Weekly Menu Round-Up: April 19-23

It’s crazy to think that I have one month left until graduation! I will also have about one month left in my sweet little apartment here in Raleigh. Keeping all of this in mind, I want to go out with a bang in my kitchen and make as many memories as I can before moving up to Washington, DC. So, here we go with this week’s menu.


Growing up, my mother made these amazing roasted potato wedges. Luckily for my childhood craving’s satisfaction, I found a similar recipe from I am Baker and will be trying it. To go with it, I will be whipping up some air fryer cod filets – courtesy of my Papa’s classic staple in his own kitchen!


Recently, I have been OBSESSED with my Ninja air fryer. Seafood has, indeed, been a favorite of mine to make in it, too. So, I will be making some air fryer salmon and serving it with some cheesy scalloped potatoes that I adored enjoying at my friend’s house for Easter using a recipe also from I am Baker. Additionally, I will be whipping up some good olde roasted asparagus.


Just like Tuesday, I will also be making some salmon *yet again* in the air fryer. This time, however, I will be serving my salmon with some roasted sweet peppers and some couscous.

Thursday & Friday

This Thursday, I will be getting my second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine *cue the confetti!!!!*. In order to give myself some grace and recovery time, I made the decision to stock up on some soups – most notably, chicken noodle soup and clam chowder. That way, I can remain strong and protected against this virus.

While my time at Meredith is coming to an end, I still want to enjoy some great pleasures and memories in my kitchen. That way, I can look back at this time and these years with a great big smile.

XOXO – Katie <3

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