What I Wish I Knew Before My Post-Grad Move

Moving can be tedious and stressful! The only moves I really remember experiencing were moves to and from college but mostly to my college dorms and apartment. But, I never experienced moving post-graduation and let me tell y’all there are quite a few differences AND things that I wish I knew! So, I will be sharing some of the many things that I wish I knew before my post-graduation move.

What I Wish I Knew Before My Post-Grad Move 

  1. There is sometimes a holding phase – Yes, there is a period of waiting when it comes to post-graduation moves. Well, occasionally. Many of us post-grads move back home either for a few weeks, months, or even years before moving into our own apartments. The holding phase also known as the waiting period can suck! But, it is what you make it – taking time to enjoy with family is so important as you probably will not have times like these again. The same can go for seeing friends in your hometown or your favorite hometown spots. Although it can suck at times, having experienced the holding phase will make you so much stronger and more resilient in the end!
  2. Do your packing before your potential helpers come – With a big move like your post-graduation move, there is a lot of things that you do need to pack before you move! I made the mistake of not packing enough before my moving helpers aka my family came to help me move out. Any work you can do on the front end to help mitigate the moving out process will not only help yourself but those who are also helping you move out.
  3. Determine if there is anything that you don’t want or need anymore – if you know you do not need something anymore or there is no place for it, then sell or donate it! At the same time, if your things will be in storage for some time, then it is definitely worth seeing if there’s anything that you do not want/want to buy new when the time comes to get it out of storage and sell it. Having less stuff to move out is always a bonus!
  4. Make a list of things and its place within your new place – Whether or not you will be in a new apartment right off the bat, knowing where you would put some of your things in your new place is always the way to go. That way, if you need to store things, then you can determine what goes in storage and what doesn’t and arrange it all accordingly. The same concept can go for figuring out what things to get rid of and which to keep. Lists most definitely help!
  5. It WILL be Emotional! – Yes, moving out of your home away from home to wherever the road may take you next will be emotional. Whether or not you loved your college experience, it is always emotional to move onto the next phase of life. That being said, be sure to have some support by your side and take some time for yourself when needed (more on that in the next bullet!).
  6. Take time for YOU – Through it all, moving is stressful AND emotional! Above all else, remember to take time for yourself during the moving process. Whatever that may be for you, be sure to take the time to do something for YOU!

Through it all, the post-graduation move is HARD! It can be tiresome, emotional, and stressful. However, through it all, you will ultimately end up where you are meant to be.

XOXO – Katie <3

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