I Planned an Event During COVID-19

COVID-19 has transformed the ways that events are held. Unfortunately, my Senior year social calendar was taken over by Zoom. At the same time though, I got to enjoy some in-person events, including one event that I got to plan myself with some of my Meredith friends and Tri-Chairs Maggie and Miranda. The event was socially distanced and followed all of the safety measures put in place, in order to protect ourselves from COVID-19. Through it all, getting to plan an event during the pandemic was such a bittersweet and fun experience.

Meredith College is notorious for their Traditions also known as events that are put on each year for with specific one’s for each class based on their year. The Tradition that I got to help plan was Class Day. Class Day is a Tradition held for Sophomores and Seniors each year where the Sophomore Class honors the Senior Class who is their Big Sis class on graduating and reflecting on their four years at Meredith. The Sophomore (Lil Sis Class) creates a daisy chain in the shape of the numerals of their graduating Big Sis Class. It is such a sentimental event for both classes and it was super fun to plan!

In terms of COVID-19, Class Day obviously looked a bit different. Usually, Class Day is held in the courtyard at Meredith; however, due to COVID-19, my Tri-Chairs and I decided to hold it in our amphitheater, in order to accommodate more people who maintaining a social distance. Usually, the daisy chain is presented in the form of a processional, instead, we had the Lil’s procession out themselves without the daisy chain. And, obviously, everyone was seated 6 feet apart and no guests were allowed. Lastly, we held the event at 3 different time slots, which people could sign up for via SignUp Genius. The time slots were much shorter than the traditional 1-2 hour long event as they were 30 minutes each and everyone had to leave right after the event. Although Class Day did not look the way that it had in years past, my Tri-Chairs and I still made it look very beautiful and made it special for our classmates and ourselves.

In a typical year, most Class Day meetings are held in-person. This year, they were held over Zoom. After having an entire year of Zoom meetings, I still found them to be just as productive as in-person meetings if not even more. I was able to better multitask on Zoom than in-person and be able to snack better rather than not being able to while wearing a mask. It was also nice because I could meet from wherever, too!

My main duty for Class Day was to coordinate the fundraiser. As the Class of 2021 Fundraising Chair, I had coordinated several fundraisers throughout this past year before and knew how to successfully execute one yet again. Since the Class of 2020 and Class of 2022 missed out on their Class Day fundraiser due to the pandemic last year, I decided to hold the Class Day fundraiser to include the Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. I had a friend of mine in my Lil Sis Class (Class of 2023) share with me an amazing shirt design in February that my Tri-Chairs and I loved it so much that we decided to use it. In the past, we have sold and designed a Class Day towel to sell as the Sophomores carry out the daisy chain. But, since the daisy chain could not be safely carried out with social distancing considered, we decided to sell a mask instead. One of my Tri-Chairs also made a mask design with a daisy on it. So, we sold both a mask and a shirt.

Throughout the entire planning process, there were many meetings, emails, and times to even meet up in-person. I cannot tell you how many email chains I have been apart of in the past 6 weeks! Some of the email chains were super fun to read, too. Although we had to make several changes to Class Day this year as compared to years past, it was still a super special event and I am glad I got to be apart of planning it. Moreover, there were many changes that my Tri-Chairs and I actually enjoyed that the staff members who advise the planning process with us all liked and want to keep as apart of Class Day moving forward. It was great to be able to make some changes that are going to be in place for years to come.

Overall, I am oh so blessed that I was able to be apart of planning an amazing Tradition, such as Class Day. Class Day is a bittersweet event for both the Sophomore and Senior classes. I was happy I could be a major part of making it happen, even during COVID-19!

XOXO – Katie <3

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