20 Places that Make for FUN Christmas Photoshoots!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year *ding dong ding dong*! The Holiday season is such a sweet and cheerful time of year. Knowing all of the excitement that comes with Christmas, it can be easy to get stuck on where to take photos and/or get in on documenting your holiday fun. With that being said, I have decided to put together a round up of places that make for some super fun Christmas shoots and activities. Please note that whatever activity(s) you choose to do, be sure to maintain your social distance and wear your mask (that is, if you are reading this amidst the coronavirus pandemic). Either way, have a holly jolly holiday season!!!

  1. A local town
  2. Target
  3. By your Christmas tree
  4. The beach
  5. A local shopping centre Christmas tree
  6. A Christmas tree farm
  7. Home Depot
  8. A local small business/boutique
  9. Starbucks
  10. The mountains
  11. A church/cathedral
  12. The front door of your house
  13. A lake
  14. A farm
  15. By the fireplace
  16. Christmas light show
  17. A local park
  18. Hallmark
  19. A city
  20. In the kitchen (with Christmas cookies of course!)

XOXO – Katie <3

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