A List of All of the College Classes that I Took

As a soon-to-be college graduate, I decided that I would take y’all on a trip through memory lane. Today, I am rounding up all of the college courses that I took as an Honors Student with a Mathematics degree and minors in Statistics, Data Science, and Website Development. When I started at Meredith, I had NO clue what I was going to study, but here we are today. Things do work out and plans do change, but in the end you are meant to be right where you are for where you will be. Time will tell!!!

Fall 2017:

  • Honors English 111 – Pretty much the college version of introductory English. I took this class as apart of my Honors curriculum and was in an Honors-only section with others in my program. I met some of my best friends in this class. Our professor would put our writing errors on the board anonymously and everyone would critique them and we all hated it, so our bonds grew during those trying times!
  • Calculus 1 – I took this class 5 days a week and it was a four-credit hour course. My professor was a male professor who was all about women’s empowerment which was amazing. I also overslept my final in this class, but luckily my professor was super understanding with it all and I ended up successfully taking my final exam.
  • Biblical Literature – My professor brought her one-eyed Yorkie Frankie to class all the time and it was amazing. Despite not knowing much about the Bible, I did really well in this class and was willing to learn. I thought I would fail because I’m not very knowledgable on the Bible!
  • History in the 20th Century – I loved this class and my professor – she truly broke down the history and shed light on the populations that were most adversely affected in our world then and now. It was really powerful and so important to know, too.
  • First Year Experience – This was a Freshmen-only class that oriented Freshmen at Meredith with college life there and living in Raleigh. I loved this class and working and mentoring other college Freshmen that I actually assisted it my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years!!!
  • French 3 – My high school French teacher literally taught me NOTHING, so I was shocked when I tested into French 3 in college. French 3 was the highest level of French needed for the general education requirement. I was so nervous I would be behind in that class, but my professor was so generous as everyone in the class turned out to be too.

Spring 2018:

  • English 200 – I took this class with one of my all-time favorite professors that is not in the Math & Computer Science Department: Dr. Walton. Dr. Walton is a Shakespeare expert, so we of course read some Shakespeare in class! The theme that he chose for our class throughout the semester was sisterhood and I even remember writing a paper on the Meredith College sisterhood in his class. As someone who only has a biological brother, I loved getting to embrace my sisters at Meredith. I also really enjoyed getting to know Dr. Walton, too.
  • Beginning Programming – Initially, I wanted to be a Computer Science major, but I did not do too hot in this class the first time around. So, I retook it my Junior year and my passion for website development and coding actually began to grow. It just wasn’t my Freshmen year!
  • Calculus 2 – My roommate Sophie and I actually became good friends in this class. We sat next to each other the entire semester and it was amazing. I also had a bunch of my fellow Math major friends and sisters in this class and I got to know them better in it all semester which was amazing.
  • Self Defense – This was 1/2 of my 8am classes in college. It was such a struggle to get up, despite it only being offered for the second half of the semester! The skills taught in this class were super valuable, and I wish I remembered them and think I would if it wasn’t at 8am that I learned it all.
  • Christian Thought – For my Ethics general education requirement, I took a course on applying Christian thought to societal topics in today’s world – think LGBTQ+ rights, abortion, etc. It was very interesting and empowering. It was all about social change and looking beyond out own worlds.

Summer 2018 – Italy:

  • Arts & Artifacts Italy Edition – This course was all about learning about Italian Life and Culture in Italy. We visited the towns of Anghiari, Arezzo, and Siena in Tuscany along with Florence. Pretty much the highlight of this course was learning how to navigate life in Italy independently and writing about our educational experiences.
  • Nonverbal Communication – This class was super cool to take, especially in Italy! My professor taught us some mind-blowing facts that make total sense about nonverbal communication in our world in both the United States and abroad. It is super neat to know how nonverbal communication all plays into how we live our lives wherever we live.
  • Yoga – Yoga was taught by a top blogger in Italy for Yoga who just happened to be living right by the Tuscan town that I studied abroad in. So, Meredith College brought her in to teach us all yoga. Learning the origins of yoga and doing it in Italy was such a neat experience!

