15 Staples To Transition Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s Fall y’all!! I like to think that September 1-Thanksgiving is officially Fall (even if the calendar says otherwise). Whether you like it or not, Fall is coming. That means that it is about time that we all transition our wardrobes from Summer to Fall. While it may feel extremely daunting to switch out our clothes for the cooler months, it does not have to. There are SO many pieces that are perfect for transitioning our wardrobes, many of which you probably already own! Today, I will be sharing 15 of those Fall transition staples that are most likely already in your wardrobe!

1 – Cardigan

Nothing says “It’s Fall y’all” like a good old cardigan! Cardigans are excellent staples for the Fall season, and they can add a cozy feel to practically any outfit. You can dress them up or down, which makes them such a versatile piece for any wardrobe. Especially when the mornings may be crisp and the afternoons are hot and humid, a cardigan can easily be worn or taken off throughout the day. The best part is: practically all of us ladies have one (or a few) in our closets!

2 – Lipsticks

Burgundy’s, red’s, nudes, and purple’s OH MY! Lipsticks are such a fun way to add a Fall twist to ANY outfit. I always find it fun to mix and match my lipsticks when transitioning from my Summer wardrobe to my Fall wardrobe. For instance, instead of wearing a soft pink lipstick, I may opt for a red or burgundy lip depending on the colors of my outfit. That way, I can still feel as if it is Fall when it may not feel that way outside. While it may still be super hot outside, like it is here in North Carolina, wearing lipstick does not make anyone feel overheated, unlike many other Fall fashion staples!

3 – Leather or Denim Jacket

Luckily for us all, leather and denim jackets come in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. Similar to a cardigan, a leather or denim jacket can really add sleek Fall like vibe to any look. Additionally, they are both a great layering piece of clothing for those crisp mornings turned afternoon sauna’s. They are also Uber-versatile!!!

4 – Hairband

Blair Waldorf vibes anyone?! If you know me, you know that I LOVE Gossip Girl‘s infamous Blair Waldorf who sported the most fashionable hairbands on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for her daily lunches. Fortunately for all of us Blair Waldorf lovers, we can all unite for one of the latest trends in fashion: the hairband. Hairband’s are such great pieces, as they go with so many looks and are OH SO affordable. For Fall, hairbands come in rich Fall hues ranging from red to cream to black and Burgundy and/or embroidered with pearls or gemstones are the way to go! Moreover, the top knot hairband is also a super trendy preppy fashion look that has been a hit throughout Spring/Summer 2020 and does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, bring it on, Blair Waldorf!!!

5 – Flats

If you know me, you know that I LOVE my Jack Rogers sandals. However, soon enough, I will be trading them in for my flats. With any looks, a pair of flats can add a nice Fall feel, especially when paired with a long sleeve dress/top and skirt or dress/top and skirt and a cardigan. Back in March, I invested in my first-ever pair of Tory Burch flats, and I definitely cannot wait to sport them in the coming weeks while transitioning my wardrobe for Fall. I hope y’all are excited to show off some cute flats too!

6 – Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses have definitely been a staple for the year of 2020. The best part is that you can dress them up or down and they also come in pretty much every print, color, and style! I have purchased one from J Crew Factory as well as Draper James during their sales and I am NOT looking back. In addition to the variety of colors and styles that they come in, shirt dresses can easily be styled for Fall and especially during the Summer-Fall transition period with a pair of flats, booties, or riding boots. The possibilities are most definitely ENDLESS!

7 – Nail Polish

When it may not feel like Fall outside, spicing up your nails for Fall is a great way to transition into the season. From shades such as Burgundy, orange, yellow, dark green, and nudes, the possibilities for Fall nails are endless. Like lipsticks, nail polish is an affordable and easy product to purchase or have in your own collection of nail polishes at home. That being said, you can easily spice up your nails in the comfort of your own home AND budget!

