15 Virtual Date Ideas

Dinner dates, strolls in the park, and movies at a local theatre, OH MY! Dating is a whole new world full of excitement!!! However, with the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it can be a challenge to find things to do on a date, especially with dates having to be virtual more so now than ever before. Being in a long distance relationship, virtual dates are the normal for me and my girlfriend Maggie, pandemic or not. On the same token, I know so many who are struggling to find things to do virtually and keep it exciting during Covid-19 and these current changing times. That being said, I have listed 15 super fun and unique virtual date ideas to keep your dating game going strong for you and your significant other!!!

  1. Netflix/Hulu/Disney Plus Party – find a show/movie and enjoy time chatting and enjoying watching something that you cannot watch in-person! Maggie and I regularly do Grey’s Anatomy dates!!!
  2. Takeout Date – yes, you and your partner can both order from a takeout place of your choosing and enjoy eating it together on FaceTime or Zoom!
  3. Coloring Party – grab a sheet from y’all’s favorite coloring books and simply chat and color. Then, once you both finish, share your newly curated designs with one another!
  4. Online Shopping Date – go online to your favorite store’s site and add the links to your favorite finds in an email or Google Doc. Then, have your partner determine whether it’s a hit or miss or pick between two pieces and get their views for kicks on your favorite finds!
  5. Cooking Date – half the time when Maggie calls me, I am cooking so she “joins” me while I cook! It’s a super fun way to wind down and enjoy time with your significant other while making a delicious meal for one with their presence in tow.
  6. Wine Night – Grab your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy winding down with your partner and catching up on one another’s days!
  7. Bucket List – craft a bucket list for you and your partner. Whether that be recipes that you two want to try together, movies/shows to watch, or places/things you want to do, this is a great way to spend time with one another but also look towards the future and get excited to make even more memories with your special someone. I have several of these with Maggie!!
  8. Study Date – If you two are in school, then y’all will plenty of opportunities to study with one another. Y’all can easily Zoom and just study in each other’s presence. Maggie and I both edit each other’s papers too, so it’s nice to bounce off of one another when studying, despite our extremely differing majors – she’s a Communications major with a Healthcare focus and I’m a Math major. I don’t know about y’all but being in Maggie’s presence sure does relax me, especially when I am working on something!
  9. Baking Date – In your own respective kitchens, bake the same sweet treat together at the same time over FaceTime/Zoom and then see how one another’s masterpieces turn out!
  10. Bible Study (if you both are into your Christian faiths!)/Church Service live-streaming) – I have always found it important to be into my Christian faith and so has Maggie. We are both in the same virtual Bible study together and we watch church services together via livestream every so often, too. Having a relationship with the lord is very important to the both of us, especially at the core of our relationship. At the same time, I know that is not the case for everyone and I want to acknowledge that as I share this snippet within my list!
  11. Coffee Date – kick off your day with your favorite morning drink in hand and your special someone on FaceTime/Zoom to catch up and start your day off strong!
  12. Host a Virtual Party – When Maggie and I started dating, I really wanted her to meet my friends, despite Covid-19. So, I planned a Zoom Christmas party and invited all of my friends, giving them the chance to meet Maggie and see how we intermingle as a couple. I essentially called it our “Coming Out Party”! It was such a fun time and a great opportunity for the both of us. The next Zoom party, I want to invite both me and Maggie’s friends!
  13. Social Media Groups – While this isn’t much of a date, it’s a fun way to bond with your significant other. Maggie and I are in several Corgi and Dog-related Facebook groups and we tag each other all the time. This is an excellent way to show your partner that you’re thinking of them from afar!
  14. Spotify Playlist Date – Create a Spotify playlist together with some of your favorite songs and your partner’s as well. Then, whenever you are craving some tunes, you can jam out to you and your partner’s favorite songs and remember that super fun time you had making that Spotify playlist together!
  15. Friend/Family Tree – When Maggie and I started dating, we both made one another PowerPoint’s containing all of our family and friends in them. That way, we could easily reference who each of them was whenever they were brought up. It is also a fun way to get a peek into each other’s lives, as you will be seeing many of their folks as they will see yours, too!

Whether you’re near or far, virtual or in-person, there are several ways that you and your special someone can still be together.

XOXO – Katie <3

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