DC Diaries – Part 2

My life in Washington, DC is a much different life than the one I had in Raleigh at Meredith College. It is been such a transition these past few weeks. Life post-graduation can be extremely daunting. The transition from college life to post-graduation life is not one that is easy, but it is one that is also unavoidable. Everyone that I have talked to has said the same thing: the post-college life transition is not an easy one. I have most definitely witnessed that these past few weeks. It is weird not being able to have my friends and social life right at my fingertips – you spend a lot of time alone (something that I got more acquitted with during the pandemic), technology becomes your best friend, and adulting comes in the full-swing *whaaaattt?!*.

Raleigh is where my main social life has been in the past, so it is quite strange having to adjust to living near my family rather than my friends. I do not start my new job until late July, so I am in a holding period for sure. Also, I have some friends here in the area that I have yet to see (I am seeing a few pretty soon!).But, I am definitely looking to build my social life here in Washington, DC and I know that once I start my job and get settled in I will be able to more so!

On the flip side, I am grateful for my move to Washington, DC. Personally, I am all about continuous self love and growth. During my last few months in Raleigh, I knew that I was ready for something fresh, new, and different and that Washington, DC would do just that for me. Many of my friends in Raleigh love it there and are super content and I am oh so happy that they are! However, I knew that Raleigh was not where I wanted to be at this stage in my life. My friend Callie phrased it well – I crave excitement – and I surely do. Washington, DC will provide me with that excitement and hustle and bustle that I oh so love and enjoy.

Currently, I am planning some excursions and things to keep me busy before I start my new job. I am in the process of setting up my new apartment (which I will be sharing with y’all soon!). At the same time, I am planning some days to go into the city and explore a bit – the Smithsonian Museums are starting to open up again and I have reserved some tickets to a few of the sites to see AND for free. The same concept goes for some places in Virginia and Maryland, too. Additionally, once my apartment is set up, I will be hosting some gatherings like dinners with friends, a housewarming party, and a birthday party for my Shepherd-Chihuahua mix Rosie. I am also striving to map out the future of my platform here on The Pink Chickadee. Excitement is most definitely up in the air!

My Look:

  • Romper: Lauren James (scored during one of their $10 sales last year)
  • Scrunchie: Lilly Pulitzer free Gift with Purchase
  • Earrings: Sugarfix by Bauble Bar (bought 4 years ago)
  • Tote: Etsy (currently unavailable)

XOXO – Katie <3

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