The DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Banner Made that Costs $0

Did you know that 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime? Me either. 1 in 8 people is a big number. Knowing this information, I think it is important that we all discuss and bring awareness to breast cancer. Breast cancer runs in my family, as my Great-Grandmother who I am named after got diagnosed with it and unfortunately passed away from it. Similar to my family, I know that many others have connections in their family and friends who have either had breast cancer or had it themselves. That being said, I decided to DIY a super cute banner to bring awareness to breast cancer research as well as its prevalence in our world today.

Every October, Lilly Pulitzer realizes a Paws for a Cause print where they donate some of the profits from its’ sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). The print is *of course* pink, and I am obsessed with them all year after year. This year’s print was super duper adorable that I HAD to purchase something in it, especially knowing that my purchase goes to a great cause. As I have been eyeing Lilly Pulitzer’s pajama pants for quite some time now, I finally made the plunge and purchase a pair in this year’s Paws for a Cause print. Knowing how breast cancer affects many women and Lilly Pulitzer lovers, I really respect that my favorite fashion brand takes the initiative to support breast cancer research.

To go with my Paws for a Cause pajama pants, I decided to hand make a banner for my apartment. To make it, I went on my good old laptop and printed out a full page length of the print with one of the letters in “Think Pink” in a text box over it. I, then, printed the pages out, and hole punched the two left and right corners on the top of each page. Lastly, I weaved a tiny white ribbon through the holes and tied a knot at the ribbon on the end of each side.

I have made banners in my favorite Lilly Pulitzer prints in the past for both my dorms and my apartment. They have been such a fun decorative asset in my rooms for the past four years! Getting to have a banner that supports a cause that is very important to me and to many others is a great way to show off awareness for the things that mean the most to me. Although breast cancer is not going away anytime soon, showing off and giving my support for the cause is a way that I can do my part to help others and potentially myself someday.

XOXO – Katie <3

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