50 Social Distancing-Friendly Holiday Activities

Tis the season to be jolly and keep our social distance! With the Holiday season looming upon us and social distancing not going away anytime soon, I find myself and many of y’all in the space of wanting the interact and gather with others safely. At the same time, with it getting cooler outside, the options for safely social distancing can seem to become limited. However, there are still ways to spread some holiday cheer with those you love AND do it safely. Below, I have listed 50 different social distancing-friendly holiday activities to get you inspired this holiday season!

Social Distancing-Friendly Holiday Activities

  1. Christmas Tree Farm day trip – probably one of the highlights of Christmas time!
  2. Outdoor bonfire – s’mores anyone?!
  3. Christmas Movie Netflix Party streaming (currently there are 42 Christmas movies on Netflix!). Never heard of a Netflix Party?! Learn more here!
  4. Cafe run (especially at a less crowded time to allow for more social distance; Starbucks among many others have been great about promoting social distancing!) because who doesn’t love a good holiday drink?!
  5. Vineyard run! Vineyards offer many outdoor seating arrangements that are safe and social distancing-friendly as well as some holiday cheer.
  6. Outdoor Holiday Market/Craft Fair visit – whether it be a Farmer’s Market or Craft Fair, several small businesses need our support now more than ever AND most have all things holiday related up for sale.
  7. Visit a nearby Christmas Tree! Pandemic or not, most shopping centers, cities, and towns are putting up their Christmas trees to spread some holiday cheer AND many are outdoors. This is definitely a great opportunity to meet up with others for a photo and some outdoor catching up!
  8. Make a Gingerbread House! Whether you do this with those in your household or on Zoom with others from different households, making a Gingerbread house is always a fun way to spread some holiday cheer while still having fun.
  9. Outdoor Bar/Restaurant Outing! Many places offer outdoor seating even when it is cold as they have space heaters to keep their guests safe AND toasty!
  10. Beach Day Trip – nothing says ’tis the season like a day at the beach especially when no one is there!
  11. Craft Party – whether in-person or virtual, there are several ways to get together and make something sweet (holiday-oriented or not) to spread some cheer!
  12. Mail a Letter to Santa! You’re NEVER too old for Santa Claus!!! While it may not be safe to sit on Santa’s lap this year for a photo opportunity, a letter to Santa even with wishes for better health and happiness for all may be the next best thing!
  13. Make Christmas Cards! Nothing says spreading some Christmas cheer like a handmade card for those you care about. Whether they be mailed to friends and family, given to those in a Nursing home/hospital, or given to some in-person, or even all of the above, Christmas card making is such a fun way to make others smile. You can also make Christmas cards with others virtually and in-person!
  14. Outdoor Potluck – Whether it be around a bonfire, space heater, or on a warmer day, potlucks are always a great way to gather and spread some cheer. Be sure to have a smaller-scale potluck in terms of guests and have everything spread out to promote social distancing.
  15. Make Cookies! Ah, the classic Christmas cookies! Who doesn’t love some Christmas cookies?! This is a great activity to do and make for those in your family and community to spread some holiday cheer. If you do give them to other people, then be sure put them in goody bags before they go to their homes.
  16. Mountain Day Trip – nothing says the need to curl up in a blanket and enjoy some holiday bliss like being in the mountains!
  17. Admire Christmas Lights in Local Neighborhoods – one thing for sure is that most people LOVE spreading some holiday cheer and sharing it with others. A great way to get out of the house is to admire how others are sharing their holiday spirit without having to get out of your car!
  18. Make No-Sew Fleece Blankets – I have always LOVED making no-sew blankets, as they’re super cute and fun, especially to enjoy around the holidays. Instructions on how to make your own super easy blanket here!
  19. Stroll through a Local Town – 2020 is the year for visits nearby. Many small towns deck out for the holidays, so take advantage of their Christmas charm while it’s there!
  20. Read a book/magazine by the Christmas tree – with everything feeling chaotic during these times, it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves. That being said, getting cozy with a blanket by the Christmas tree is one of the best ways to social distance AND embrace the holiday season!
  21. Virtual Game Night! Whether holiday-oriented or not, playing games with others is an excellent way to get in the holiday spirit and be with those that we care about!
  22. Virtual Holiday Tea! While it may not feel the safest to go to a holiday tea at a hotel or place that does tea, you can still have your own tea virtually. Simply, set up a Zoom link, have all of your guests come dressed for a holiday tea, and be sure that each guest has some tea (or other drink of their choice) in hand!
  23. Create a Holiday Playlist and Share with Friends! Spotify playlists are super great for this!!
