Meredith Angel-Owned Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE my sweet Meredith College. My experience so far at Meredith has been one of the best that I could ever ask for. As I started The Pink Chickadee and grew my platform, I watched my Meredith sisters around me grow their own small businesses. There is so much beauty in seeing my Meredith sisters and I’s successes grow. I LOVE supporting small businesses and especially those that are connected to Meredith students or alumni. Today, I have rounded up several of many small businesses that are run by Meredith women!

  • From prints to stickers that are all Meredith-themed, check out MH Paper Goods. The lovely lady behind the business, Maria, and I did a giveaway in August and she is also a Woman in STEM with a sweet and creative spirit!
  • Customization from monograms to even Ruth Bader Ginsburg ornaments/key chains, look no further than Greetings of Magic! Megan, the shop owner, is one of my best friends’ Lil’s and friends of mine and she is the sweetest thing! You can also use my code thepinkchickadee for 10% off your purchase (offer valid until December 31, 2020).
  • If you’re looking for all-things handlettering and the most fun designs connected to your favorite shows, movies, and even Enneagram type, shop at Lettering By Miranda! The lovely Miranda designed The Pink Chickadee‘s logo and she did an amazing job!!!
  • For the cutest masks, wine glasses, ornaments, and the funniest apparel, check out Cassie’s Designs! Cassie is also one of my best friends and she is OH SO TALENTED!!!
  • Who doesn’t love a cute mug and especially a Meredith mug?! The sweetest Anna Haddock of The Coffee Table Goods has the cutest Meredith-themed mugs as well as an adorable Christmas-themed mug in her shop!
  • Whether it be Meredith, NC State, love stories, or all North Carolina destinations, shop everything North Carolina-oriented at Pamlico Paper Company. Liz the shop owner is the sweetest and is always showing up at local North Carolina art/craft fairs to show off her talents!
  • If you want some of the most adorable prints that you will find, then definitely check out J Hall Designs! Along with her Etsy shop which I have linked, J Hall Designs is carried at The Local Squirrel, For Your Convenience Raleigh, Southern Home & Kitchen, and Katherine Beck Gifts. I studied abroad with the shop owner Julia Hall in London back in July 2018, and she is such a sweet soul!!!
  • For the cutest Meredith-oriented stickers among other things, definitely check out Laney Logan Design Co. The shop owner Laney is super sweet!!
  • Whether it be Meredith-oriented stickers, metal prints, or even a painting, Mountain Top Photos has it all for you. The shop owner Brittney was one of my Lil’s teammates!
  • To get the most adorable pet designs from stickers to prints to even paintings, then definitely check out Ashlyn’s Art. Ashlyn’s Art is run by my sweet Lil Sis Ashlyn! To place your order, then follow her Instagram page @ashlyns_artwc.
  • Rachel Norris Art has the most beautiful handlettering and graphic designs that are North Carolina-themed, spiritual, and *of course* Meredith-themed. The shop owner Rachel was a classmate of mine and she is oh so sweet!
  • If you LOVE hand lettering like myself, then definitely follow @_letteringbylauren on Instagram to see my Meredith sister Lauren’s hand lettering projects! While this endeavor of Lauren’s is not necessarily a small business, Lauren is extremely talented just like the other ladies mentioned in this post.
  • Two of my favorite things are Meredith College and Christmas! Liza’s Lettering Co definitely embodies two of my favorite things. The shop owner Eliza is also the sweetest thing!
  • The Local Squirrel is the cutest boutique! Located in Raleigh’s vibrant Cameron Village, this sweet boutique is owned by a Meredith alumni who loves supporting small businesses. Every time I visit The Local Squirrel, I end up having a great experience and cannot wait to go back!
  • For such unique and stunning pieces of jewelry, then definitely check out Raleighwood Beads; I am OBSESSED with the nutcracker necklace I recently got from there. I actually collaborated with the shop owner Carolyne on a fundraiser and social with our classes and it was super fun!
  • To get all of your custom print and sticker needs, then check out @claireannedesign on Instagram. The shop owner Claire and I are in the same class and have done Cornhuskin’ together over the years. Like Claire, I have shared so many special memories with all of the ladies in my class!

Shopping small has always been a favorite thing of mine, specifically when it involves ladies connected to sweet Meredith College. Whether or not you attend Meredith or have any connection to the school, these lovely ladies’ businesses are definitely worth it to check out. Not only are their talents shining at Meredith College and within the Meredith community, but they are also shining beyond Meredith College.

XOXO – Katie <3

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