Weekly Menu Round-Up: October 25-30

Life has definitely been crazy recently. After talking to a friend, I realized that making a good dinner can be a great way to get through the week. If you know me, you know that I love a good weekly menu. This week, I am cooking some recipes that are close to my heart from my childhood years and spicing them up to be an adulting edition. I am most definitely excited to enjoy some great recipes to keep me going throughout the week!

Sunday: Oven Baked Ziti

Every Christmas Eve, my Aunt Amy bakes a homemade oven baked ziti. Since I love my Aunt Amy’s recipe so much, I decided to find a variation of an oven baked ziti recipe to try myself. Aunt Amy’s recipe *HAS* to be saved solely for Christmas Eve!!! I found this dutch oven recipe from The Cookie Rookie, and it has been super popular recipe for a crowd (the pre-pandemic life). To go with it, I will be having a Caesar salad with a Vegan Salad Dressing from Trader Joe’s. I have yet to make it since the pandemic has taken over most of our lives, but I cannot wait to this week!

Monday: Honey Mustard Roasted Salmon

Love me some salmon!!! I have always been a sucker for salmon AND a Delish recipe. Experimenting with different salmon recipes has always been a favorite thing of mine to do. Monday, I will be trying a Honey Mustard Roasted Salmon from Delish and serving it with my favorite vegeatable dish: roasted Brussels sprouts. Definitely a great way to kick off the week.

Tuesday: BBQ Shrimp

I am obsessed with all things barbecue. At the same time, I am very weird about the meats that I eat, especially when cooking at home. So, when I found this BBQ Shrimp Recipe from $5 Dinners, I knew that I had to try! I made this recipe back in January for a few friends and in April for my family during quarantine, and am making it again and serving it with some Kraft Mac & Cheese and Roasted Broccoli. Definitely excited to have it again!

Wednesday: Breakfast

Confessions: I NEVER eat breakfast on a good day, so why not enjoy it for dinner?! Growing up, my Papa and Grandma made Corned Beef Hash, so I can going to make that along with an egg and probably some bacon. It will be an easy yet delicious dinner!!

Thursday: Pesto Pasta

Pesto pasta has been a childhood favorite of mine. My mother probably cooked it for me and my brother at least once a week! That being said, I will be enjoying my childhood favorite dish with some amazing roasted cherry tomatoes on the side. Like breakfast for dinner, it is an easy yet delicious recipe to make!

With the end of the Fall semester approaching, my life is about to get extremely crazy. I am glad that I have some super good recipes to look forward to all week.

XOXO – Katie <3


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