The Historic Mill Park in Raleigh

I am OBSESSED with old mills, however, I had never been to one until last Saturday. My Papa and I love going for walks together, and since he was in town for the weekend, we decided to check out Historic Yates Mill Park. Our experience at Historic Yates Mill Park was most definitely social distancing-friendly and a fun Fall adventure.

On our way to the park, we crossed through lots of farm land, which is found on the outskirts of the Raleigh area. Both Papa and I did not know where we were going when I had found this cute little park on Google of all places and wanted to explore it with him. Contrary to our beliefs, we were both in for a treat when we arrived and saw anything but farm land – there were gorgeous trees and waterfront views everywhere that we turned.

Like its name, Historic Yates Mill Park is home to the absolutely stunning Historic Yates Mill. Although this is a historic site to North Carolina, it is free to all of its guests, which makes this a super budget-friendly place to explore, especially if you are in Raleigh or nearby. According to the park guide volunteer who spoke with me and Papa, Yates Mill has been around since the 1700’s and was used for corn. Yates Mill also sits right beside Yates Mill Pond. The park is also owned by NC State University and their Agricultural students use as their own classroom and research area. Along with Yates Mill, there are trails alongside Yates Mill Pond, which is open to exploration. Papa and I walked the entire trail surrounding the pond and we both had no trouble walking it (I was wearing my Jack Rogers sandals and Papa has a walking stick). Everywhere we turned, there was a stunning view of the everchanging Fall leaves, the mill, the pond, and all of the above. We surely got our daily workout in while taking in some scenic Fall views!!!

Historic Yates Mill Park is most definitely a hidden gem in Raleigh. With its free and easy access to everyone and its gorgeous views, the park has much to offer for everyone of all ages and abilities. I am also super happy that I got to cross seeing a historic mill off of my bucket list, too!

XOXO – Katie <3

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