Fun Ideas To Spice Up Your Next Picnic

With our new and social distancing-embracing world, picnics have become a favorite activity of mine to gather with friends and family. Not only are picnics great to promote social distancing while still seeing those that you love and care about, but they can also bring us together to enjoy a nice meal or to simply catch up. Today, I am going to be sharing some fun ideas to spice up your next picnic, and make them OH SO special during this unique time!

1 – Pick a New Location To Picnic Each Time

Whether on your college campus, somewhere nearby, or both, picnicking at a different place each time allows for you and your crew to explore different places in your area while still enjoying one another’s company. Especially if you and your crew meet regularly to picnic and are able to get around to different places, then picnicking in various places nearby would be such a fun way to explore your local area while catching up with one another. That way, you and your crew can travel together nearby while enjoying each another’s company.

2 – Order Takeout

Just because you’re having a picnic does not mean that you have to have home cooked food each time! While sandwiches, fruit, and chips/crackers to nibble on may be the classic picnic staples, they don’t have to be. From the Cheesecake Factory to Taco Bell to a local favorite, the possibilities for takeout are ENDLESS. Since eating out at restaurants may not be the safest option for everyone, ordering takeout from your favorite places and having a picnic instead can be the next best thing for us all in the meantime!

3 – Make Breakfast Favorites

Okay ladies, let’s make a picnic toast with some mimosas!!! Breakfast for a picnic?! I think YES! From biscuits to pancakes to waffles and everything in between, breakfast is such a staple meal of the day that can be a super fun way to have a picnic with your crew. Let’s just say that I made waffles for a picnic with some friends, and it was a HIT!! You can even spice it up a little more by having a mimosa together, just as if y’all were at your favorite breakfast joint.

4 – Fun Dining Ware

Nothing says a cute picnic like fun plates, napkins, & cutlery! Luckily, places like The Dollar Tree, Walmart, The Christmas Tree Shops, and Target all sell super adorable and affordable party dining ware that can be used for picnics as well. I’ve LOVED finding super cute and fun dining ware, as they do add an extra fun twist to any picnic, and I know you will too!

5 – Bring Something Homemade

There’s nothing better than going to a picnic and showing up to seeing something homemade from the heart. I LOVE making something of my own for a picnic, as I feel it adds an extra touch as if I’m hosting someone in my own apartment. Like being in the kitchen, you can make just about anything to bring on a picnic, just be sure you can transport it. From pizza to a cheese board to pasta and even soup, the possibilities for homemade recipes are NEVER-ENDING!

6 – Do a Craft Together

Nothing says a fun time like a craft party! I know I LOVE doing crafts, especially in social gatherings. While picnics may be the new normal in terms of social gatherings for the time being, it does not mean that we cannot do the activities that we love such as crafting while at it. Craft parties have always been a favorite of mine, through doing activities such as wine and designs, card making, and scrapbooking. Why not do a craft party picnic style?!

7 – Potluck Style

Similar to any social gathering that is not social distanced, why not make a picnic a potluck picnic?! Depending on the size of your crew that you’re meeting for a picnic, it can be pretty tricky to transport everything for your picnic all on your own, which will make having a potluck a much more practical way to go. Likewise, doing a potluck style picnic will also allow everyone that you’re meeting up with to feel included and apart of the picnic. A potluck style picnic is definitely a fun way to go, with it allowing for easy transport of goodies and everyone in your crew to feel included.

8 – Have a Photoshoot Too

A picnic AND a photoshoot?! Let’s give it a GO!!! Since social distancing has brought about several changes in the ways that we gather with our friends, a picnic AND photoshoot will allow you to capture those memories while still gathering. Y’all will simply be gathering in a different way!

9 – Play a Card Game

Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, and Apples To Apples, OH MY! The number of card great games out there is INSANE. This high number of card games will allow you and your crew to eventually find one that y’all will enjoy while picnicking together and making memories all at the same time.

10 – Get in a Walk, Too!

Why not get in a workout too?! There are SO many places that offer walking trails and areas to picnic. If you’re like me, then you may be the type of person who goes for a long walk and then gets hungry and vice versa. Going for a walk and exploring the scenery and enjoying some time setting and taking everything in for a nice picnic is most definitely the best of both worlds! Why not take full advantage of your local parks?!

Social distancing or not, picnics are an excellent way to gather with those you want to see. While picnicking may be the latest and greatest way to catch up with your crew amid the coronavirus pandemic, there are definitely SO many ways to make your picnic super fun and uniquely yours. The most important thing is that you and your crew are able to catch up and make memories together, even if they are done in a different way for now.

XOXO – Katie <3

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