8 – Chambray Shirt

Similar to a denim jacket, chambray shirts can go with practically EVERYTHING! Personally, I have found that chambray shirts truly add a nice, crisp feel to any look. I have paired my chambray button-downs with my Lilly Pulitzer shifts, in order to spice them up for the Fall season. They can also be layered for a cool morning and taken off in the afternoon, which makes them be such a versatile piece for the season!

9 – Scarf

Love me some scarves! From plaid to striped to solid and everything in between, scarves are such a great staple to have in your wardrobe, especially when transitioning to your Fall wardrobe. Scarves are easy to come by AND they fit practically every budget. When it’s warmer outside, I like to wear a scarf in a lighter fabric such as cotton or linen. Meanwhile, once it gets cooler, I opt for my scarves in wools, flannel, and fleece. The possibilities for styling and searching for a scarf (or two) that you like are out there!

10 – Boots

Love me some good old boots! Boots are such a classic Fall/Winter piece. They also make for excellent transition pieces, when changing out your wardrobe from warm to cool. Additionally, boots also come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from ankle-high to knee-high and in all types of fabrics and colors. You can most definitely find the right boot for you, your budget, and style!

11 – Pullover

I have ALWAYS been a major fan of pullovers of all kinds! Like cardigans, denim jackets, leather jackets, and chambray shirts, you can easily layer them and take them off as it gets warmer throughout the day. Also, they make for a great investment piece that you can wear in the Spring and Winter seasons as well! I love Lilly Pulitzer’s popovers in my favorite fashion house’s vibrant Resort 365 prints along with Vineyard Vines’ classic Ship Shirts. Whatever your taste may be, there is most definitely a pullover out there for you!

12 – Animal Print ANYTHING

Just like 2019, animal print has entered into 2020 with a bang and it isn’t leaving the clothing racks any time soon. Over the years, animal prints have been a classic, whether leopard, snakeskin, or anything in between. However, these fun prints have been widely seen in the past year. Whether in a dress, skirt, top, or leggings, a piece in the animal print of your choosing will easily lend you into your Fall wardrobe. Fortunately for us all, animal printed clothing can be easily found on practically every store’s racks (or online shop), such as Kohl’s, Belk, J Crew, and even Lilly Pulitzer. That way, you can say that you found a Fall trend that you can wear that you can wear even when the weather doesn’t feel like Fall!

13 – Eyeshadow Palettes

Just like lipsticks and nail polish, eyeshadow palettes are an excellent way to make an “it’s Fall y’all” statement. Practically EVERY makeup brand carries eyeshadow palettes in Fall colors, such as Burgundy, dark brown’s, and a gold shimmer. The best bet is to check out Ulta, Sephora, Target, Walmart, or even your local drugstore. Whatever your budget may be, your eyes will be filled with glee for Fall to be here!

14 – Leggings

The classic leggings! You heard me: leggings are such a great transition wardrobe staple for Fall. Since we all do not have to shave our legs for much longer, leggings provide for an excellent opportunity to acknowledge that the Fall season is coming. The best part of it all?! You probably have several pairs, even just a plain black pair, in your closet/dresser right now!!!

15 – Oversized Sweaters

Who doesn’t love an oversized sweater?! I know that there has yet to be an oversized sweater that I met and did not love! Oversized sweaters go great with leggings and even dresses/skirts if styled well. They also come in a variety of colors and styles. I have several that are a knitted feel as well as many to show off my college spirit, and they’re SO fun to style. I also LOVE how comfortable I feel wearing any oversized sweater – just as if I did not change out of my pajamas. That way, any day can feel just as if you did not roll out of bed!

Fall is upon us, which makes me a very happy gal! Although it may not be fun for some to switch out their wardrobes especially on a tight budget, Fall clothes can be some of the most fun to wear throughout the year. Luckily, many of the staples that I have mentioned can be easily be found in our own closets/drawers/dressers right at this moment. Perhaps, maybe, you do not have to spend a dime to dress your best for the Fall season!

XOXO – Katie <3

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