My Social Distanced Daiquiri Party!

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted all of our lives drastically, especially the social aspect. Being the social being that I am, I have had to find new and different ways to interact with others and have my social fix. The other day, two of my good friends and I had strawberry daiquiris on her screened porch with Taco Bell/Chick Fil-a takeout. That way, we could all get together while still maintaining our social distance! The moral of the story is that you can still have a BALL while being safe, especially as a college student in her early 20’s.

Long story short: wear a mask, maintain a 6 foot distance, and make smart decisions. You CAN still have fun while social distancing – it simply takes a lot of creativity and care! Cheers!!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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