Healthy Eating Habits I Have Made In 2021

With a new year, well not so new anymore, comes new goals, habits, and achievements to be made. For 2021, I decided that I wanted to shift some of my not-so healthy eating habits and rather establish some healthy one’s. Here, I will be sharing with y’all some of those.

Drink or Dessert Rule

As much as I love a good glass of wine or even a cocktail, I also know that it adds up in calories. The same goes for desserts. So, the rule is to only have dessert or a drink in the evening’s. Well, unless the occasion is worth celebrating with both!

Vegetables Over Carbohydrates

In the past, I used to eat a ton of carbohydrate-consumed dishes, whether that be mashed potatoes, pasta, fries chips, or practically anything that is fried. Since vegetables are a lot lower in calories, I have decided to switch out my carbohydrates for vegetables, especially when it comes to side dishes. Although, I do make sure that I enjoy my favorite carbohydrate-loaded dishes in moderation!

Crystal Light Over Soda

This may sound crazy, but I drink Crystal Light’s low calorie caffeinated packets and mix them with water ALL. THE. TIME!!!! These drink packets are low in calories, but they also help me stay awake and fueled as I finish out my afternoons and evenings of schoolwork amongst everything else that I have going on. I have never been much of a soda person, but drinking Crystal Light’s packets has given me the feel that I am drinking an enjoyable flavored drink like soda.

Low-Calorie Snacks

I used to be a BIG snacker. However, I have strived in the recent months to be more careful with what I snack on. So, I have limited my snack intake and included more fruits and vegetables within my snacking mix. At the same time, I have been careful not to buy ice cream (a favorite of mine) as much along with other snack favorites of mine. However, I still do enjoy them all in moderation!

Use a Calorie Tracker

I will say that this DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE!!!!! Personally, I have had some luck with using calorie trackers such as My Fitness Pal. I see tracking my calories as a way of helping me to eat a healthy amount of food each day. Additionally, I can see what my eating habits are and make the changes that I need to accordingly. Similarly, the My Fitness Pal website also has a ton of recipes that they share on their site amongst other ways to stay healthy.

Limit Sweet Treats

If I am around anything sweet, specifically cupcakes or chocolate, I will probably eat it. That being said, I do not buy anymore sweet treats. Well, not nearly as much as I used to. At the same time, I still find it important to enjoy and indulge in something sweet every once in a while!

One of my biggest priorities throughout 2021 is to make myself a priority. Through changing my eating habits, I have been able to work towards fulfilling that priority. Healthy eating habits will also help me moving forward in years to come, too!

XOXO – Katie <3

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