So I Went to New York Fashion Week

The dream come true!!! Ever since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of getting to attend New York Fashion Week. Luckily, in September 2014 at the age of 15, my fashionista dreams came true. For my 15th Birthday, my mother took us to New York City the weekend of New York Fashion Week. Without any tickets to any shows, both of us still had the time of our lives. It was most definitely an experience that I will never forget!

What We Did

New York Fashion Week is a time that people from everywhere and all different backgrounds come together for a common ground – Fashion Week. New York City has several different activities and things to do around the city, especially during Fashion Week! The two big booths that I remember seeing and enjoying were Glamour Magazine’s Pop Up booth, complete with refreshments and a photo booth, and the Zappos Recharge photo booth and catwalk – where I got my hair done and got to walk the catwalk for free and was given a complimentary juice. Both of these super fun activities were one of my very favorite lifetime memories!

Besides taking in all the New York Fashion Week sites from an outsider’s perspective as a teenager, my mom and I also explored a bit of the city. We walked through the Fashion Institute of Technology’s current exhibits within their museum, fell in love with the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea (this has become a favorite joint of mine and is a mini chain around the city!), and walked through the business district where we walked along Wall Street along with the 9/11 Memorial where we paid our respects. We also walked through the Meatpacking District and just wondered the city streets. The best part of it all was simply just time with my mother that is irreplaceable!


Having not been a blogger then, I was still really excited to be in New York City the weekend of New York Fashion Week. There were so many free activities and excitement going on throughout the city that it made it super special. Moreover, it was really special to have one on one time with my mother, especially looking back now as I begin my years starting out in the real world and leaving my home with her behind. I definitely recommend going to New York Fashion Week if you can – it is truly an experience that you will NEVER forget!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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