  24. Donate toys, food, or blankets to a local shelter – Covid-19 has left many people out of work and in need more than ever before. If you have the means to do so, why not give some of the extra food in your pantry, clothing in your closet, or blankets that you don’t use anymore to those who could really use them!
  25. Drive Through a Holiday Light Show – pretty much every state in the United States has a holiday light show. These are great, as you do not have to leave your car to get festive!
  26. Virtual Holiday Sweater Party! Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a highlight every holiday season. Why not embrace this tradition through Zoom with friends or coworkers?!
  27. Take a Stroll at a Nearby Park – getting outside and enjoying the fresh air whether alone or with friends is a great way to embrace community while still being safe!
  28. Go Christmas Shopping at Local Businesses – whether it be local shops in your community, online shops, or on Etsy, there are several small businesses that would love your support this holiday season!
  29. Christmas-themed Coloring Book Party! Whoever said coloring books were only for children clearly never opened a coloring book! There are several free holiday-themed print outs that you can find in just one Google search that you and your friends can only virtually or spaced out in-person while enjoying some Christmas carols.
  30. Make a Christmas Wreath – Christmas wreaths are such a fun way to show Christmas cheer, especially in your household and community!
  31. Order Takeout from a Small Business – Small businesses need our support more than ever before, so why not give them some of our holiday cheer and support?!
  32. Take a Day Trip to a Lake – I don’t know about you, but I have always felt so cozy and festive at a lake around Christmas!
  33. Follow an Advent Calendar! Currently, there are advent calendars of all kinds – wine, chocolate, and socks. Find one that suits you fancy and enjoy some festive fun!
  34. Have a Parking Lot Party from your Trunk! One of the best ways to social distance is to gather all of your friends/family and all meet in an empty parking lot while sitting in the trunks of your cars (6 feet apart of course). Y’all could bring your favorite Christmas blankets or simply catch up together. Either way, you’ll be embracing togetherness while being safe!
  35. Stream The Nutcracker! This holiday classic is such a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Prime Video has some great streaming options here!
  36. Try a new Holiday recipe – with staying a home becoming the new normal more than ever now, take advantage of this time a try a brand-new holiday recipe for those in your household!
  37. Tree Decorating – One of the best parts of it all!!!!
  38. Secret Santa Gift Exchange – Get your friends together and do a Secret Santa gift exchange, whether you mail a gift or drop it at their front door!
  39. Buzzfeed Quiz Party! Nothing says a good time like taking a Buzzfeed quiz with your friends and family! Whether on Zoom or in-person, Buzzfeed quizzes are such a fun way to interact and bring community with others. There are also plenty of holiday-themed quizzes, too!
  40. Play a Virtual Christmas-Themed Jeopardy! There are plenty of templates out there to create your own festive jeopardy to do with friends.
  41. Make an Ornament – Nothing says Christmas like making another ornament to add to your tree!
  42. Buy a Christmas-themed Mask! There isn’t a better way to show off your holiday cheer than to buy AND wear a Christmas-themed mask in honor of Christmas 2020!!!
  43. Virtually Connect with an Out of Town Friend – with virtual hangouts being the new black, reconnecting with our friends or even a reunion with those we haven’t seen in a while that do not live near us is a great way to spread some holiday cheer!
  44. Make a Handmade Gift! Getting or giving a gift made from the heart is one of the sweetest ways to social distance and spread some Christmas cheer for all to hear!!!
  45. Wrap Christmas Presents Virtually with Friends – What better way to catch up with others AND do something festive that we all have to do around the holidays?!
  46. Do a Virtual 5K/Walk! What better way to stay active and healthy and usually give back to an important cause?!
  47. Host a Virtual Black Tie Christmas Party! Although we cannot all be together to celebrate Christmas, there’s no reason that we cannot still dress up and gather (virtually)!!!
  48. Go Ice Skating! Nothing says Christmas like going ice skating! However, if you choose to go ice skating, then be sure to pick a time when it is less crowded like a weekday or even a morning.
  49. Visit a Local Farm! Most farms that allow guests get decked out for the holidays AND they have animals EVERYWHERE!!! I don’t know of anything better!!!!
  50. Read a Christmas Story – whether virtually or in-person grab your family and/or friends and get together to enjoy reading a Christmas story to get ALL of those holiday feels!!!

Even though we cannot be together this holiday season like in past years, there are still several ways that we can embrace togetherness while staying safe and social distancing. Hopefully, this list gives you some inspiration for the holiday season. 2020 looks much much much different than years prior, but that does not mean that we cannot still enjoy the holiday season this year. We simply have to be creative and do things a bit differently than in the past. Being Merry and Jolly NEVER STOPS!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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