My Social Distanced 21st Belated Birthday Outing

A special thanks to my great friend Cassie for making my 21st Birthday sign! Love you always girl <3

It’s rare that we hear the words birthday outing and social distancing in the SAME sentence. For most of us, we think that it is practically impossible to have a birthday or celebration outing of any kind without keeping the social distancing protocols in mind. As someone who is strictly following the current social distancing protocols that still wanted to get out and have some fun with my girls, I got creative and decided to have a belated 21st Birthday outing with some of my best girls when I came back to Raleigh. By getting together with my girls for a good time while still maintaining our social distance helped us to still have a great time while being safe.

Part 1 – The Vineyard!

To begin our outing we went to none other than a vineyard aka one of my FAVORITE places to social distance!!! We went to Cloer Family Vineyards in Apex, North Carolina which is one of the few vineyards in the Raleigh area that makes their own wine there. It is also family-run, which I LOVE as someone whose always down to support local businesses. The staff at Cloer Family Vineyards were also really good about keeping up with the current social distancing standards, as each table had a sheet on it that was both green and red. A green sheet on a table meant that it was clean, while a red sheet on a table meant that it was not. In order to maintain our social distance and stay safe, we decided to enjoy our bottle of the house Chardonnay outside. As of right now, most of my activities with others are outside, as I can better keep my social distance. At the vineyard, there were only four of us including myself which was real nice to both promote social distancing and keep it intimate!

Part 2 – Dinner in Our Trunks!

As previously mentioned about 1000+ times in this post, I am very strict when it comes to social distancing. Initially, I wanted to go to a hibachi restaurant. However, after quite a bit of thinking I decided that I wanted to play it safe and order from a local sushi favorite of mine and eat it from the trunks of our cars instead. The great part about ordering takeout was that we could all order from the restaurant of our choice! For the dinner portion, I had two more friends join that were not at the vineyard outing. I still had a small group, which made it intimate and special, but also perfect for celebration during this era of social distancing.

Social distancing or not, making memories with friends and family, especially for celebration is always a blessing. When we get together with others we can make memories that can and will last a lifetime. Through having my belated 21st Birthday celebration both social distanced AND an amazing celebration, I truly had it the best of both worlds.

XOXO – Katie <3

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