DC Diaries – Part 1

After years of living in the South, I am have made the move of my dreams – a move to the nation’s capital. I will be stepping foot into brand-new ground, groundbreaking ground. I will be living just minutes away from where decisions all across our globe are made. I will be living in a city full of diverse people who think similarly to me and differently from me. I will be living in a Mecca full of people figuring out what they want to do with their lives. There will be so much opportunity for me to explore, learn, and grow.

In the South, I had it all – the friends, the style, the walk, the talk, and all of the involvement and everything in between. Indeed, I had the life and enjoyed the Southern way of life. In fact, in high school, I was crowned Homecoming Queen, and I had it all then too. I had the big parties and played hostess. I had the social media friends and followers – a big crowd of them, too, which I continue to have to this exact day. I walked with stride. I had the style, kindness, charisma, and poise. Everyone knew my name both at my high school and at my college, and I befriended practically everyone. Life was and had been good. However, I knew I wanted much more beyond what I knew.

Since spending time in the South, I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in life. I knew that I craved excitement: something that is a driving factor in my life and in my many life’s decisions. Growing up, I knew that I wanted something more than the suburban way of life. However, one day I think I may crave that lifestyle again – who is to say though! I wanted to get out and explore and feel like the woman who I am meant to be both strong and independent. I have consistently been a workaholic who prides on never sitting down and being on the go. I live for the hustle and bustle – a city lifestyle meets those needs for me – and the constant need to get out and explore, even in my own backyard. My backyard is about to expand a lot and in ways that I would have never ever expected it to.

As an LGBTQ+ woman in the South, I have found the world of love and romance to be a quite tricky one. Even though I have had encounters in the past within my romance sphere, nothing leads up to the plethora of LGBTQ+ folks in the city of Washington, DC alone. The District of Columbia is notorious for having just around 10% of its total population identifying as apart of the LGBTQ+ community. That is, not to account for the several LGBTQ+ people who live outside of the city in nearby Virginia and Maryland. Personally, I have struggled with the dating world within my own backyard in the South. There is still a continuous source of LGBTQ+ hate and homophobia within the South and many people potentially remain closeted – afraid to show their true colors. Sometimes, I even felt scared to do just that. That being said, I am more than ready to take on the new in a fresh and positive light. I am ready to showcase and open the doors to my closet where a beautiful rainbow lies from within. I am truly ready to present my true colors and be the best me that I can be.

Moving to Washington, DC comes with several unknowns. Who will I meet? What will I do? Where will I go? How will my life change? When will all of these things occur? How will I get started? The answer is: who knows! However, one thing’s for sure is that I may have had it all in the South, but I am just getting started here in the nation’s capital.

XOXO – Katie <3

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