September 2020 Life Update!

It’s crazy to think that next Friday will be October!! It’s officially Fall y’all!!! Since creating and regularly utilizing my platform on The Pink Chickadee, I have had a lot of new and different changes occur in my life. At the same time, my following on my platform has grown tremendously and still continues to grow – something beyond my most imagined dreams! So, today, I am doing a bit of a different post – a life update.

Currently, I have been back at my school, Meredith College, for almost two months. In my two months at Meredith, I have been living on my own in my on-campus apartment. On a typical day, I spend most of my time either in classes or doing coursework. Otherwise, I am focusing on The Pink Chickadee‘s platform or crafting or cooking. Luckily, I have been able to keep myself busy during these times!

As for the social aspect back at college, there really is not anything going on. There have been some virtual events and meetings here and there, but my social life definitely has not been the same since the Covid-19 pandemic. Here and there, I have been doing some in-person social distancing activities with my friends. It feels really good to get out and see others in-person, especially with Zoom fatigue going strong during these times. More importantly, my friends and I each share a special bond through being college students or just starting out during a pandemic. Meanwhile, I have also been making a ton of connections with other influencers through my platform, which has allowed me to share my love for all things bright, bubbly, preppy, and Lilly Pulitzer with others. None of us ever expected to be living in a pandemic during our college experience, but here we are. Although the social world is not the most ideal at this moment, I am making it work!

Being a Senior in college, I have also been working towards creating a life for myself post-graduation. At the moment, I am looking to go to graduate school. There are a few programs in the subject of analytics that I am considering. Consequentially, I have also been conducting informational interviews with connections that I have at perspective employers. Even though my future is extremely uncertain at the moment, I am most definitely excited for what the future has in store for me!

Life during the Covid-19 pandemic has most definitely not been what I expected, but I am making it work. There have been a lot of twists and turns with everything going on, but my platform on The Pink Chickadee has been such a blessing to me!

XOXO – Katie <3

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