Sunday Scaries – Changing Plans

Today, I am going to be sharing a bit about how I am coping in our ever-changing world. Recently, I applied to the graduate program of practically my dreams – my professors highly recommended it for me, it was in a city that I loved, and I would be able to grow into the Data Scientist that I want to be. I put everything on hold to focus on applying to this program and for the interview that I had been anxiously and excitedly waiting for for almost 6 weeks. However, one of the only constants in our world is change. Long and behold, the constant of change came into play as I did not get into the graduate school program of my dreams. One thing that I learned is that change is a constant amongst the fear that it brings.

By nature, I have always been a planner. I love love love to plan things and I could easily spend all day doing just that. On the contrary, I have rarely had many of those exciting plans come into reality. One, because many of them are made in retrospect to years and years in advance (I am also a big big big dreamer and fanaticizer!). Two, because, well, let’s just say it: PLANS CHANGE.

When plans change, like many of y’all, I naturally begin to worry and several questions pop up instantaneously into my mind. Many of these questions are “what if’s”. Panic can also easily set in. It’s all only natural and that is OKAY. On the same token, we cannot let the panic control us. It is also totally okay to take a step back to care for ourselves or perhaps even write this blog post. Things will work out for the better, even if we cannot see it all at this exact moment.

So, with all of this in mind, you may be wondering what is next in my so called journey called life? Well, the answer as simple as it is and as my father says: we’ll see. While I was really hoping for an exciting announcement post that I got into graduate school, I instead am going to share that my post-graduate life journey is just beginning. There is so much that is and will come in these next few months, as I start the job search in hopes to find a job in a place that I can call home in the near future. Although attending my dream graduate school was my dream at one point, it is not anymore as my dreams are going to lead me somewhere else pretty extraordinary and that will be pretty perfect for me when the time comes.

And guess what?! That is all OKAY and PERFECT in its own way!

XOXO, Katie <3

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