10 Things I Will Miss About Living in Raleigh, North Carolina

As I embark on my move to Washington, DC in just a mere few weeks, I want to take the time to look back on my time living in Raleigh, North Carolina. There were so many great things that I got to experience while living in Raleigh. Life in Raleigh is much different than life in Northern Virginia. As I move back to Northern Virginia/Washington, DC, I want to reflect on the pluses of Raleigh that I will miss once I make the big move!

  1. The fashion – Yes, the fashion. I have discovered that I prefer the Southern style fashion more than the Northern style fashion. Maybe, because the style is more preppy and bright and bubbly than the North. They do not have Belk’s in Washington, DC and I LOVE Belk. Either way, I love all of the local boutiques and super fun unique styles that I have a harder time finding up North.
  2. Raleigh’s food scene – Raleigh has one of the BEST food scenes that I have ever seen in any city. With Raleigh being a smaller city than New York City or Washington, DC, it does make up for its size with its mighty diverse population filled with a plethora of delicious cuisines. Some of my favorite restaurants serve up some Indian food, sushi, and Southern comfort foods. Most of these restaurants are local businesses that I will dearly miss supporting when I move. My very favorite oddly enough has been Beansprout – the local Chinese takeout place across the street from Meredith.
  3. The friendly atmosphere – Everyone in the South is SO friendly! When I moved here, I was shocked to see that everyone held the door open for everyone else. Those simple Southern courtesies went a long way and it will be a strange adjustment going back to the Northern hustle and bustle without the kind charms of the South.
  4. All of the Meredith-owned businesses in town – Raleigh is the home of Meredith College. So, several Meredith College alumni own small businesses in town. One of my favorite Meredith alumni-owned shops is The Local Squirrel located right in the center of Raleigh in The Village shopping center. It’s super sweet to support local Meredith-owned businesses in-person.
  5. The affordable cost of living – The cost of living is significantly cheaper in Raleigh than in Washington, DC. In fact, when I went to a local Raleigh Regal Cinema, I was happily surprised at the fact that a large popcorn was $8 rather than $11! The same concept goes for pretty much everything else here in Raleigh – living in Raleigh is a lot cheaper than Washington, DC and I will miss that aspect of it.
  6. The Meredith College community – Even off campus and all across Raleigh, Meredith College alumni are EVERYWHERE. Although they are in Washington, DC too they are easier to find in Raleigh due to the college’s location and networks in town. On the flip side, I know I will always have my Meredith College community wherever I go!
  7. My friend’s family’s nail salon – One of my best friend’s family owns a nail salon in Raleigh area. I have loved getting to go and get pampered at her family’s nail salon. Their nail salon has made me feel as if I am apart of the family and it has been oh so special. I am most definitely going to miss supporting her and her family when I move!
  8. Cookout – If you are from the South, then chances are you may have been to a Cookout! Cookout is extremely affordable and has amazing burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc. I have become obsessed with Cookout since being in Raleigh and I’ll really miss it when I move!
  9. Divine Llama Vineyards – Although it is not in Raleigh, Divine Llama Vineyards is located in the Yadkin Valley just 90 minutes west of the state’s capitol. Divine Llama Vineyards is a two family-owned vineyard that also serves as a home to several llamas. I have been to Divine Llama Vineyards a bunch and even wrote a blog post on it (linked here).
  10. Friendships – I have established so many friendships both on and off of Meredith’s campus here in Raleigh. There are so many special bonds that I have made and will continue to grow beyond my move. Yet, I will miss having my friends from Raleigh right at my footsteps.

While I am oh so excited for my Washington, DC move, I am also going to miss Raleigh quite a bit. But, I will be back to visit many times once I move!

XOXO – Katie <3

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