Coping with a Social Distanced Holiday Season

2020 is NOT the year for ANYTHING! Unfortunately, much of our activities that we have enjoyed throughout the year have been cancelled or put on halt due to the coronavirus. Currently, Covid-19 cases are on the rise, so seeing our loved one’s as we have in the past around this time of year is probably not recommended. As the holidays are approaching, it can be a challenge when we cannot get together with our family and friends like we have in the past. Although we do want to celebrate this exciting time of year with those we care about, one of the best gifts to show that we care about our loved ones is to maintain our social distance.

Still, while this holiday season will be a social distanced one, it is not an easy transition. As humans, we want to get together with those we care about during these cheerful times. The coronavirus has halted pretty much every aspect of our lives this year. Many of our loved one’s are not able to see us like they have in the past, whether that be making travel plans, going to a holiday party, or going out on the town for dinner. Like many of the other things that we are missing out on in 2020, it is OKAY to feel all of the feels and be upset about not getting to do certain things. Remember that your feelings are valid. There is not one person that I know that is happy about the lack of holiday parties and gatherings this year. It is a disappointment.

While some of us may be alone this holiday season from others physically, it does not mean that we cannot make use of the resources that we have. Although many of us have Zoom fatigue, Zoom is a perfect way to interact with our loved ones this holiday season. I know at least one person who will not be able to see their family in-person this year, so Zoom is a great way to get together, “see” your family members, and spread some holiday cheer. Similarly, a Zoom holiday party with your friends that you would typically gather with is another great way to be jolly this 2020. In fact, you can easily all get dressed up in your typical holiday party attire (whatever that may be!) and have some Zoom fun. At the same time, Christmas cards and even Thanksgiving cards are another excellent way to show those that you love and care about that you are thinking of them this year. With in-person gatherings highly suggested against this year, sending a sweet note or even a fixed holiday note to the people that you wish that you could see is a great way to share that you care. If you need even more social distanced holiday ideas, then check out my recent blog post 50 Social Distancing-Friendly Holiday Activities. Whatever you choose to do, presenting to your family and friends that you’re thinking of them is a great way to spread some holiday cheer.

Covid-19 most definitely takes the holiday cheer out of it all, but that does not mean that we cannot make the best of what is right in front of us. Even with Zoom fatigue, Zoom can still be a pretty fun way to gather with our friends and family. Christmas cards, whether handmade or store bought/customized, are a great way to send off some holiday love. In addition to Zoom parties and Christmas cards, channels like Freeform and Hallmark along with streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and DisneyPlus have several holiday-oriented films to enjoy. There is also something oh so sweet about sitting by a lit up Christmas tree with a good book or even catching up on emails or homework. Even though our holiday season does not look as it did in the past and is not ideal to many of us, we can make Christmas 2020 into a special one, too.

The coronavirus has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life. Extravagant things including parties, gatherings, outings, and traveling have been cancelled this year. Without the extravagance that we valued in years past, we are left with what is truly important in this world – the tiny things. The relationships that we have developed, from family members to friendships to coworkers, cohorts, and classmates. The Christmas movies currently showing on the television or on Netflix. The fully decorated home or apartment for the holiday’s. The meals that we have been able to cook. The holiday songs on the radio or on Spotify. The time that we have with our family and friends as well as our pets, virtual or in-person. Most importantly, our outlook on everything. If you’re constantly sad, then you will never enjoy the things in this world whether huge or tiny. Being more appreciative of what is right in front of you is the best way to make the best of this pretty damper holiday season. In fact, you can make 2020 the one of the most wonderful times of the year!

All of us are in this together. No one is not coping with the coronavirus in some way, shape, or form. Be sure to check in on each of your friends and family members. While some of us may be doing okay during all of the coronavirus craze, not everyone is. The other day, my friend Kaylee and I were discussing that as more and more things get cancelled, the less sad we get about them being cancelled. However, Kaylee’s and I’s experiences are not the same for everyone else. Additionally, many people have lost their jobs, loved one’s, and others things during this pandemic. Definitely be sure to help those in your community whether you know them or not this holiday season. Ways to do so are to make Christmas cards, cookies, and donate food/clothing. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to spread the love and holiday cheer this season.

Remember that we are all in this together. Everybody has had to give up something for the safety and greater good of our world during this pandemic. It is not easy for anyone to give up what a typical holiday season has looked in the past, but we can make new traditions and focus on embracing what is right in front of us. At the same time, the love and kindness that are in this world are still here and will not go anywhere. Be sure to always choose love and kindness first. Happy Holidays!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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