Tips for New Bloggers!

The blogging world is new, exciting, and also intimidating! When I first started blogging a little over a year ago, I had NO idea what I was getting into. I was extremely intimidated, nervous, and anxious. At the same time, I took a few breaks from blogging before restructuring and kickstarting The Pink Chickadee – all within the spam of a year. However, I have found a way that works for me and I have been super successful since my initial start. Today, I am sharing some tips for those who are looking to start their own blog!

Discover Your Niche

When creating your own blog, you most definitely need to discover what your blog’s niche will be. Need help finding what your blog’s niche is? Then, use these questions listed below to help you find out what your blog niche will be.

  • What is the ultimate purpose of your blog?
  • Who are you targeting to come and visit your site?
  • What type of content do you want to share?
  • What are the goals of your site?
  • What do you want to get out of starting your blog?
  • Is your blog personal (friends and family) or are you reaching a wider audience?

Once you have figured out the answer to these questions, then you will be better able to discover your blog’s niche and what content you want to share and how you want to reach others.

Get Inspired on Social Media

Once you have discovered your blog’s niche, then it’s time to hit your favorite social media platforms to get inspired by other bloggers who are in your niche. Even now, I love going through other influencers’ Instagram pages and saving their photos that inspire me into a gallery titled “Blog Inspiration”. I use my “Blog Inspiration” gallery as, essentially, my own Instagram Pinterest board. I use “Blog Inspiration” to see what content I like from other influencers, what content I would like to share myself in my own unique way, and what content they share in ways that have effectively reached their following. One of the ways that I have looked to other influencers is to see what hashtags they use – hashtags are an effective way on social media to reach and connect with other influencers, whether we realize it or not. Another way that I get inspired by others is to look for fun photo ideas to replicate in my own way. Looking to other influencers, I have been able to see what works for them and use their content ideas in similar ways on my platform. Overall, as a blogger, it is important to always be creating new and fresh content that will entice your readers and following.

Create Blog-Only Social Media Accounts

While this is a subject up for debate, I have found that creating your own blog-only social media accounts is the best way to go. Personally, I like to keep my personal social media accounts private and share more personal things on there that I may not want to share on my blog – like a ton of memes. On the same token, I know that many of my followers on my personal account may not be as interested in my blog content, since it is not of their interests which is OKAY. That being said, I have created a blog-only Instagram, Facebook page, and Pinterest accounts.

When creating your blog’s social media pages, it is important to have them be business profiles. Personally, I totally forgot how to do this – I did it once and never thought about it again! With a business profile, you are able to see insights on your blog’s accounts as it pertains to your followers, followers’ demographics, and your profile’s growth. Statistics are very important when it comes to blogging – whether we realize it or not!

Connect on Social Media

Once you have created your blog’s social media accounts, then it is time to have some fun! Social media is an excellent way to connect with others, especially those who are in your niche. Follow others in your niche and take the time to connect with them, whether it be commenting on their posts, replying to their stories, and interacting with their profiles as much as you can. I highly suggest interacting with your fellow blogger cohorts as much as possible! Through interacting with other influencers, I have been able to make many friends within my niche and beyond. Today, I definitely can say that I couldn’t imagine my life without my influencer friends – they’re the BEST!!!!

Be Consistent

However you choose to do it all, consistency is KEY! When I restructured my blog in July 2020, I decided to post content on my blog every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (occasionally, I don’t post one of those days but it is rare). Each day that I post content on my blog, I advertise each post on my Instagram Story (with direct links via my Instagram bio) and as a Facebook post on my Facebook page. At the same time, I post content on Instagram daily and find ways to engage with my followers through icebreaker questions and ways to interact with my followers. Every Sunday, I share an icebreaker on my Instagram Story that’s a different question each week and share my followers’ responses. At the same time, everyone’s way of being consistent is not the same. Whatever works for you is what you should do!

The Website

There are several various ways to start your blog on a site. Personally, I have used WordPress and I have a plan where I purchased my own domain name and was able to code my site using CSS. There are other options out there, too. These options include Squarespace, Blogger, and Wix. Whether or not you choose to purchase your own domain name and code it yourself to your liking or select a free plan, as long as your site is made to your liking then that is ALL that matters. I know a lot of bloggers whose websites are not the fanciest on the block and that is OKAY. One of the reasons that I chose to recode my site using CSS is because I have acquired the skillset as a Website Development minor and have a passion for the subject. What matters is that your content is what your readers want to see and that your posts are consistent on social media and on the blog.

Schedule Content

With my constant mentioning of consistency, the best way to be consistent is to schedule your content in advance. I schedule my content for my blog a 3-6 weeks in advance and my Instagram content the week before. I use a spreadsheet to schedule all of my content in Google Sheets (I LOVE a good spreadsheet!!!). Whenever I take photos, I schedule the photo shoots that I take, too and make arrangements with others to take my photos if needed accordingly. My way of planning is all digital, but if you love a good planner or notebook or have another way of scheduling content, then do whatever works for you!


Most importantly, it is important to remember to be yourself. Through it all, there is only ONE YOU – everyone else is taken! Be yourself and make yourself known in the most unique and you way that there is. Lastly, remember to HAVE FUN!!!!

Blogging is hard and it does take a while to get it all down, but remember to do it your way and have a blast!!!

XOXO – Katie <3


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