15 Items I LOVE Having in my College Dorm/Apartment

With college move-in coming upon us quicker than ever, it definitely is exciting to make your lists and check them twice on what you need for your dorm/apartment. It definitely is daunting to be sure you have absolutely EVERYTHING that you need. Luckily, going away to college is not like packing your bags for a trip to Italy, as most likely there will be a Target nearby your college. As a college Senior, I have been through all of the ups and downs of packing and deciding what to bring to your new dorm/apartment. Throughout my time as a college student, I have figured out what products I LOVE having in my dorm/apartment, which I have listed 15 of them here!

1 – Bath & Body Works Wallflower

No one that I know likes a room that smells weird! Unfortunately, college dorms and even apartments can most definitely have strange odors from time to time. Luckily, Bath & Body Works’ Wallflowers are great to add a fresh scented aura to any small space. Upon moving into my Freshmen dorm, I purchased one of their plug-in Wallflowers, which can easily be refilled once every 4-8 weeks with a new scent. If you’re like me and you LOVE Bath & Body Works, then you know that they carry several super amazing scents from lotions to perfumes to soaps which of course are available for their Wallflower plug-in refills. Bath & Body Works’ Wallflowers have definitely been my favorite over the years, and I will definitely still be using them after college too!

2 – Throw Blanket

Nothing says I need to wind down better than cozying up with a throw blanket after a long day of classes. Over the years, I have LOVED having a throw blanket in my dorm/apartment. Not only does it make me feel really homey in my home away from home, but it also keeps me warm when the dorms/apartments are ridiculously cold (which they can be!).

3 – Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has definitely been a classic card game amongst many adults of all ages, but especially college students. The majority of college-aged students that I know are big fans of Cards Against Humanity, which makes it an excellent social gathering. In fact, many college students host parties in their dorms/apartments just to play this awesome card game. That being said, it is definitely worth looking into purchasing a pack before you make the move to college.

4 – Fan

College dorms and even apartments are extremely weird with their heating and air systems at times. One day you may be living in a sauna and the next you may be living in what feels like an igloo. Keeping this fact in mind, I would definitely purchase a fan no matter the size before you go off to college, as you will have days where you need it. I sometimes even carry around mini battery-powered fans that I found for under $2 at Walmart during the Summer.

5 – Mugs

I feel that a persons’ mug collection tells a bunch about themselves and who they are. Mugs are such a fun way to have something that is uniquely yours while telling a bit about yourself. I know that I LOVE to collect mugs from my travels, as I have a few in my collection from when I studied abroad in Europe. Additionally, I also have a ton of mugs that are bright and bubbly with flamingoes and Lilly Pulitzer prints. Having a mug (or five) in your college dorm/apartment is a great way to tell a bit about yourself while also having something right in your own space that you can use to whip up your favorite morning drink.

6 – Air Purifier

Like any bedroom back at home, college dorms/apartments can get VERY dusty. Before I went to college, my mom invested in an air purifier for my dorm, and I am OH SO GRATEFUL that she did. Air purifiers are a lifesaver, as they simply purify the air in your dorm/apartment throughout the day – something that not all the dusting and mopping in the world can fully do.

7 – Fun Magnets

Like mugs, I LOVE to collect magnets from my travels! Magnets are just such a fun way to decorate your fridge or mini fridge with all your adventures from the years. Besides how fun they are, magnets are also extremely easy to transport and super duper affordable. That being said, one or even 20 magnets definitely will not hurt the budget and leave you with some super fun digs for your new fridge no matter its size.

8 – Vacuum

A vacuum has definitely been my saving grace during my college years! Having a vacuum has allowed me to keep my place clean and neat. Personally, I feel that this item is worth the investment for anybody moving into a college dorm/apartment without explaining too much!

9 – Decorative Banner

Bar carts, over the bed, and desk side, OH MY! The possibilities for where to hang a banner are ENDLESS. Decorative banners have always been a favorite of mine, as they are easy to transport as well as either make or order online. I have found that banners make for a fun nice touch in any place, especially one that you’re making into your second home.

10 – Anti-Wrinkle Spray

My step-mom bought me anti-wrinkle spray when I moved into my Freshmen year dorm, and it has definitely been one of the best things that she introduced me to! Anti-wrinkle spray is a simple and practical way to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes without having a use an iron. All you have to do is spray it on the garment where the wrinkles are, straighten out the wrinkles on the garment, and poof they are gone!

11 – Plates & Utensils

This one mostly goes for those living in a dorm, since having plates and utensils in an apartment is pretty much a necessity. When in a dorm, the dining hall food most definitely gets old, even after the first week. In my dorm, I most definitely made a ton of microwaveable dishes that required a plate and my own utensils. They were most definitely a lifesaver for me in my own dorm!

12 – Throw Pillows

Like a decorative banner, throw pillows definitely add a personal and fun spice to your dorm/apartment. I have found having throw pillows to make my dorm room extra homey while away from home too!

13 – Bar Cart

Whether for snacks or drinks, bar carts are definitely the way to go! I LOVE having a bar cart in my apartment, as I can successfully store all of the snacks and drinks that I enjoy throughout the days. The best part about a bar cart is that you can easily add a banner or frame and really make it your own. The possibilities are limitless with a bar cart!

14 – Coffee/Tea

Whether you love coffee or tea, I would definitely get a few of your favorite morning drink staples before heading off to college. Although I am an avid tea lover, I do know many people who LOVE coffee and have really benefitted from having their own Keurig. At the same time, the dining hall may only offer so much when it comes to coffee and tea and Starbucks/Dunkin’ adds up real fast. Whatever floats your boat in the morning when it comes to drinks is what you need to stay afloat throughout the crazy college days!

15 – Wall Art

Like a throw pillow, mug, throw blanket, or magnet, wall art is a telltale way to make a space specifically yours. While you may be moving into a space temporarily that many have lived before you and will live after you, having your own wall art sets your place apart from everyone else’s. Most importantly, wall art makes your space uniquely yours.

Even though college dorm/apartment can be hectic from time to time, it is also really exciting! While my list varies on categories of items that I cannot live without while away at college, each of these items has truly made me feel much more at home in my brand-new and temporary space. Hopefully, the items that I shared will provide you with some inspiration on what to get for your own college dorm/apartment as you make a new space your own too!

XOXO – Katie <3

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