Weekly Menu Round-Up: March 8-11

With midterms and Spring Break approaching, it is a crazy time of the semester. That being said, it is time that I fuel up well with some foods that will help me stay strong to finish out my final semester’s midterms. This week’s menu is filled with some of my favorite recipes that are easy yet delicious.


I have been craving Mexican food, ever since last week, so I am enjoying some Mexican food this week – my favorite Mexican recipes to make in the kitchen. I am not the best at cooking Mexican food, so I have enjoyed Amy’s Brand microwavable enchiladas with nachos.


For Tuesday, I am going to enjoy another dish that I have been craving – salmon. So, I am trying a Chipotle Honey salmon from Food Lion and my favorite vegetable dish of roasted sweet peppers.


Indian food is my favorite type of cuisine! So, I am going to enjoy my favorite pizza dishes – a white garlic broccoli and a pesto pepperoni – on garlic naan. I am SO excited to try my favorite pizza’s on one of my favorite types of bread!


Love me some pierogis!!!! This Thursday, I am finishing off the week with Polish beetroot soup that I picked up at a Polish Market in Pittsburgh when I visited 2 years ago and pierogis.

Here’s to one last week before Spring Break!!!!

XOXO – Katie <3

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