Summer 2018 – England:

  • Arts & Artifacts England Edition – Like the course that I took in Italy, this course was all about life and culture in England. As apart of this course, we were required to go visit different sights all across London and in Europe. We went to go see a church service at Westminster Abbey (where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married!) which was extremely neat and we were required to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral (where Princess Diana got married!), Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and Windsor Castle (where Harry and Meghan got married!).
  • Shakespeare’s Theatre – This course was taught by Dr. Walton as well. In this class, we actually saw Shakespeare plays all across London and in Bath, England as well as Stratford-upon-Avon, England. It was a super fun time and getting to see Dr. Walton’s passion for Shakespeare where it all began grew mine even more.

Fall 2018:

  • The Life of Migrant Farmworkers – I took this Honors-only class as a part of my Honors curriculum. This class was taught by a Spanish professor who had a service focus and is such an awesome person, too. We learned all about the lives of migrant farmworkers in the United States and how they are extremely undervalued and undercooked in our world today.
  • Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning – This class was pretty much the gateway to theoretical math that goes over most people’s heads – including my own. I met a lot of my Math major classmates in this class that were not in my Calculus 2 class the prior semester.
  • Visual Merchandising – I took this class at the point of where I thought I would be a Fashion Merchandising and Math double major. However, that changed and that is OKAY! For this class, I got to create store displays with my friend Briana at two stores in a nearby shopping center and model clothing for a fashion show put on by my classmates and I in this course.
  • Calculus 3 – This class is where I learned about 3-D graphs which was interesting. It was pretty much calculus on steroids, but all super interesting.

Spring 2019:

  • Linear Algebra – This class was all about matrices and taught by my now Academic Advisor who then helped me to declare my major. In this class is where I learned my true potential as a Math major!
  • Math Seminar – Math seminar was pretty much a course about careers in Mathematics for Math majors. I recall feeling so nervous, as I had no idea what I wanted to do or if I even wanted to stick out with a Math degree. However, my friends helped me realize that I could and that I belonged when I didn’t think I did.
  • Introduction to Statistics for Math Majors – Yes, my school offered a Math majors-only Statistics lecture. This course is where I met my Thesis Advisor and started to collaborate with him on Honors projects. My passion for statistics and analytics also grew from this course!
  • Principles of Sociology – I took this class with my friend Lexie as a part of our General Education requirement. It was an interesting course to say the least. However, I think I drove my professor crazy with my obsession with weddings whenever she brought up how she didn’t like them!
  • Environmental Policy – I took this class simply for fun! In here, I got to learn all about environmental policy within the political world and how every United States President has done when it came to their environmental policy. I also did a project on corn in this class, so that was fun too.
  • Principles of Marketing – I LOVED this class! My passions for business and marketing only grew when taking this course. I loved it because I learned all about people and their desires and what drives them when purchasing products as consumers. I almost declared a Marketing minor, but I did not have the room too.

Summer 2019 – Belize:

  • Arts & Artifacts Belize Edition – Like in Italy and England, this class was all about Belize. We visited the Belize Zoo, Lamanai Mayan Ruins, and the Barton Creek Cave. A big emphasis of the course was helping to volunteer at a local school. There was also a strong emphasis placed on the history of Belize and how its history shaped it into the nation that it is today.
  • Research – Yes, I did my first-ever research project in Belize. I interviewed 6-8 teachers in Belize on teaching students with disabilities, in order to gain insight into special education in the rainforest region of Cayo that I was living and studying abroad in. It was really insightful and impactful!

Fall 2019:

  • Abstract Algebra – This is one of the most challenging math courses offered. Little did I know, I would actually enjoy Abstract Algebra. Luckily, I also had many of my fellow Math major friends in that class, too.
  • Probability & Statistics – As apart of my Statistics minor, I took this course to learn more about probability within statistics.
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion – When I was thinking I could still acquire a Marketing minor, I took this course. It was all about advertising products and ignited my passion for consumer insight surveys – hence why I do annual reader surveys here on The Pink Chickadee.
  • Pilates – Yes, I took Pilates with my good friend Hannah. It was super fun and relaxing since we both had extremely stressful semesters. I can never forget when Hannah and I had to each “instruct” the class on a Pilates exercise and we couldn’t stop laughing at each other the entire time!
  • Beginning Programming – This was the semester that I retook Beginning Programming in Java and feel in love with programming!

