My Washington, DC Move Q&A

Recently, I made an announcement regarding my post-graduation plans – I will be making the move all the way up to the Washington, DC area. On my social media, I asked my fellow followers to share questions that they have about my big move, which I will be answering in today’s blog post. Read along to find out more about my next adventure!!!

Where exactly are you looking to live?

I am planning to live in the Northern Virginia area near a Metro station (train station to the Washington, DC subway). Although I have not solidified a place yet, I will probably be living near my family who also reside in Northern Virginia.

What kinds of jobs are you searching for?

When it comes to the job search, I want to use my Mathematics degree and each of my minors – Data Science, Website Development, and Statistics – in some way or another. So, I will be searching for a job within the Data Science/Analytics realm. Additionally, I am still considering going to get a graduate degree to further my interest in Data Science/Analytics.

How do you do Public Transportation? Metro, train, etc.?

In the Washington, DC area, there are a variety of ways to get around. When it comes to the city of Washington, DC, I plan to use the Metro (which as mentioned above, is the subway/transit system of the city). There is also a widely-used bus system within the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area that is connected to the Metro transit and takes locals to the Metro who are not in walking distance from a station. At the same time, I will also rely on my car (once I get my license – it’s been a process y’all!!!!) to go places, too.

What is your favorite place back home and are that you’re excited to be at again or for the first time?

So, I am going to answer this question in two parts: my favorite place back at home and a place I am really looking forward to going to for the first time when I move.

My favorite place back at home (in Northern Virginia) would probably be Old Town Alexandria – this town is super adorable and has so much history to it. I am super excited to explore this sweet place even more.

As for a place I am looking forward to checking out, I would have to say many of the restaurants in the city of Washington, DC along with the vineyards west of the city out in the so-called “countryside” of Virginia.

What are you most excited for about your move?!

Honestly, I am most excited to be starting out somewhere fresh and new. I have always been a big city girl, ever since I was little. Raleigh is a really nice city, but it is a bit too small for me, so I am excited to be somewhere starting out that will have a plethora of jobs available and many others starting out there since graduating from college, too. Personally, I have always wanted to start out in the Washington, DC area since I started college. So, I am really happy that I will be able to do what I have so desired to do for about 4 years now.

What is something that you will miss when you leave Raleigh?

I have fallen in love with the kindness and warm hospitality of Raleigh and all across the South. Since touring Meredith as a Senior in high school, I most definitely identified more with the clothing and styles of the South rather than up North. This may sound crazy, but I will really miss the malls and shopping experiences of the South, along with its friendly and warm, welcoming community.

What are some ways that you hope to connect with others in the Washington, DC area?

While I have not solidified just yet how I am going to go about engaging and getting involved in my future community, I most definitely know that I am interested in a variety of differing channels of involvement. As a Lilly Pulitzer lover, I know that I want to do something to connect with my Lilly Pulitzer lover community within the Washington, DC area – women of all ages and backgrounds. My cousins love to sail in nearby Annapolis, Maryland, so I would like to get together and sail with them more often. At the same time, I am considering joining some organizations, but I have not exactly decided as to which I may join. Stay tuned šŸ™‚

While I have 6 weeks left of my undergraduate journey at Meredith, I am optimistically looking towards the future. Similarly, I am soaking in all of my final moments at Meredith. Here’s to Washington, DC super soon!!!

XOXO – Katie <3


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