My First Month of College During Covid-19

To think that I would ever be going to classes while wearing a face mask or through Zoom is truly above me. At this moment, I feel extremely fortunate that Meredith College has not moved all classes permanently online for the Fall semester like many of the other colleges around me. While I feel really lucky to still be on campus a month in, it is still pretty tough to be taking on Senior year in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Today, I am sharing my one month reflection of being at college during Covid-19.

It is most definitely weird to be back on campus without the social aspect that my professors, classmates, and I really cherish. At Meredith, social events play an extremely vital role in the college experience, just like at pretty much every other college. To say that I miss that part of being at college would be an understatement, as I am a social person by nature – actually very very very social. Pre-pandemic, I was definitely that girl who hosted parties and gatherings of all kinds in her apartment. Not to mention the several activities that I did with others off campus as well. At the same time, I do know that in-person social events are put on hold right now and for good reason. That being said, I have strived to make it work for the time being, with getting together with friends both a virtual and/or social distanced environment. While it most definitely is not the same for me this semester

In terms of classes, I have had a mixture of in-person and online – 3 in-person and four online. Over the first few weeks of classes, I decided to switch two of my in-person classes to all online. Oddly enough, I have really enjoyed the online environment for classes during the pandemic. Although it was forced, I really like having the flexibility and honestly not having to leave my apartment or even bedroom for that matter to accomplish what I need to. At the moment, I have one in-person class and I chose to keep it in-person, as I have a bond with my classmates and professors in it. This class is also a favorite of mine, so it really worked out to keep it in-person.

Since I do have a lot more free time on my hands, I have been using it in many different ways. First, I have truly been able to invest in my platform here on The Pink Chickadee. Having the ability to be able to share what I do with y’all has truly been a blessing during this entire pandemic! At the same time, I have been able to invest in looking towards the future, through making connections at potential graduate schools and with potential employers. I have been conducting a ton of informational interviews with graduate school students at programs that I am interested in as well as people at companies that peak my interest. In my free time, I usually spend it crafting, which has become a new favorite hobby of mine! To be able to invest in myself so much more than before has really been a blessing even while in classes during this pandemic.

Looking back on my first month of classes of my Senior year, there have been many ups and downs, but one thing that remains for sure is the friends that I made, the family that I have, and the degree that I am attaining. Senior year, Coronavirus edition, was definitely not in my plan for my four years of college. However, like many things in life, plans can and will change and we have to be OKAY with that. Even though there is SO MUCH uncertainty at the moment, I do know that things will always work out in ways that we could have never even imagined. Simply hopping along for the ride and knowing that everyone around me, even if it is virtually, is going through similar things is extremely comforting and the way to go!

XOXO – Katie <3

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