Spring 2020:

  • Object Oriented Programming – This class was the 2nd level of Beginning Programming. It was challenging but also really cool!
  • Introduction to Data Analysis – After wanting to go into data analytics for quite some time, I was extremely excited when my academic advisor told me that our department would be offering a class in it! We learned JMP software which was fun. My class had only five of us in it which allowed for a unique bond between us all as we were the guinea pigs. My passion for the subject of data analytics only grew from here. Hence, my minor in Data Science!
  • Introduction to Biology – I had to take Biology lecture as apart of my general education and Honors requirements.
  • Biology Lab for Honors – Along with my Biology lecture, I had to take a Biology Lab which was specifically for Honors students and only for Honors students.
  • Bayesian Statistics – This course was a special topics in statistics course that I took for my minor in Statistics. It was super cool as I got to learn an entire world of probability that isn’t really taught in the introductory level Statistics courses. It was also taught by my Thesis Advisor!
  • Mathematical Modeling – I loved this class! I got to learn MATLAB and create some really cool mathematical models to predict future trends and data. We created math models in a variety of disciplines, including event planning. My favorite part was getting to create a math model on the product life cycle of Jack Rogers sandals for my final project.
  • Databases – This was my 2/2 8am classes here at Meredith. It was a 1 credit class that met for 3 weeks and I learned how to create and use databases in Microsoft Access. A lot of my friends were in there, which made it super fun!

Summer 2020:

  • Introduction to Website Development – This class is where I learned how to code in HTML and CSS. It also grew my passion for website development and thus allowed me to declare my third minor in Website Development. I also used the skills that I learned in this class to code this amazing site that you are on now!

Fall 2020:

  • Website Design and Databases – This is the second level of Introduction to Website Development. I got to learn JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and SQL. My passion for website development only grew more from there!
  • Statistics 2 – Pretty much the second level of Statistics 1. It was pretty basic but also fun because I got to analyze data on this site for my final project.
  • Principles of Data Science – The second level of Introduction to Data Analysis. I got to learn R in this class and fell head over heels for R and its uses. Only 2 of my 4 classmates were in this class with me and our bonds grew a ton that semester. It was a really fun and special class that was also filled with a ton off empowerment!
  • Honors Thesis in Mathematics – I also started my Honors Thesis this semester which was amazing. I have been working alongside my Thesis Advisor all year long. In the Fall, I learned how to use Python and learned about different time series forecasting and machine learning models.
  • Career Development – This was a 1-credit course taught by two lovely ladies in the Office of Career Planning here at Meredith. It was all about female empowerment when it came to searching for a job and deciding what to do in your post-graduate life. It was a class that was for ME and my development which was refreshing.
  • Fitness Fusion – I took this online fitness course and did workouts in Yoga, Strength Training, Cardio Dance, and something else that I forget LOL!

Spring 2021:

  • Honors Thesis in Mathematics – This Spring semester, I wrapped up my Honors Thesis. In the Math Department, Honors Theses take a year to complete so I was right on track. This semester, I applied concepts learned the past Fall 2020 semester and wrote it all up in the form of a paper and presented it all too. It has been incredible to watch it all come together!
  • Discrete Mathematics – I am taking this class for my Website Development minor and it is pretty much an introduction to theoretical math for Computer Science majors.
  • History of Pandemics – This course is an Honors-only section on the history of pandemics in our world. Terrifyingly enough, there have been pandemics which have occurred once every century since at least the 1600’s. It is such an eye-opening class and an important reminder.
  • Website Development Special Study – Currently, I am working alongside my website development professor to create my own site using the concepts that I learned in my other website development courses and more. It has been super cool!
  • Regression – This is the final class that I have with my Thesis advisor. I have had him for every semester since Spring 2019 and my Thesis, too. It’s bittersweet! In this class, we are using R which I love and learning ALL about regression which is a super fun topic.
  • Public Speaking – The theme of this class is female empowerment and let me tell y’all it is AMAZING! My professor is all about uplifting everyone and her energy is truly contagious. It’s been such a beautiful class and a great final in-person undergraduate class to have!!!

Honestly, going through all of my college courses definitely brought back ALL the feels. It was also super fun to take a walk through memory lane, too. So many memories come from inside the classroom, believe it or not!

XOXO – Katie <3

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