My Social Distancing-Friendly Beach Trip

Life is better at the beach, especially during a pandemic! With everything going on in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, being at the beach was a great way to relax and still social distance. While travel may look different this year, especially overnight travel, it does not mean that we can’t still enjoy it. Today, I am going to be sharing my super fun and relaxing experience traveling overnight to Bethany Beach, Delaware on a social distanced beach trip.

Emphasis on Shopping Small

One of the most unique assets of Bethany Beach is the fact that the town only permits small businesses in its area. I find the plethora of small businesses there to make it such a special and down-to-earth traveling experience as well. I have always preferred local businesses when traveling to your typical chain restaurant, and Bethany Beach truly embraces shopping small! Some of my favorite restaurants in the area include: Shaka Shack, Off the Hook, Bethany Diner, The Salted Rim, Grotto Pizza, and Good Earth Market & Organic Farm. Meanwhile, Bonkey’s is definitely one of the best places to indulge in some ice cream. In terms of shops, Candy Kitchen is a super cute candy shop that pops up EVERYWHERE in the area, and my Aunt Sherri is obsessed with it! Besides Candy Kitchen, I have not shopped much in the area, the boardwalk has a lot of options for some t-shirts and souvenirs. The emphasis on small businesses in Bethany Beach makes me really appreciate the area, especially during the pandemic.


Above it all, I have found the beaches to be one of the best places to social distance in Bethany Beach. The appeal of social distancing at the beach is that people always come in groups anyways and want to spread out, so pandemic or not it does not make a difference. In fact, I found myself to enjoy the beach more during a pandemic, as people are more likely to keep their distance from other groups, which means I have more space to spread out and sunbathe! Additionally, at Bethany Beach, there are police on the boardwalk and employees at booths to Delaware State Park’s beaches beyond the boardwalk to ensure that only a certain number of groups are on the beach at once. Knowing that people are looking out and ensuring that others are social distancing made me feel a lot more comfortable going to the beach.


Besides of course going to the beach, Bethany Beach has a lot to offer. Nearby Rehoboth Beach has a ton of outlet shops and a much longer boardwalk with lots of shops and restaurants as well, which I got to spend a day doing. At the same time, Bethany Beach offers mini golf and has arcades nearby, even though we didn’t go since it was crowded. As for outdoor activities and sports, Bethany Beach has many gorgeous and scenic trails and walking paths as well as a brand-new park right by its boardwalk. Many people also bike around the boardwalk area too, which I love to see!

Getting to go to Bethany Beach this summer was such a treat and it was even more fun to do with my family to get that time with them. Bethany Beach has such a strong family-friendly and down to earth atmosphere that made me LOVE it as a sweet beach town. Personally, I always feel that a beach trip is needed at least once a summer, and this summer it was needed more than ever.

XOXO – Katie <3

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