Weekly Menu Round-Up: September 7-11

Funny story: when looking at the dates for this week’s menu round-up, I had to check a few times before realizing that we’re approaching mid-September LOL! I’m very excited, as always, about this week’s menu, as I have some recipes that are staples in my kitchen. I’m definitely keeping it easy and simple, as many of these recipes contain ingredients that I either already have or can easily make. Like most of my platforms, I am currently in the process of transitioning to Fall as I am doing in my kitchen. As all of my Weekly Menu Round-Up’s, I hope that this week’s menu provides y’all with some inspiration for your own kitchens!

Monday – Skillet Gnocchi

In the Summer of 2019, my mother purchased an AMAZING skillet gnocchi from Costco. Flash forward to Summer 2020 and I found a similar skillet gnocchi pack from Costco and knew that I HAD to have it in my own kitchen! I will be whipping up this Costco favorite of mine and serving it with none other than my favorite staple salad of Caesar salad!

Tuesday – Boboli Pizza

My roommate Sophie always jokes that I make pizza ALL THE TIME. True story, too: I would make a pizza at least once a week in our apartment last year when she was around, and probably will when we’re living together in the Spring semester too. Boboli has been my staple brand for pizza crust ever since I was a little girl. For this week’s pizza, I will be adding prosciutto, mozzarella, spinach, minced garlic, and goat cheese. I made a pizza similar to this one in the summer months and I could not resist making it again!

Wednesday – Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon

Love me some salmon! I found this Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon from Delish and knew that I had to try it!!! To serve on the side, I will be making my favorite vegetable *fun fact* aka Brussels sprouts which will also be honey glazed using this recipe from Delish as well along with some mashed potatoes. Definitely some Fall feels on Wednesday!

Thursday – Shrimp Alfredo

Coincidentally, I shared this recipe on my Instagram stories (follow me @_thepinkchickadee) back in the summer months. Shrimp Alfredo is most definitely a favorite easy recipe of mine! I usually make it with egg noodles and add in some shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and maybe even some broccoli. While I typically make my Alfredo with shrimp, one can also make it with chicken or veggie style. The possibilities with this recipe are ENDLESS!

This week’s menu is definitely on the simple side, but it has some timeless dishes that have remained in my kitchen even since my childhood days. I have always found the kitchen to be a special place to try brand-new and classic recipes, making it such a special place to be. Have a great week y’all <3

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