Sunday Scaries – Beyond The Instagram Feed

There are so many times where I feel that my life may look perfect to others on social media. Others may feel the same way about my feed as well as their own. I know I feel that way about others’ feeds, too. Social media is a world where life looks perfect along those crystal clear squares called our Instagram feed. Our Instagram feeds are a world of pristine perfection that we look at and compare ourselves to others based on those perfectly pristine little squares. However, what we do not see is the world in which we live in beyond those beautifully put together little squares on our Instagram feeds – the imperfect world that each and every one of us lives in.

Recently, I have strived to show the authentic and truth to my life. This all includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. Last week, I shared my sexual assault story as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I shared my experiences with sexual assault and withstanding through 2 abusive relationships, too. Through it all, I have managed to cope with these struggles and not let them define me. Life has been tough for us all, but we have to remember that none of us are alone.

As for my social media profiles, my feed looks as if it is just another story. My life may appear as “perfect”. On the contrary, my life is not perfect and nor will it ever be. Many of us spend countless hours on our social media feeds comparing ourselves to others. We may think that others’ lives may look more positive than ours, but that is not nor is it ever the case. None of us live perfect lives, despite our social media feeds making us think that our lives are.

As Miley Cyrus has a ‘Hannah Montana’ song called “Nobody’s Perfect”. Although the song emphasizes that fact that we all make mistakes and that we all aren’t perfect, neither are our lives. Our lives are made to be imperfect, unlike our social media feeds. The next time you compare yourself to someone else on social media, remember that their life is not perfect just like yours.

XOXO – Katie <3

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