I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22! Today is my 22nd Birthday, and I am more than ready to celebrate after having experienced a rough past year like everyone else due to COVID-19. So, in honor of my Taylor Swift year, I will be sharing 22 things that I learned this past year!

  1. It is OKAY to not attend or be at everything. Your fearing of missing out (FOMO) is real, but it does not define you. You WILL miss out on some things and that is OKAY.
  2. Search for jobs and start out where you want to start out, but follow the jobs and the opportunities not where others want you to follow them. You will end up where you’re meant to be in the end – NOT where others think you should be.
  3. Be careful with what you post on social media. There has been so much conflict in the past year and we need to come together now more than ever before. And, yes, celebrity gossip is a lot more fun to read than the latest political news!
  4. When in doubt, wear that cute outfit. Even if you have no one to see in-person on a given day, if you feel great, then you look great and that is what counts.
  5. You do not have to live with others to be happy. You also don’t have to be around others 24/7. You CAN live alone and be happy, too.
  6. Your past relationships do not define you and neither do your past partners’ actions towards you.
  7. Being single is liberating and a blast! It is what you make of it. Love being single and embrace it while you can – you will be married and in a committed relationship starting a family someday but not now – be selfish while you CAN!!!
  8. Dogs are great, dogs are amazing, and you do not need one right now. Take care of yourself now and only you. Adopt your corgi when you know you can care for it, however, prioritize yourself and only yourself right now.
  9. Take every opportunity that comes your way that you possibly can. You only live once so make the best of it!
  10. Be excited and comfortable with doing things by yourself, whether that be going for some coffee, a walk, or attending an event.
  11. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING that coffee cannot stop you from conquering. Girl, that Keurig was the best purchase you made in 2020!
  12. Continue to have your outlet to rant with close friends and family. Do it all in private and keep it confidential. It is important – you’re a hard working lady who deserves to get the things that could keep her from being successful off her chest!
  13. Reality television is the best – it will show you the 99+ problems that you do not have and give you an extra needed confidence booster every time you turn it on. That Hulu subscription was a great purchase, honey!
  14. When in doubt, drink that glass of wine, but keep it classy.
  15. Wear what you want to wear. At the end of the day, you’re the one whose wearing it. However, be sure to conform to the dress codes of others when it is deemed appropriate (such as in a professional setting), but be sure to wear something that you love and feel comfortable in. That way, you will shine oh so bright!
  16. Give back to others and do it more often. Continue to uplift those who need it. Empowered women empower women and others, too. ALWAYS be that friend that your friends look to for advice and to help them out. You feel great when you do it. Never stop giving back to your friends, family, and community – be their shoulder!!!!
  17. Your time to get married will come when the time is right. You thought you wanted that commitment before you reached the age of 22, but you realized that there is more out there for you. Explore the world, learn how to navigate this beautiful world as an adult, grow in your career, befriend everybody, join every committee that you possibly can, be selfish, and love yourself. Your lucky person will come when the time is right. Don’t rush it! No one in Grey’s Anatomy does – well, except for George and Callie in Las Vegas.
  18. Reconnect with others – whether in your community from high school or college or someone you met all in between this thing called life. You never know what friendships or connections may be rekindled.
  19. You have imposter syndrome, but it does not define you. Let yourself shine and do not be afraid to show off your full potential. Some people will make you feel weary about your talents and feel as if you don’t have the potential that you truly do, but you do. Don’t ever let it hold you back ever again.
  20. People think you’re a fashion major in college, but surprise them and impress them by telling them you’re a math major. You’re destined for so much that you don’t even see or know yet!
  21. Keep in touch with your friends and check in on them regularly/when you can. You both will be grateful that you did!
  22. Remember to love yourself through it all. You only live once, so make it the best. Treat yourself with kindness and care. Remember to laugh and make it great. It’s your life, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

XOXO – Katie <3

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