14 People Share What They Wish They Knew Before The Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 shifted all of our lives at the blink of an eye. While it was a struggle for most of us to rapidly adjust to our new and digital world, it was and still is necessary to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it did not know nearly as much as I do now. The same experiences of learning and growth goes for a lot of us. Today, 14 of my friends are sharing what they wish they could tell themselves before the Covid-19 pandemic.


So the advice that I would’ve given my pre-college self is to humble myself and more importantly humble my ego. Because when I was 18-19 years old I needed to learn to listen and take feedback and analyze and evaluate everything that was being told to me.

And also my biggest thing is to have a plan and have a plan for the plan you made and an extra backup because you never know how life will hit you and you need to be prepared.


Think of things to reduce high anxiety.


Just be yourself and do not get into your insecurities or anxieties.


My advice will be short and sweet… be very very forgiving of yourself and allow yourself to feel what you need right now without feeling guilty, because this is our first time going through this in our younger generations.

My other piece of advice is spend as much time in nature as you can.


Some advice that I’d give myself before this pandemic on how to get through it is to take things one day at a time. Don’t try to anticipate what will happen in the future and don’t think worst case- live in the present as much as possible and focus on what needs to be accomplished now!

Also, if you love someone tell them. Even if things are currently physically distanced, I have found myself saying ‘I love you’ a lot more frequently to my friends and family, as well as finding intentional ways to show them that. This is a lesson that COVID-19 has definitely taught me.


Pull out all of the craft supplies you’ve been meaning to use, buy new paints, and get ready to start all the projects you’ve been putting off because you never had time.


My advice would be to take everything day by day. It’s fine to be super productive one day and binge Netflix the next! It’s also okay to be sad and frustrated and confused about everything happening in the world. Just breathe, enjoy the slowdown of life, and take everything in slowly, day by day.


Remain organized!  Make sure you write things down: due dates, meetings, etc.  Stay on top of things, and everything will be okay!


My piece of advice is to set a routine right away so the days don’t seem so endless and blurred together. Making a routine is great for healthy habits and mindset!

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If you cannot hang out with anyone in person, look into VR chat, you can have lots of fun simulating in-person with lots of avatars to choose from.


My piece of advice is to myself pre-pandemic would be not to stress about trying to get a graduate job as soon as you graduate as everyone is stuck in the same boat 🙂


I would tell myself “to say yes! And to try new things every chance you get! Also, I would tell myself to always remember that God has a plan :)”


Here’s my advice: there’s a time and a place for everything, life is what you make of it. Just because there’s something horrible going on in the world, doesn’t mean that you stop living life. There is no need to ever be afraid of living life, no matter how risky, It takes no fear to be the best version of yourself you can be.


My advice would be to keep a daily schedule so you don’t fall people and get stuck in the perpetual loop of ‘catching up’. Also, find a safe way to change your scenery sometimes, even if it’s just going outside and getting some fresh air.

If someone were to tell me that 2020 would be the year of a pandemic, I probably would not have believed them! However, like any other curveball thrown at us, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught me and many of my friends some extremely valuable life lessons that we will carry with us beyond it.

XOXO – Katie <3


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