Influencers I Have Been Influenced By

Today’s world of the influencer is nothing but inspiring! As an influencer myself, I pride on when others are inspired or so-called “influenced” by my content. While I do work hard to provide others with content in hopes that others try what I share too, a lot of my content ideas does come from other fellow influencers. Meaning, I am happily influenced by other influencers, myself! Today, I am sharing some of the many influencers that I have been influenced by since starting The Pink Chickadee.

Where My Look Is From:

  • Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (got at a thrift store YEARS ago)
  • Earrings: Found On Madison (a score during one of her sales!)
  • Handbag: Kate Spade Surprise Sale back in November
  • Sandals: Jack Rogers

Influencers I Have Been Influenced By:

  • Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs – meal planning! If you know me, then you know that I LOVE meal prepping each week. Ashley Brooke put together a beautiful blog post of how she Sunday Meal Preps (read it here) and it has inspired me to create my own binder in my kitchen of my favorite recipes to have right at my fingertips.
  • Liz of Palmettos & Pineapples – Liz is a fellow Raleigh area-based blogger and friend of mine who prides on sharing all about authentic living. She is extremely authentic in sharing her struggles with mental health and experiences living as a single woman. At the same time, she is always sharing the most adorable Lilly Pulitzer and Disney finds. Liz is truly an inspiration and she inspires me to share my true self, too!
  • Lindsay of Sunshine + Stair Climbs – Lindsay has become one of my good blogger friends and fellow corgi and Lilly Pulitzer lover! She has definitely influenced me to find some super colorful and fun places in my new home of Washington, DC as she has in her hometown of Indianapolis.
  • Jamie of Miss Maximalist – Jamie has become a newfound influencer friend of mine and she is used to live in Washington, DC for 8 years. Jamie is influencing me to post more content of the beautiful things around me, whether it be in my own apartment (once it is set up), closet, or travels. I am so obsessed with her feed, too!
  • Holly of Glitter and Daisies – Holly has been one of my good influencer friends and fellow corgi lovers. Holly is always sharing content not only in the most adorable outfits, but also mental health awareness and productivity awareness. She is always looking out for others and sharing ways to help others, too, and it inspires me SO much!
  • Elizabeth of Tall and Preppy – I have been a huge fan of Tall and Preppy since the start of my blogging time! Elizabeth always has the most adorable outfits that she shares practically daily along with sharing with her followers a peek into her life, which I have been inspired to do, too!
  • Haley of Haley Aschom Miller – I have been connected to Haley both on my personal account and my blog account for at least a few years now. Although she is currently focusing on family and her new home which are both so exciting, Haley has a goal of visiting all 50 states and has been to the majority of them already. It has been so cool to watch her journey unfold, and she has definitely influenced me to do visit all 50 states as well!
  • Kara of Kara’s Cup of Tea – If you are new to the influencing world, then you should definitely be following Kara! Kara is part of the reason why I started my platform here at The Pink Chickadee. She is continuously providing her followers and readers with ways to start their own platform while being completely Kara. Not to mention, I am extremely obsessed with her beautifully decorated home and learning about her experiences traveling to Disney and everywhere else!
  • Annaliese of Southern Belle in Training – If you don’t follow Annaliese, then you definitely should! I look up to her in so many ways – she is so authentic and open on her platform and it’s inspiring. I love how real and authentic and true to herself she is on her platform. She is also a fellow Lilly Pulitzer lover and travel enthusiast and she does it all on a budget. Annaliese also works in radio hosting which is so so so cool and something I didn’t know a lot about until I followed her. Not to mention, Annaliese is ALWAYS raving about Impress Nails and I need to try them and have been meaning to too!
  • Talia of Dresses and Democracy – Talia is a fellow Washington, DC area blogger friend of mine who also went to school in North Carolina. How funny!!! Talia is always sharing content with a bit of humor that is true to herself and it’s so fun to watch her – she has most definitely influenced me to share more pieces of Katie here on The Pink Chickadee, too. At the same time, Talia has a passion for both Communications/PR (I think) and politics and I LOVE her content about interpreting the Constitution and how she applies it to our world today. She definitely adds that DC twist to her platform, which I LOVE!

XOXO – Katie <3


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