So I Tried the Viral Tik Tok Baked Feta Pasta Recipe

The girl who is not on Tik Tok is now the girl who tries all of the Tik Tok trends! Although I am not an avid Tik Tok user, I am super into trying the social media trends and things that my friends discover on Tik Tok. When I came across the baked feta pasta recipe that went viral on there, I knew that I had to try it! Today, I have decided to share my experience trying this viral recipe, which, yes, leads up to its hype!

My friend Hannah and I tried this viral recipe for ourselves in my apartment. The recipe is extremely easy to make, so it makes for a great and easy recipe to make when you have had a busy day. It took 20 minutes maximum from start to finish. As for the ingredients, I added the following and purchased everything from Aldi:

  • Feta cheese (not a block)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Rotini pasta noodles (half a box)
  • Olive oil (drizzled)
  • Basil (sprinkled)

Overall, this recipe was amazing and super fun to make! One of my friends lives in a dorm and she said it is also dorm friendly! At the same time, this recipe is also extremely budget-friendly and can feed a crowd. Not only was it delicious, but it was also super healthy and you can make a lot with it (especially when you have a block of feta and use a whole box of pasta noodles). Yes, this recipe is definitely worth the hype!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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