Styling Lilly Pulitzer for the Holiday’s

When most people picture Lilly Pulitzer, they picture only wearing her clothing for the Spring and Summer days. However, that is just not the case! Lilly Pulitzer’s clothing can be worn all year round if styled accordingly. I mean, Lilly Pulitzer herself did embrace that Resort 365 lifestyle, so why can’t you?! Today, I am sharing five ways that you can style Lilly Pulitzer for the holidays with items that are most likely already in your closet!

1 – Solid Scarf/Shawl

Since much of Lilly Pulitzer’s merchandise is printed, a solid scarf or shawl can add an elegant holiday touch to an already peppy look!

2 – Something Sparkly

Who doesn’t love an added touch of sparkle?! The right *sparkly* accessory can easily add that holiday glimmer to any Lilly look for the holidays!

3 – Cardigan

Many Lilly Pulitzer pieces are sleeveless and initially meant for the summer months, BUT, if styled accordingly, a shimmery cardigan can take them into the holiday season in Resort 365 fashion!

4 – Boots

Whether riding boots or booties, a good pair of boots can allow you to style your Lilly dresses, skirts, or tops for a day strolling around town or simply running errands!

5 – Trench Coat

Nothing says the holiday glamour like a good olde trench coat! Why not style it well with some matching Lilly in your closet?!

Nothing says spreading holiday cheer like wearing something bright, fun, and bubbly. Lilly Pulitzer’s designs most definitely make me feel excited even when it is not the holiday season. So, why does Lilly Pulitzer only have to be worn for the warmer months when we feel just as giddy during the holidays?! Life in Lilly is definitely the fun way to live, especially around the holidays!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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