Why I Lived on Campus All Four Years of College

When it comes to deciding where to live in college, it can be pretty daunting. One of the best decisions that I made was to live on my college campus all four years of my college experience. I lived in a dorm for two years and then an on-campus apartment for the next two years. So, I will be sharing today why I decided to live right on campus throughout my college years!

Before I dig into the reasons as to why I chose to live on campus all four years of my college experience, I want to make a few remarks. Everyone has their own decisions to make when it comes to making that decision. For me personally, it was best for me to live on campus for all four years of my college experience. However, that may not be the best decision for someone else. While it was the best way for me to go, it may not be for someone else.

Proximity to Campus Life & Classes

It is always super nice to be able to roll out of bed and be in class 5 minutes later without any worry of being there late! I have found the proximity of living on campus to be great not only for getting to class but also for being in the midst of all of the robust campus life fun. The easy walk to be able to simply get to class without needing a car or to an on-campus event is pretty great. Not to mention, having free food at the dining hall is pretty nice at times too, even when it may not be the best. When I lived in the dorms, I could easily eat there whenever I wanted to on a meal plan, but I chose not to once I moved to my on-campus apartment. I have been able to meet and see so many people within my college campus that I would not have been able to meet and see if it wasn’t for living on campus!


One of the biggest reasons that I decided to live on campus was for the safety aspect. My college is pretty small and requires that people check with the security guard at the main gates before coming in. There are also other security restrictions, like automatic locks on all the doors, that allow for me to feel extra safe. Something that I feel I would not have as much living off campus.

Living with Classmates

As someone who is about to graduate from college, I have loved being able to live right next door and across the hall from all of my friends and classmates. Whether it be a dorm or an on-campus apartment, it is so nice to be right then and there with all of my friends, too. Once I graduate, I won’t be able to walk across the hall to see my friends, so I am glad I got to enjoy this perk of on-campus living while I could!

Through it all, living on campus has been extremely convenient for me! Whether it be an easy breeze walk to class, quick access to meals, or close proximity to everything on my college campus, having a place to call my own right beyond the gates of my second home has been oh so sweet!

XOXO – Katie <3

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