Halloween Goodie Bags for Under $10

Will you accept this rose? Aka a quote that all of us Bachelor/Bachelorette fans LOVE to use! Last Tuesday night was the premiere of Claire Crowley’s season of the Bachelorette. Unlike any other season, Crowley’s season was filmed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic tucked away at a private resort in Palm Springs, California. If we were living in a non-coronavirus world at the moment, I would have had a massive viewing party with snacks and goody bags. However, Covid-19 is still with us and my plans have shifted. So, in lieu of a party and in order to keep our social distance, I decided to make my own Bachelorette premiere goody bags!

Since I could not invite all of my friends over to my apartment, I decided to essentially make an RSVP list for those who wanted to receive a goody bag. That way, I could make a precise number and personalize them accordingly. Just as if we were having a party!

As for the goody bags, I tried to keep them consistent yet personalized. Inside each goody bag, I gave everyone a tiny slice of pumpkin bread. The pumpkin bread is an AMAZING box recipe which is super easy to bake that I got while at Trader Joe’s. As for the look of the bag, I purchased a pack of 20 clear goody bags from Target along with pipe cleaners in various colors. In order to customize everyone’s goodies, I typed up and printed out a little note with each person’s name asking them whether or not they would accept “this rose”. *Bachelor Nation fans rejoice!!!*

Although I could not have an actual Bachelorette celebration this year, I am still grateful that I got to do something with friends to celebrate it as we each socially distanced to watch the season premiere. One of the most important things about this pandemic is that is has allowed for us all to become creative and still make our own fun. As my Aunt Sherri always says, “there is always room for laughter.” Indeed, My Aunt Sherri is not wrong!

XOXO – Katie <3

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