6 Blessings of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Whoever thought that the Covid-19 pandemic would last this long?! I surely did not! Today marks around 6 months that we have all been living in and through the coronavirus pandemic. Other plans were in store for us all as we embarked on the year 2020, and that is OKAY. While 2020 is definitely not the year that any of us expected, especially given the fact that Covid-19 literally put a halt to it all, it does not mean that there weren’t any blessings in disguise. With us being 6 months into a pandemic, I wanted to share 6 of these blessings that have come about during Covid-19.

1 – Self Growth

Little did I know that a pandemic would be the push that I truly needed to grow into the person that I am today. Before Covid-19, I really struggled with my mental health and extremely high expectations. However, once Covid-19 hit, I was truly able to take all of the time that I had to myself to look from within and truly reevaluate my priorities and truly focus on me. In doing so, I genuinely saw a difference in myself towards who I wanted to be before the pandemic to who I truly am meant to be in this world. If it were not for the coronavirus pandemic, I probably would not have had the time to focus on myself as much as I did in these past six months.

2 – Growing The Pink Chickadee‘s Platforms

When I started The Pink Chickadee, I never knew how much my platforms would grow into how they are today. I did not have the skillset to re-code my blog into the site that I wanted it to be until this summer. To be completely honest, I did not feel good about my site until I re-coded it into my own, which was the serious motivation behind me achieving my blog dreams. I spent SO much time over the summer to plan out posts, re-launch and re-code my site, and plan out content on my social media platforms, and all of those countless hours that I put in have only brought me with utter joy and excitement. Through it all, I have made The Pink Chickadee into my creative outlet, especially as a women in STEM, and it has become my backbone through it all. The support that y’all have provided me with along with the consistent joy I get from sharing content that I am passionate about with y’all is such a blessing. Given that there was not a pandemic, then maybe I never would have put in as much time and energy into The Pink Chickadee. Hence, you wouldn’t be reading this post at this second!

3 – Time To Breath

Let’s get this straight: life is and can be CRAZY! I know that mine surely is at times! Before the pandemic hit, I recall always being on the go. Even though I pretty much live for the hustle and bustle, especially as a proud Enneagram Type 3, it is really nice to just have time to stop and smell the roses. I never truly had the time to admire the things right in my own backyard and to just enjoy what was right in front of me. It sure is nice to just take a deep breath and take everything in! It surely will not be something that I ever take for granted again, even if it is at a plenty in these moments!!

4 – Extra Needed Time with Family

Being a 4 and a half hour drive away from my family when I am at college, it can be difficult to be away from them all for months at a time. Although I love having my own independence and definitely prefer living on my own to living at home, family time is always a blessing and for sure something that I crave. When Covid-19 hit, I felt very lucky to come home and get A TON of extra much-needed time with my family. My mother said that we probably would never have a time like the pandemic where we could all be at home with one another before going on our own paths, and she is certainly right. As a college Senior, it’s crazy to think that at this time next year, I will be on my own as a college graduate and potentially living in my own apartment and starting out. While the coronavirus definitely brought me home for some extended time, it was a true blessing to get to spend it with my dear family.

5 – Establishing Hobbies

I recall complaining to one of my good friends about how I had nothing better to do to keep me sane during this time of social distancing. I would complain to this friend numerous times, as we both do about various aspects of our lives, being the true friends that we are. In the midst of my complaints about not knowing what to do with my life during a pandemic, she told me to find some hobbies. As some who is ALWAYS on the go, I never really had any hobbies besides planning social gatherings and watching reality television as apart of a social gathering in my apartment with homemade popcorn. To my friend’s advice, I did find some hobbies which happen to be crafting – this has become a BIG one of mine and I’m SO excited to share many more of my creations with y’all SO SOON! Another one of my hobbies is cooking as well as taking walks and hiking. Each of these hobbies gets me off of my devices and truly allows me to put my all into something that makes me feel accomplished and is also good for the soul. As cheesy as it sounds, my hobbies have surely become my best friends during the pandemic!

6 – Self Love

Through it all, I have truly found a sense of peace in my journey to self love and acceptance. While none of us are truly perfect, it is important to accept all of our flaws for who we truly are. Our imperfections are what make us who we are and they are a beautiful thing. I see a lot of myself in my mother – and others have told me that they do too – who I love so dearly and who helped guide me in my self love journey. My mother is someone that I really admire and look up to; she has shaped me into the woman that I am today. I would be lucky if I am even half the mother and wife that she is to me, my brother, and step-father. Seeing my mother and watching her has helped me to love myself and embrace the beautiful and best Katie that I am. If it were not for Covid-19, I probably would not have the confidence, ambition, and inner peace that I have today.

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic did not bring about ideal changes to our 2020 year, it did bring many blessings. There are so many things right in our own backyard to love and embrace, whether it be time with family, establishing new hobbies, or working on our selves. Whatever it may be, the slowdown that came with the coronavirus definitely allowed me to take some time for ME and only ME. That way, when the coronavirus is at bay, I’ll be better ready to take on the world and live my best life to the fullest and even fuller than I can at this moment!

XOXO – Katie <3

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