Weekly Menu Round Up: October 5-9

I am very excited because this week is the week that I *FINALLY* get a break!!! Due to the coronavirus, my school has eliminated all breaks throughout the semester up until Thanksgiving when we end classes right before the holiday, in order to limit travel and activities off campus. However, this Tuesday, we finally have our one break of the semester with a day off of classes!!! While it has been super overwhelming just going without any break, I am most definitely grateful that my school is working to keep us all safe and contain the novel coronavirus on our campus. That being said, this week’s menu will be reflecting my one day off of classes this week.

Monday: Pesto Salmon

My mother makes the most amazing roasted pesto salmon. So, I decided that I wanted to try it out myself! I found this recipe from Food.com that tops it with cherry tomatoes and I will be serving it with roasted sheet pan broccoli and sweet peppers. Definitely cannot wait to kick off my week in a delicious way!!!

Wednesday: Roasted Garlic Pork Tenderloin

Now that it’s Fall y’all, I have been wanting to try out some new Fall recipes. I love myself some pork and I wanted to be adventurous in the kitchen. That being said, I will be finally trying another meat in my kitchen that is not bacon. I will be using this recipe from Sweet C’s. I am going to serve it with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts which are two of my favorite vegetables.

Thursday: Pork But Add Butternut Squash

For Thursday night, I will be enjoying my leftover pork from the night before, but serving it with roasted Butternut Squash this time. If you saw my photo of myself failing at cutting up a Butternut squash last week, do not fret, as I will be purchasing my Butternut Squash pre-cut this time. That being said, I will have an easy to make yet delicious dinner Thursday night!

Friday: Picnic!

I am getting together with some friends this Friday for dinner and a picnic. As I love hosting, I wanted to do something safe that also allows for social distancing. I will be making pesto pasta and serving it a cheese-meat platter and some apples. For the cheese-meat platter, I will be having Swiss and Gouda (my favorite cheese) cheeses and prosciutto and salami. That way, we can have a classic picnic with a nice Fall twist!!!

Dessert: Pumpkin Cookies

For about a year now, I have had some of Betty Crocker’s Limited Edition Pumpkin Cookie Mix sitting in my pantry. So, I will finally be popping it open this week to make something sweet for the Fall season, especially with my picnic and Fall Break coming up.

XOXO – Katie <3

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