise along with getting closer to my set goals.

Using and writing down goals for things that I want to achieve has really allowed me to use the time that I have in this world to my own benefit. Each of my goals is helping shape me into the best Katie that I can be. In fact, setting goals for yourself will only help you dig deeper into loving and caring for yourself. They say that self love is the best love, and goals can help you do just that. All I got to say is when it comes down to it, be a goal-getter!

XOXO – Katie <3

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