How I Have Saved While Grocery Shopping

Groceries can be such a cash cow! Especially when we feel tempted to add different food items to our carts, grocery bills can easily rack up pretty fast. From my own experiences, I have spent a lot of unnecessary expenses on groceries. However, over time, I have saved my dollars on groceries, which has been a game changer for me! Today, I am sharing how I have saved while shopping for groceries.

Delivery/Pick Up Service

I have used Instacart since the pandemic began for my groceries. Through using Instacart, I have saved so much money on getting groceries. Although Instacart may appear as more expensive with the additional delivery, service, and tip fees, I have been able to actually save more. I have been known to be an impulse buyer, especially with items on sale or at a great price at the grocery store. With a delivery service such as Instacart, I have been able to choose the items that I need for the week and only the week. I have been able to use the ~$10 in fees to compensate for the lack of $15+ in impulse buys that aren’t used weekly. Services like Hello Fresh that pre-prepare your meals for you are also great ways to save and have your and your family’s meals ready at your doorstep.

No Name Brand Items

I strive to shop the generic brand items at the grocery store where I can. While I do have some name brand grocery items that I purchase regularly and will continue to do so, I buy mostly generic brand items. Some of the name brand grocery items that I will not turn back on include: Polly-O string cheese, Bai, Boboli pizza (a childhood favorite of mine), California Pizza Kitchen’s frozen Margherita pizza, Barefoot Wine, Bagel Bites, Fa!rlife Milk, and Crystal Light. We all have our own preferred name brand products, and definitely do not skimp on getting those if you enjoy them. On the same token, basic items such as flour, sugar, spices, pasta, and eggs can easily be bought from generic brands. I also switched my K-Cups from Starbucks to the generic store brands and have, in fact, liked the store brands better than the Starbucks brand; my wallet does too. Unless the product is something that tastes weird or does not do its job, then getting the generic brand is definitely the way to go!

Frozen Vegetables Over Fresh

My mother told me this snippet if advice a long while back, and I have sworn by it since! The snippet is to purchase frozen vegetables over fresh. You can heat up the frozen vegetables in the microwave and cook them, accordingly. The frozen veggies can also be healthier in a way, too. In fact, as someone who loves to roast vegetables, I have found the frozen veggies microwaved to taste just the same as the fresh. At the same time, I have also saved a bunch of time on cooking, as frozen vegetables come pre-chopped, especially when chopping recipes that require the dreaded chopping of the onion. Lastly, frozen vegetables can stay in your fridge for quit a while. The same can go for fruits, too!!!

Shop at Lidl and Aldi

Recently, I have discovered the beauty of Lidl and Aldi! Both stores have amazing deals on great food items. While not all items are not the best to get at Lidl and Aldi such as wine, there are some pretty great items and even name brand products at an extraordinary price. I have saved so much money by shopping at Lidl and Aldi, especially for staple items. The best way to check out Lidl and/or Aldi, is to check the aisles out for yourself! Trust me, you will spend a lot less on what you need plus/minus some!!!

Plan Your Meals!

Whether you use delivery services like Hello Fresh or primarily stock up at the grocery store, planning your meals are an effective way to save some money. My Aunt April told me this amazing tip that stuck with me for four years now – to limit your grocery store trips to once a week if that. Similarly, my Aunt April plans her meals for the week and my cousins’ snacks, so she only gets what she needs during her weekly grocery trips. Especially with using delivery services, shopping only once a week or every other week, I can save some cash on fees, too. That way, you can save your time AND money!!!

Go to Name Brand Stores and Wholesale Stores Once a Month/Few Months

Some of the name brand and wholesale grocery stores that I can think of, including Costco, Target, Wegman’s, Whole Foods, BJ’s, and Trader Joe’s, sell similar groceries at a much heftier price tag than others. Like many others, I love a fun trip to Wegman’s or Trader Joe’s for groceries, but it comes at a much heftier price tag than others. So, going to one of those grocery stores once each month or few months, will allow you to solely stock up on what you need/enjoy from there and save it for a given period of time. My mother goes to Costco once a month to get protein and snacks for the month, which saves her a bunch of money and our whole family and plans meals with each protein for the month, accordingly. That way, we can all save and buy less at the grocery store each week/every few weeks.

Grocery shopping can add up, especially really quickly. However, when you make a few changes to your shopping regime, then you are able to save a bunch of money on those hefty bills!!!


XOXO – Katie <3


  1. Yes! I’ve used Instacart for years now, and I feel it saves me money too as an impulse buyer. Buying in bulk can also cut down on some costs, if you can eat it all before it goes bad.

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