The Pink Chickadee’s 2020 Reader/Follower Survey Findings & 2021 Blogger Goals

If you have been following me for a while, then you know that I hosted my first-ever annual reader/follower survey. This survey was inspired by the lovely Annaliese of Southern Belle In Training who has done these surveys each year for her own platform and shares her results publicly. As an aspiring Data Scientist, I just knew that I had to jump on the idea of doing my own reader/follower survey! Like Annaliese, I also want to share my survey results publicly along with my 2021 blogger goals, which are *of course* aligned with what my survey responses were.

2020 Reader/Follower Survey Results:

It is important to note that this survey includes my followers on social media, readers of the blog, and those who do both. This survey was also voluntary and all responses are anonymous upon submission.


The majority of my readers are within my similar age range of 18-24 (77% of of my readers are within this age range. I also have some readers who are within their mid-late 20’s and early 30’s. Like myself, most of my readers are female at 96%, leaving there to be approximately 4% male readers.

My readers mostly live in the Southeast of the United States, with North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Georgia being the most popular states. However, I did get very excited over a response from Scotland along with one from Colorado and another from Arizona. The most popular city that my readers reside in is Raleigh, North Carolina along with its surrounding area along with the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The top influencers that y’all are big fans of alongside following The Pink Chickadee include: Angela at @thriftypineapple, Carly at @carly, Kate at @lonestarsouthern, Emily Ann at @everythingemilyann, and Kelly at @kellyinthecity.

Where They Follow Along:

The majority of y’all follow The Pink Chickadee on Instagram while some of them follow solely or additionally through Facebook, WordPress/subscribing to the site, or my weekly newsletter. 86% of my followers have read a blog post, but 15% have not, meanwhile, 98% of my followers follow me on social media in some aspect – an insight that shows the importance of The Pink Chickadee‘s social media amongst its followers.

Blog & Social Media Content:

In terms of blog posts, y’all really appeared to enjoy content on travel, personal experiences/life advice, cooking, and fashion. Luckily, these are all areas of content that I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing, so I am super glad to hear that my readers enjoy them!

As for social media, y’all’s favorite aspects were my wardrobe, interaction, encouragement, and the positivity. These were some of my favorite quotes:

  • “I’m really loving how you’ve done your travel posts from the past, considering the circumstances, that is such a clever ideas!” – Fun fact: I got this idea from my good friend Hannah D who shared a dump of photos on her stories one day from her past trip to Paris. Hannah D is such a clever and fun friend of mine, that I totally took it all into my own hands. Y’all are the one’s who influence me!!!
  • “They’re so cute & colorful. I also love how authentic you are.” – Thank you! My colorful and bubbly style makes my life go round, and I am really glad that I am able to share it all with y’all! At the same time, I love that I can be someone who is a shining authentic light!
  • “You’re so natural with it and it doesn’t feel sales-y” – I’m glad, it’s easy as a blogger to make it seem like your feed is all for sales and show. However, as a blogger, I find it extremely important to stick to your own passions and align them with your readership. I am really glad and happy that I have been able to show my true self and have it seen on this platform.
  • “Your stories are always so fun! It’s just an encouragement to see such positivity” – I’m glad!!! Life is so crazy right now. It makes me extremely happy to hear that I am helping y’all as The Pink Chickadee and y’all help me so so so much <3

Moving forward, my readers have the highest interest in blog posts and social media topics that include mental health awareness, easy recipes to try from Pinterest (I hope to include these in my weekly menu round-up’s too!), makeup/haircare/nails, DIY, home decor, travel, holiday, outfit of the day, and preppy fashion. At the same time, y’all are very interested in hearing more about my exciting adventure into the dating world with my sweet Chickadee Maggie, ideas for pretty much anything, and personal stories. Each of these topics are things that I am really excited to bring to the table as a blogger moving forward.

Additionally, y’all shared with me the types of travel destinations that you’re most interested in hearing experiences about (the beach, the mountains, the city, Europe, and the East Coast were the top one’s!) along with your favorite places to shop (Target, Marshall’s, Lilly Pulitzer, and Bath & Body Works were y’all’s favorites!). I also learned about my readers’ favorite small businesses and there are oh so many that I need to follow still! These small businesses include: Marah Cotta Clay, Paintbase, The Local Squirrel, Mini & Me Boutique as well as local restaurants and cafes. Knowing each of my readers’ interests will help me best to achieve my 2021 blogger goals.

Last but not least, my readers left me some of the sweetest comments, my favorite of which, I am going to share below!

  • “Your blog is fabulous and I feel privileged to be apart of your journey :))) I wish do something like this – maybe one day!”
  • “You’re doing awesome things! Love your page and newsletter. You’re seriously goals!”
  • “You’re doing great & one of my fav IG friends”
  • “I love that you’re so creative and very fashionable! Also you’re a very down to earth person and when seeing your page I feel like your talking to me”
  • “It just makes me happy when I read it. It kinda helps with my day.”
  • “I love seeing your Instagram, and I can’t wait to see how you grow.”

2021 Blogger Goals

  • Emphasis on Small Businesses – With everything going in on 2020 that has jeopardized small businesses’ existence, I want to use 2021 to really emphasize the importance of shopping small. Not only will I be striving to shop small more so, but I want to promote shopping small and do more and more collaborations with small businesses.
  • Interviews – I love featuring my friends on The Pink Chickadee, but I also want to feature those beyond my friend and family circle on my platform. I would love to feature those with different styles and interests than my own and really truly broken my horizons.
  • Relationships & LGBTQ+ – Since sharing some excitement of me and my lovely Chickadee (girlfriend) Maggie on this platform has really helped me to come out of and expand my shell. This year, I hope to shed some light and share more about being LGBTQ+ as well as life in a relationship.
  • Giveaways – Yes! You heard me right – I am hoping to do some more giveaways with small businesses as well as other influencers AND featuring your favorite products!
  • Personal Stories – Since y’all really seemed to appreciate reading about my own and others’ personal stories, I plan to share a lot of content along the lines of pieces of advice, personal stories, as well as my own experiences. Luckily, these are the easiest posts to write too 🙂

I am so blessed that I have been able to grow The Pink Chickadee in ways like never before this past year. Without y’all’s input, I would not be able to grow my platform and expand it even more in 2021 and beyond. Here’s to a year full of lots and lots of growth!

XOXO – Katie <3


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