DIY Laminated Placemats

Being on a budget, I always wanted to have cute placemats in my apartment, but did not want to pay the price for them. The majority of placemats that I see are around $10 each, which can be a hefty price tag for one placemat. That being said, I really wanted to find a way to DIY a placemat into something super cute yet practical. Today, I will be sharing how I made my own laminated placemats!

First Up: Pick Your Poison!

From wrapping paper to scrapbook paper to collages and everything in between, the base paper for your placemats can be pretty much anything that you wish. Using wrapping paper and cutting it into equivalent sizes (like I did) was the way that I DIYed my placemats. I purchased my wrapping paper from Paper Source for $10. You can also use fabric squares or cut pieces of fabric into squares to your liking. If you want to use pre-cut pieces of paper, there is always scrapbook paper which can be purchased at stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for 25 cents-$2.00 a piece. All still at a fraction of the cost!!!

On the custom made end of things, I have thought about printing out my favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints onto 8×10 sheets of paper. At the same time, you could easily put their favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints from their old Lilly Pulitzer planner into a collage and then laminate that as well. Moreover, you could easily custom design each placemat with a unique painting or with a customized monogram/saying on each placemat. A custom-made placemat will definitely brighten your tables!

Second: Get It Laminated

Now that you’ve picked your poison, it’s time to get it laminated! If you have a laminator at home, that is definitely the way to go. However, luckily, places like Staples and Office Depot offer lamination services that are affordable and easy to use. I got mine done at my college’s library, but I would definitely hit up a local Staple’s if I were at home. However you choose, to laminate your placemats, they will be done on the affordable side!

Third: Enjoy!

Now that you’ve laminated your poison, you now have your very own set of placemats AND at a fraction of the cost!!! The best part about laminating your own placemats is the practicality of it – they are easy to clean and super light. As always, you can customize your placemats to your liking! Hopefully, your placemats get a lot of love out of them for many more meals and years to come!

XOXO – Katie <3

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